As Traditional Chinese Style meets Spain, “Shanghai Tang” Spring-summer 2016 Collection is centrically featuring more of summer’s Mediterranean, look to the collection with bright strong pastel colours, with white’s as the colour canvas to accessories, in the night wears of dark colours in Chinese traditional merging with modern international styles pieces.. With the little asset of Jade in the jewellery to accessorise the collection while still keeping that Traditional Qipao dress silhouette while the Men wear have that traditional Qing Dynasty modern mandarin collar..  … in showing that collection is models Tian Yi, and Dae Na..

Filmed in the backdrops of Spain, Seville’s nostalgia locations, which is famed for flamenco dancing.. Also with the Mediterranean Gothic architecture in which bring out the adventuring summer collection..

Photographer Richard Bernardin

Art Direction _ Raffaele Borriello and Jane Lombard

Music by Fhernando – Track Sexed Up..

Video Adelaide Brun and Thibault Zelher..

When designing and tailoring clothes for that particular client, in which offering used required measurements taking on that day.. as customized tailoring for an entrepreneurial Gentlewoman Dress or a fully Suit set the jacket, skirt, and blouse.. Or that customize intimates and she is always on the go.. … as those measurements taken it’s normally written on a sheet of paper or stored in the tailor’s database to be referenced to a static fixed shaped Dummy in construction of that Dress or that clothing or ins some case the Dummy or Mannequins has a few adjustable components that represent the customers body measurement detail..

In terms of getting the right fitted of sewing clothing.. the customer returns to the store to fit the tailor clothing haft way through.. its construction.. That could be time consuming.. in which the “iDummy “ could reduce the sewing time operationally and cost in that customed tailoring in which “Hong Kong Polytechnics University’s institute of Textiles and clothing” did that in innovating a memory form Dress Dummy of taking the customers measurement data, of using a mobile 3D scanner.. The same way of 3D printing a smaller version life cast of you.. To the actual body shape..  Also as your body grows the tailor clothing made will grow with you as you check in every now and then..  As online shopping grows and customized tailoring is a growing trend as shopping from home, from a computer, with a 3D scanning device attached like the next generations Microsoft Kinetic system gives you a more direct way of getting that clothing to customized to fit instead of changing rooms.. and knowing your style which is important.. in this process have so many advantages in getting multiple suits done from various clothing.. whether it’s that dress, suit, or intimates.




It’s night time the shops are closed, but there’s window fronts are lighten up to show their wares in Downtown Auckland Britomart and High Street where many parts of New Zealand Fashion lives.. Window Shopping at night is a completely different atmosphere, there’s almost no one around.. Which you can look at the window, into the shops even thou it’s dimly lit and some lighten up like they still open inside but only to find the doors are closed, but no matter you can still inside..

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It’s still January also still the Holidays for only some, also some of the stores are still on sales ever since before the Christmas season started as they moved out to make way for as January moves onwards.. The stores move onto to the next new collections setting forward in the upcoming summer to autumn season…

The colours for the season, has been whites, with coral reds, or pinks and with navy Tardis blue for and edge, still with the traditional blacks, and grey with breathable fabrics for the summer season… it should be interesting to see what the Autumn Winters fashion collections brings ..

One of the most traditional ways of making a ring when you wonder as you look at yours around your fingers it’s started from design on paper then  it gets crafted in molded clay or constructed in metal then casted like the same way it’s been done like weapons fabrication of sword.. Then it gets polished refined crafted with the beautifully gem stones set in that delicate durable setting..

Until today when technology catches up when 3D printing comes into the equation off designing it on a computer with a 3D printed CAD software type to aid in the creating that unique crafted design digitally when “Vowsmith”   decidedly to be innovative of creating that mold of the customed crafted ring within the software then it gets 3D printed with a “3D Systems Multi Jet Printer” as it gets printed it’s gets glued to a holding post so it gets securely prepared in the mold for casting..  Once casted metallically it’s finished polishing at the Jewelers workshop with the Jem Stones then its gets sent to the customer…

It comes in different metal finishes in either, Platinum, white yellow or rose gold in various mixture in durable fourteen or eighteen Karats with three Diamonds in .267 Carats size intended settings for everyday wear as the design is very simple for and there’s no raise settings in which could not catch or tear the fabrics of a dress or clothing …

Gorgeously for everyday to evening wear..

Gorgeously designed for everyday to evening wear…

This teal Phoenix tattoo printed onto with black silk Qipoa dress from Shanghai Tang… with various printed hues the dress comes in with black or purple made in one hundred percent in silk also lining, the dress is knee length, printed linen with the Phoenix.. in which this knee length dress is great for summer and winter season wear with heels or full length boots goes well with a matching colour summer cardigan or winter’s jacket ..


Stunning! #marcjacobs #nyfw #runway

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Model by Marjan Ductchie – Marjajonkman

Dress by Marc Jacob of New York Fashion week

Premiering @TheMartian in @givenchyofficial love @riccardotisci17 forever #torontofilmfestival

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Jessica Chastain…

Wears a stunning  silk lace velvet blue dress Givenchy dress with matching blue heels to the Tornoto film festival 2015 premiering The Martian

Hairstylist – Renato Campora

Makeup artist – Kristofer Buckle

Stylist – Elisabeth Stewart.

Jewellery – Piaget


Think Geek-Star wars-Millennium Falcon A-line Dress

Just in for summery this year or Fall for as an everyday dress wear is the “Star Wars-Millennium Falcon A-Line Dress” its classic A –line Cut… you might love it’s black silhouette with its starry background and the favorite the Millennium Falcon.. This will make a great dress that for a fan girl whom loves modifying her YT-1300 Corellian Freighter…  with the A-line Black silhouette itself it’ll match to any colour jacket or jumper in your wardrobe, as it’s a black dress it’ll warms up as it absorb heat from the sun which makes it great for wearing as season Fall Dress… As either accessorizing with Sneakers, Boots for every day practically, or heels to add to the dress as an every night dress… for Fall either in with Hosiery or Legging s for some extra warm… With some serious full length boots for warmth..

The Millennium Falcon dress is quite form fitting due to its textile composition of its 95% polyester and Spandex… also in that it’s Machine washable on cold with a given low heat in Tumble dry..

As for a southern Hemisphere summery Christmas this year 2014,” Black Milk clothing” is brings you with some festive Christmas “Wrapped” collection  in which is inspired centrically on the summery festive fun of Christmas in went on live on 11th Tuesday November.

In the collection itself, has a selections in Skater dresses, in with a cheerleader  skirts to match is the cap sleeve crop top, also in the collection is a new white En pointe Tulle skirt, with the traditional leggings, and jackets. Practically the collection is every day wear from day to night in between fall and summery every day, unless for wintery you warm it up with either a jersey or a warm wintery jacket with a full length boots…Also this might be a great Christmas stocking present for your girlfriends and she might love you for it too.

The collection is orthough centrically around festive Christmas, such as the Christmas tree, Burned Velvet in whit, with a partying Disco Tribe, in with some Fairy Lights, inspired with the lights that you’ll see on decorative Christmas trees… As for the month in November, there’s the Fireworks play, in with the Gorgeous Garden in either white or navy… As for some simple tones there’s the Matte Grey collection it comes in different selection of fun colours in matte grey, black, Jade, red, royal blue… the other collection is centrically on the festive floral colours on Nutcracker, wrapped up… most of the collection is in between a composition of Polyester and Elastane textiles and when washing its prefer in cold hand wash only..


DEC-144-2013-SONY 001

DEC-144-2013-SONY 001

Today parking was great, for very last minute shopping on the 25th of December in which is Christmas..  in the city, as most people for last minute shopping heads for free parking in Shopping malls.. and knowing the last two three days before the  night of Doctor Who Christmas special.. that you’ll be sharking around the Mall’s car parking.. also the very late opening hours into almost  midnight it offers..

Given that when you shopping in the City stores, you may find something that’s very special unique and hard to find, than from the shopping in the Malls…  also the plus size is the Atmosphere of the clean fresh breeze, like how in the third street Promenade in Santa Monica, Los Angeles  California , the open shopping aspects how in inspired Santa Monica Place with breath taking views of the Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean..

  Walking past High street’s Calvin Klein in the square in which in between with The Chancery… looks like there’s some Christmas celebration in the making going on in for the afternoon as the DJ is setting up, the organizers are setting n prettying up the “ Auckland Heart of the City”  gate with red  festive ribbon red or white cards hanging on the fence lines, like a some jamming  carnival is about to happen for the afternoon till evening ..


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