#COSPLAY | #Mega Man – ロックマン – Remix- Anime Expo 2017

ロックマン |  Mega Man also Known as Rock man in Japanese, is a well-known game character in also in a Cartoon –Manga created by Capcom, as a video game character in which was franchise into the Nintendo Entertainment gaming system also other various gaming platforms..

Originally Mega Man known as Rock, an android created by a laboratory assistant – scientist Doctor Light… In which goes saving the world with the heart of Humanity from various threats from whom he worked closely … The Mega Man remix Anime Expo 2017 clip is produced by MLZ STUDIOS, in which show casing the various cosplaying inter mixture of genres of creative cosplaying works that inspire there version of Mega Man with enormous amount of precision detailing in crafting their cosplaying costume wear..

Filmed by Micah Moore and Blake Faucette
Edited by Blake Faucette

Music: “Superhero Music” by 2BStudio 

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