Founder -Designer Grace Choi is wearing her Disney collaboration Mickey90 Qipao collection that’s among her featured spring collection

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Yi Ming-Oriental recently located in a new store towards 50A Tung Street, Sheung Wan new store in Sheung Wan in which is located in between Central and Western District…   In which Yi Ming- Grace Choi has always been very innovative in modern re-engineering re innovating artistically Qipao Cheongsam Dresses…

In her recent collection in which was featured in In which her recently new Digital printed Qipao-Cheongsam collection features one of her current collection featuring thematic of Hong Kong also Oriental Chinese culture, in which Grace Choi-Yi Ming Oriental collection in which feature digitally printed Contemporary Art from Leonlollipop Mosaic Art works recently launching that collection on 13th September 2018,  at the House of Blue in which  has been awarded as UNSECO Heritage building recently this year…


Elegant striking Grace Choi’s Yi Ming Oriental red lacy dress..

In which her newly acquired collection that set to be soon to be release on spring Collection 2019…  That features Yi Ming X Disney Mickey 90 year limited edition collection, also Yi- Ming Hong Kong Day and Night collection.. In which she has been working tremendously hard in bring her 2019 collection for the 20th November 2018, in which shown at the Fleur Pavila, ground floor of the Cosco Tower at 183 Queen’s Road Central… in the event started in between 1730 towards 2000 hours Hong Kong time… with a great vibrant reception towards Grace Choi’s and her team hard work..

The collection was inspired by the ninetieth birthday recently of Mickey Mouse recently in which Disneyland Hong Kong have been celebrating dancing around the iconic streets scenes of Hong Kong, in with his fellow’s people around … among the collection its theme at family with the collection evolving into children’s wear, also menswear with the same theme on printed crafted onto the Men’s Cheongsam’s Jacket….

Grace Choi’s Yi Ming Oriental’s featured spring collection 2019 – featuring iconic Hong Kong elementally themes Day and Night collection in which features Mahjong, neonic landscape signage, egg tarts, The Victoria Harbour in which are visually interpreted

The collection  is also Grace Choi’s Yi Ming Oriental’s  featured spring collection  2019 in featuring iconic Hong Kong elementally themes Day and Night collection in which features Mahjong, neonic landscape signage, egg tarts,  The Victoria Harbour in which are visually interpreted through the digitally printed fabrics,  that sparks of memorable- Remembering timeless moments of living in Hong Kong…. Through Qipao-Cheongsam Dress and coats, jackets and separated skirts, also with Qipao tops…

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