Auckland | Christmas 2013 – street sized ornaments

When you walk in around Queen Street, you see some Christmas decorations around town… And you’ll see some intriguing street wise Christmas ornaments stationary around the Central Business District…  at first when you get of a bus ride into the Auckland’s CBD midway Queen street,  you’ll  find a cluster arrays of snowed white topped Christmas …


When you see the obelisk in Auckland this is one of many influence landmarks in the urban central Auckland, known as one tree hill. When you arrive at One Tree hill,  the location will give you breath taking views of the natural  Auckland small metropolis landscape, its surroundings… covers all the compass directional points from …

October’s Luna | Southern westerly

This month has been very, extreme windy, with very much so of majority of clouds in the landscape.. I guess at the moment over here in New Zealand we’re still breaking into spring….. taking this landscaped photo of the Moon’s Luna surface,  was very just in the nick of time.. when the very sunset clouds …

A PACIFICA ENTRANCE | Auckland Art Gallery

Over the last half decade, there’s been a a lot of changes recently  in with the renovations of the Auckland Art Gallery, as you see this is the newest extensions to the building itself, going there last, there’s been a more of openness in allowing more light in, bring in more natural light into  the …

Half Moon seen…..

When you look at the moon throughout the months, it’s an interesting sight, looking through the telescopes, with binocular, or with your naked eyes..  in this case looking through the main telescope.. either through a Schmidt Cassegrain Meade or a Zeiss… in this case when  I was taking this a frame moment in time.. I …

A two year old sunset…

Today it’s least than quarter into spring, and it’s somehow beginning to feel like the feel of summery is coming, but two years ago, it came early… but early freshly chilled though…. One nice thing that then is that you get to see more of a prolonging sunset in the West down to Phia as …

Summery West…

  Taken during  the year 2010, on one December Auckland summery day, in which the sunlight was still out due to daylight savings, so a very good prescription of Coffee in the early hours of a dark twilight morning.  Thinking back the sun feels like if it want to stay to give its moderately summery …

A Western sunset – February taken

When you look into the western direction from Auckland Observatory Known as Stardome. You could see a lot of timeless unique events like you may see a sunset many, or multiple times, and you say it’s just another sunset…?  Well when you look at one, it’s never the same again like the other ones like …

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