#Parfurm #CathayPacific #國泰航空 | Parfums de Voyage – the fragrance scents that transports you back to #HongKong………


Fragrances, Parfums and smell are a powerfully recollection of emotional, tactile scents of stories emotionally lyrics poems, it recollects on many powerful levels of memories on so many levels of experiences either taking you back or writing you right there in that moment …. In which like that scents as you adventure thought out. One aspect is the fragrances of adventuring in streets, as One created Fragrance is about to be inspired by the scents of thriving trending mega-metropolis in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong

Samantha Taylor, Fragrance Specialist explores the stories, adventuring the streets, its people it’s life thought-out life of Hong Kong,  in which she takes notes in which”…. Perfume is a powerful combination of memories and emotions… With a single spray of fragrance you can be transported to another place… it might be somewhere you have been before… Or somewhere you have yet to discover…. “In which in collaboration with Cathay Pacific she was inspired to created Parfums de Voyage in which is suitable for Women and Men in which the Pafurm fragrances taken from her travelling experiences of Hong Kong from Oakmoss and bamboo from the misty heights of Victoria Peak…….Green tea found in the city’s crowded teahouses…..Jasmine, orchids and white florals from the Kowloon flower markets. ……Agarwood, sandalwood, and cedar smokes from the incense-filled temples in Sheung Wan. …..Cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and cloves procured from the hidden spice stores of Wan Chai……..Mandarin, ginger, and lychee found in the bustling Central street markets.

Cathay Pacific-Parfums de Voyage will be available on board select Cathay Pacific flights from October 2017.

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