#HanFu #漢服 #Qipao #旗袍| #Jewellery – how to create that Tang Dynasty timeless elegant like hair pin…….?

Given that you’ve been watching both intensely brilliantly written Chinese Drama series 天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes, also 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace in which both drama series was extremely attention to detail of recreation of that era of the actual period of head jewellery wear in which can be found in traditional Chinese jewellery stores in Mainland China, Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong also in some community Asian Traditional Chinese Clothing stores of creating that headwear hair pin piece using traditional locally available … also worn today as everyday head jewellery…..

In most Traditional Chinese hair pins that a handcrafted, represents the wearer, the women, lady whom wearing among many head pins… some it gives rank, also it represents the lover who have given her that hair pin as sign of kinship in their relationship..

In which you can find most the materials featured in recreating with a sets of various beads, from your local accessories store, with a simple golden wires to fasten the required sections of the components together among with clear strong proxy glue with a pair of simple medium pliers …..


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