On 7th November 2020
Beijing Television -iQyi Streaming of the北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City in which it stream the third season of A Guzheng- Guqin plays the legacy of the great sage of the Tang Dynasty in which recreates a scene of a jug of wine creates the mood of Emperor Qianlong’s Lanting Pavilion; a stream of clouds interprets the spirit of Suzi throughout ancient and modern times. In which airing streaming  on 7th November 2020  on 20:30 Hong Kong – Beijing Time北京卫视 , 爱奇艺#上新了皇宫…. The third season, follow the new product developer 邓伦, 聂远, 李沁, 千古风流人物——Su Shi from the Forbidden City Palace Museum The theme painting and calligraphy special exhibition, feel the open-minded life of Su Dongpo….. In which featured….. In which it has been finally restored after it has been viewed for more than two hundred years…. In which during the Television segment of each episode there’s a design challenge in which design students are task with creating inspirational products that each three host of the episodes explores within the Forbidden City  in which are in form of two designing teams in which under take producing a very timeless unique product  for the Forbidden City Museum Store..

上新了旧宫 During this episode ….   Of Cultural Creation is a “Jiang Yue Yi Su” clothing series designed by students of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. The color matching of the earth tone of the clothing is taken from the famous painting “Chibi Tu”. At the same time, the Jiangtao pattern in the painting is extracted, embroidered on the outer layer of the coat, and attached to the inner layer of the coat to form an internal and external echo; borrowing from the beauty of the “Curved Water Flowing Vessel” of the Pavilion, Applying its sense of fluency to the coat layout, as the clothes swing, it is flexible and elegant, revealing a sense of open-mindedness. People who wear the “Jiang Yue Yi Su” coat will take the most optimistic and confident steps and embark on the brightest and most open road.

The student designers have deconstructed the Jiang Tao pattern in the “Red Cliff Picture” on the inner and outer layers of the coat in response to each other, and blended the lines of the “curved water flow” in the Qianlong Garden into the tailoring of the coat, revealing every detail A sense of open-mindedness [Heart] I hope that anyone who wears the “Jiang Yue Yi Su” clothing series of this issue of cultural and creative industries can take the most optimistic and confident steps like this cat and embark on the brightest and most open road…

Imagines credits are of the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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