#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HongKong #香港 |#海港城 #HarbourCity #HCXmas – Featuring and celebrating Christmas Treasures 2018 also for a charitable cause…

The “Secret Garden” it’s the largest Video Kaleidoscope celebrating Christmas..

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during the few weeks that leading towards counting down the toward the Christmas season 2018…. Happening right now in between sixteenth November 2018 towards first of January 2019.. before then In which recently the last fortnight there was some construction going on in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon in which is located in Canton Road, at the main entrance at Harbour City there was a massive black construction canvas surrounding the main entrance it’s revealed it’s the massive new Christmas Treasures display that’s under construction in the last two weeks revealing with its contemporary festive interactive displays in which you can share timeless photographic moments together with you love one, with fun with friends or family.. With its Christmas photo booth… in which some of the admission towards the exhibits are for a good cause for “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation” also with “Make a Wish Hong Kong ”

Featuring a festive music light show… with least than twenty meters in length with a forty meter long Christmas Bridge with Original Festive music Light shows celebrating Christmas all around to lighten things up is the two hundred thousand LED lighting that’s leading towards the lobby entrance of Harbour city, with a Christmas Bridge tall Christmas trees with arrangements of Original musical score toward the festive romantic mood with a backdrop of the a multimedia arrangement that set the mood of vibrancy of Harbour City found at Ocean Terminal forecourt…. In between 1800 to 2000 Hours Hong Kong time…

Among that you can meet Santa Claus with a Meet and Greet, with his company of his assistants… With an instant photo with him, you and your company under the Tall Christmas tree… You can find him at the Harbour City- Ocean Terminal Forecourt between 1930 towards 2100 hours Hong Kong Time…  among the same spot that Santa Claus Meets and Greets you is the Marching Band Spectacle is also the Award winning marching group “The Pegasus Vanguard” home grown Hong Kong performing on most evenings in between 1800 and 1900 hours, between 1,2, 15, 22, towards the 23rd of December 2018..


Among with the “Secret Garden” it’s the largest Video Kaleidoscope in which, measuring sixteen meters long, four point five meters high and wide.. Walking together surrounding you with in a surreal Christmas Snowflakes, starry lightnings in a rainbow tunnel in which make a selfies  in with a friendly photo booth among that you can make a donation to The Hong Kong Blood Center” as a method of admission of fifty Hong Kong Dollars.. opens Hong Kong time noon towards nine at evenings.. in which is located in the level three, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City.. nearby OT Ralph Lauren..

“Love Lock For Charity” for make a wish – Hong Kong

Other featured activities is the “Love Lock For Charity” in which  in which couples, you single, or customers can chose their favourite colour lock in which doesn’t comes with key to unlock later… In which you can write on it with wishes you had in mind with a donation of twenty Hong Kong Dollars.. Locking your heart shape padlock between the hours of Hong Kong Noon towards nine in the evening at the Harbour City Ocean Terminal Forecourt…

“Print it yourself Festive Postcard” also sending that special postcard to your love ones..

One other featured, is the “Print it yourself Festive Postcard” in which you can make your own customed postcard, with your love one and you, or just you, with your family, friends joining in the fun in printing out your customed made postcards with the messages, sending it towards your intend recipient…. Only twenty Hong Kong Dollars, at the Harbour City- Ocean Terminal Forecourt from noon toward evening nine  …  also you can instantly print out you postcard, in which also Instagraming postcard printing by follow the required prescription..

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