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延禧攻略 – Story Of Yanxi Palace – Silk Velvet flowers- Wu Yinyan’s Empress Wei YingLuo -Weigiya Xiaoyichun head wear


As part of the handcrafted sewn Wardrobe the production costing at one hundred million USD in production cost towards the wardrobe also props..  in bring out  Qing Dynasty Qipao- Cheongsam also have that sense of individual style but it’s more rigid, bold practicality uniformed for the occasion, in which each piece of clothing is hand crafted like, studied in this current Chinese made television production of “延禧攻略 -Story of Yanxi Palace” to the incredible sense of handcrafted detail of that era of Sixth Year of Qianlong… where the material hand crafted sewn with the necessary details and sewn methods of the that era with modern methods of creating television and movie wardrobe.. Each wardrobe clothing brings that extra layers of the character’s storyline – or multiple stories into that scene that the wardrobe create represented that persons individuality..

One Fashion accessories that’s been iconically worn during the production of the “延禧攻略 -Story of Yanxi Palace” is the Silk Velvet flowers head wear, in which is worn during the middle of the second Zhou- Tang Dynasty in which fashionably trending setting worn by the Emperor-Empress Wu Zetian period as worn by imperial tributes… in which translated transiting through time towards the present..  As one Artist continues to recreates from an ancient art form that been passed down on his family to hand craft the “Silk Velvet Flowers head wear” Among other craftsmen –women….

As each Silk Velvet flower is created, also during the Imperial court system, also it’s a ranking position for maids aswell in which determines there position within the Forbidden City on pond their headwear beside the uniform Qing Dynasty Qipao…  The process of creating the head wear of the Silk Velvet flowers.. “Nanjing Ronghua” intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province – the craft artist Zhao Shuxian, and asked him to customize the velvet hair accessories for the characters in the play. Don’t underestimate the “Nanjing velvet flower”, it is the standard Tang manufacturing – starting in the Tang Dynasty, using silk as raw material, both as a decorative piece and as a decoration. It can be compared with real flowers, but never wither and never wither.

In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the velvet flowers fell from the “Emperor’s Family” into the “extraordinary lanes”. In addition to being favored by the royal family, the people began to wear the velvet flowers. In the 1930s and 1940s, Nanjing Shanna Street to Changle Road was once a lively “Flower City Street”.

The process is, a joining together a bundle strains of Silk threads together then, locking them, by combing like combing a long hair… Then threading a thin wires inbetween the threads, in different partitions intervals then cutting to the right width in between the wires with then patted evening, twirling into a fluttering then it’s up to the artist to create from imagination…

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