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Model by Marjan Ductchie – Marjajonkman

Dress by Marc Jacob of New York Fashion week

Premiering @TheMartian in @givenchyofficial love @riccardotisci17 forever #torontofilmfestival

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Jessica Chastain…

Wears a stunning  silk lace velvet blue dress Givenchy dress with matching blue heels to the Tornoto film festival 2015 premiering The Martian

Hairstylist – Renato Campora

Makeup artist – Kristofer Buckle

Stylist – Elisabeth Stewart.

Jewellery – Piaget


Think Geek-Star wars-Millennium Falcon A-line Dress

Just in for summery this year or Fall for as an everyday dress wear is the “Star Wars-Millennium Falcon A-Line Dress” its classic A –line Cut… you might love it’s black silhouette with its starry background and the favorite the Millennium Falcon.. This will make a great dress that for a fan girl whom loves modifying her YT-1300 Corellian Freighter…  with the A-line Black silhouette itself it’ll match to any colour jacket or jumper in your wardrobe, as it’s a black dress it’ll warms up as it absorb heat from the sun which makes it great for wearing as season Fall Dress… As either accessorizing with Sneakers, Boots for every day practically, or heels to add to the dress as an every night dress… for Fall either in with Hosiery or Legging s for some extra warm… With some serious full length boots for warmth..

The Millennium Falcon dress is quite form fitting due to its textile composition of its 95% polyester and Spandex… also in that it’s Machine washable on cold with a given low heat in Tumble dry..

As for a southern Hemisphere summery Christmas this year 2014,” Black Milk clothing” is brings you with some festive Christmas “Wrapped” collection  in which is inspired centrically on the summery festive fun of Christmas in went on live on 11th Tuesday November.

In the collection itself, has a selections in Skater dresses, in with a cheerleader  skirts to match is the cap sleeve crop top, also in the collection is a new white En pointe Tulle skirt, with the traditional leggings, and jackets. Practically the collection is every day wear from day to night in between fall and summery every day, unless for wintery you warm it up with either a jersey or a warm wintery jacket with a full length boots…Also this might be a great Christmas stocking present for your girlfriends and she might love you for it too.

The collection is orthough centrically around festive Christmas, such as the Christmas tree, Burned Velvet in whit, with a partying Disco Tribe, in with some Fairy Lights, inspired with the lights that you’ll see on decorative Christmas trees… As for the month in November, there’s the Fireworks play, in with the Gorgeous Garden in either white or navy… As for some simple tones there’s the Matte Grey collection it comes in different selection of fun colours in matte grey, black, Jade, red, royal blue… the other collection is centrically on the festive floral colours on Nutcracker, wrapped up… most of the collection is in between a composition of Polyester and Elastane textiles and when washing its prefer in cold hand wash only..


DEC-144-2013-SONY 001

DEC-144-2013-SONY 001

Today parking was great, for very last minute shopping on the 25th of December in which is Christmas..  in the city, as most people for last minute shopping heads for free parking in Shopping malls.. and knowing the last two three days before the  night of Doctor Who Christmas special.. that you’ll be sharking around the Mall’s car parking.. also the very late opening hours into almost  midnight it offers..

Given that when you shopping in the City stores, you may find something that’s very special unique and hard to find, than from the shopping in the Malls…  also the plus size is the Atmosphere of the clean fresh breeze, like how in the third street Promenade in Santa Monica, Los Angeles  California , the open shopping aspects how in inspired Santa Monica Place with breath taking views of the Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean..

  Walking past High street’s Calvin Klein in the square in which in between with The Chancery… looks like there’s some Christmas celebration in the making going on in for the afternoon as the DJ is setting up, the organizers are setting n prettying up the “ Auckland Heart of the City”  gate with red  festive ribbon red or white cards hanging on the fence lines, like a some jamming  carnival is about to happen for the afternoon till evening ..

NOV-DEC-144-2013 IPHONE 113
NOV-DEC-144-2013 IPHONE 113

looking out centrally from 200 meters high..

At one time I when to the Auckland’s Sky Tower, it has almost the view of Auckland manned wise, instead of the naturally view from One tree hill or Mangere Mountain in just before south wise of Onehunga…   from here you’re looking at an encompassing view of surrounding Auckland more than two hundred kilometers more… from a estimated height of two hundred meters… that’s almost a two thirds of the Retro fitted length of the Constitution class Starship akin to the USS Enterprise…

From here, looking out west, looking into the Auckland Harbour Bridge, into the boroughs of Westhaven, Herne Bay… to Point Chevalier, across the Waitematā Harbour, is Birkenhead, Northcote, and Takapuna leading towards to Devonport …

Within the Central Business District of Auckland, it’s basically like walkable like if you walking in the streets of Vancouver exploring each block of street having their stories to tell to you…. As listen to the buildings designs speak their histories… the Area that beholds you used to be a pretty much a fish mongers, and market gardening’s market place (Turners and growers, Railey) in where you could get a fresh of the boat battered fish and chips.. With freshly harvested squeeze lemons. Now days it the district behold is replace with a different function.. In which is now catering for the tech industry, open green parks, and the berthing place where super yachts docks, retrofitting and made… Also the home of the New Zealand America’s cup team – Team New Zealand- Emirates…

Downtown Auckland CBD Britomart- one large christmas red  ornament
Downtown Auckland CBD Britomart- one large christmas red  ornament

Downtown Auckland CBD Britomart- one large christmas red ornament

When you walk in around Queen Street, you see some Christmas decorations around town… And you’ll see some intriguing street wise Christmas ornaments stationary around the Central Business District…  at first when you get of a bus ride into the Auckland’s CBD midway Queen street,  you’ll  find a cluster arrays of snowed white topped Christmas trees.. with one large one in the centre in Aotea centre, where the recent Ted x Auckland event was held midway this year..

This year you’ll see scattered randomly gift boxes with see through windows with spill sliver gold paint sponsored by Resene Paints.. Among the collection is overly size human round ornaments in different seasonal colours…  in Aotea centre, also one in the Downtown Britomart area alongside the Bus transit bays,  where this location  it was used to be called Queen Elizabeth II square until town planning renovations came to it’s way..  When you walk alongside a store call Smith and Caughey‘s and  one good traditional store is pack with wonderful animated puppetries of celebrating Christmas..


one clear day at One tree Hill Obelisk- photograph on 1st – February – 2011 AD

When you see the obelisk in Auckland this is one of many influence landmarks in the urban central Auckland, known as one tree hill. When you arrive at One Tree hill,  the location will give you breath taking views of the natural  Auckland small metropolis landscape, its surroundings… covers all the compass directional points from all the way from extent of Bombay hills, to the views of past Takapuna… also to the shorelines of extent of the mountain lines of the Thames..

One tree hill itself, is not also a viewing platform it’s also a monument for one of the founding fathers of Auckland, Sir Logan Campbell, whom is buried in his tomb where the epitaph obelisk points upwards also to as a Visual Observation Reference guide point for arriving aircraft whom is bound to land at Auckland international Airport, or known wise as Jean Batten International Airport..

As to the name of One Tree Hill, there used to be several pine trees planted on the hill itself, until the six died out naturally, then one whom the last has been murdered…  historically the site where the obelisk sits on is where sits on is a Marae, a meeting hall in pre- colonial Auckland Past..

OCT-142-2013-Iphone 2nd 049
October Luna

photograph taken during a oncoming clouded evening of thirteenth -October – 2013 AD

This month has been very, extreme windy, with very much so of majority of clouds in the landscape.. I guess at the moment over here in New Zealand we’re still breaking into spring….. taking this landscaped photo of the Moon’s Luna surface,  was very just in the nick of time.. when the very sunset clouds have roamed complete over that night. In darken cotton sheered clouds from the southern west direction.. in slightly generous matter.. in the early parts of the evening..

Looking at the Luna, that night was great, despite the oncoming onslaught of clouds, that night.. you could see that, that the moon was in two quarters, also that you could see the beautifully outlines of the craters shadowing there curious intriguing timeless depths.. that night was great, normally you could see only the dark and the light boundaries, known as the Terminator..  In this night, you could see more of the white tones, edging  into the darkness… with the pots shadows of the large or small craters..


Photograph taken 15-10-2011 1200 hours New Zealand Time,
” the newly acquired spacious entrance of Auckland Art Gallery “

Over the last half decade, there’s been a a lot of changes recently  in with the renovations of the Auckland Art Gallery, as you see this is the newest extensions to the building itself, going there last, there’s been a more of openness in allowing more light in, bring in more natural light into  the building,  As in the past it was a Edwardian constructed building, with very spacious windows, letting light in, but not the complete openness of light in which of it in which was structurally  ordered…. in now you have the non-barricade relationship between you in the installation and nature… in brings a relax nature within you…..without been closeted in..


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