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Shanghai Tang- Velvet Qipao With Silk Lining

Next year 2019 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, in which sits on the fifth February 2019, also is one of the twelve zodiac symbolisms in Chinese Zodiacs, in which one of many asspects according towards the influence your fate, density of that year the colours of that year is related to fire colour elements, that relates to red, pink also orange..

Shanghai Tang – Lurex Jacquard Qipao Dress

As one popular colour is red, red is a very prosperous striking bold colour in meaning bring good luck… also during Chinese New Year its best to wear something new, with fresh red lingerie, under that freshly new purchase red dress traditionally Qipao- Cheongsam are traditionally worn… in bring fresh prosperous good luck, good fortune for the year… in which you could get that fresh good luck red lingerie from Petite Cherry Lingerie…..

Shanghai Tang – Knit Qipao Dress With Scallops

The Colour Red – 紅色- was one of the elements in Ancient Imperial China was to defeat this Demon Nian-  年 = year” in which  previously this demon comes out on New Year’s eve and ravage the villagers and their lifeworks. In which studying this Nian, they found one of many elements that’s afraid of is the Colour Red, also fiery lights, loud blasting sounds in which celebratory firecrackers, fireworks were the explosive fiery lights that frighten away the  Nian..

Shanghai Tang – Classic Qipao

Shanghai Tang… As been one of the modern traditional places of modern places of acquiring Qipao’s in which they’re located in least eight cities in Asia… With three flagship stores In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…

Shanghai Tang – red velvet Long Qipao

In Shanghai Tang Qipao Cheongsam’s collection are some interesting innovative unique designs for every day-work to evening wear Qipao’s that classically match your wardrobe easily… in which are easily to wear in which are back Zipped in which traditional Qipao’s are right sided zipped to complementary the side Qipao’s silk ribbons buttons that folds the dress together.. So it won’t hinder the back side of the dress detailing artwork… in which you can still have your Qipao Dress

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