Currently what’s in store for the Forbidden City store is Forbidden City New Makeup Ancient style lipstick with a sense of ceremony in their new cosmetic range, featuring a Traditional Ming –Qing Dynasty Chinese round wooden black lacquer box featuring the traditional detailing flowering craftsmanship like the same degree of craftworks in the Forbidden City in which makes a gorgeous ancient Chinese traditional artwork décor furnishings for your home..  the inspiration comes from the Han Dynasty clothing styles colour plattle in which inspired the lipstick of the forbidden City colour palette canvas ….. Overally the box looks good, the packaging is exquisite, and the colour is also suitable for autumn and winter.  However the lipstick box is a must whom who like Hanfu should use it more antique accessory..

Forbidden City New Makeup | Ancient style lipstick with a sense of ceremony.

Peony color, the Forbidden City is red, imperial, rusty.
Pomegranate color, bright and charming, white with age, yellow skin friendly.
Plum color, classic palace wall color, retro in autumn and winter.
Begonia color, gentle temperament, even without makeup.

A box contains at least 10g, equipped with a lipstick brush, which can be used as a blush.

故宫新彩妆 | 极具仪式感的古风口红膏。



Imagines credits are of the Forbidden City Store –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from its Forbidden City Taobao store

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