Eliane Zhong – The Knight of Shadows between Yin and Yang- Elaine Zhong’s Xiaoqian look

In an upcoming Jackie Chan film the 神探蒲松齡– The Knight of Shadow between Yin and Yang  in which he as a chronicler adventurer  also a demon hunter  Pu Songling re tells recounts his life story towards a group of children through a book, in which he previous defends the middle domain world where humanity lives with friendly demons whom defend that realm that domain from bad demons or any corrupted fairies from the upper kingdom domain.. in which he also teams up with an imperial detective Fei- Austin Lin in which to solve a multiple cases where teenage girls goes missing in uncertain circumstances….  As this storyline is adapted from one of many Chinese historical classics from the Short Story Collection Strange stories from a Chinese Studio..


Chan’s character Pu Songling is only the storytelling narrative in which the focus is in between Xiaoqian beautiful entrapment demoness – Elaine Zhong whom falls in love with a human scholar also romantically linked to another Demon hunter… With an entanglement love story in between the three… set to be release on screen on the 5th February 2019

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