On 14th June 2021 Monday happen to sit on one of many Chinese National Bank Family Holidays in which is a three day Weekend holiday in which is celebrating粽子。 端午節 happy dragon boat festival everyone on which a  on a famous dumpling zongzi it’s a traditional Chinese takeaway rice dish that’s made up with sticky rice – Glutinous rice with an assortments of stuffing’s it’s wrap up very large bamboo leaves then boil or steamed… traditional it’s celebrated in the Chinese- Asian communities …. as you can find in Chinese restaurants during yum char or traditional made at home…. The historical highlights of the dragon boat festival race is to celebrate and event that falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month that happens to falls on this year on 14th June 2021 Monday in which historically it celebrates a virtuous fashion icon Scholar two thousand years ago, in which that event of the Dragon Boat race is also known as the Tuen Ng festival Festival the National Hero Virtuous scholar also a righteous Official named Qu Yaun drown himself in the Mi Lo River.. Due to the corruption he has seen in with protest against the corrupted rulers and officials… in which he drown himself in which the nearby villages whom heard of his self-drowning tried to rescue him, but to no avail in which they thrown Zongzi into the river.. Zongzi is like fried glutton sticky rice with flavoring of meats as the center delight takeaway wrapped in with dried banana or palm leaves then steamed…as the villages thrown Zongzi into the river in finding him hoping that the fishes or omens don’t eat his flesh…

Around the Dragon Boat Festival the month of June China- Imperially- Ancient- Modern- Post Modern China -PROC Northern Hemisphere weather was hot and humid, and it was easy to get sick. The ancients were used to “fancy” medicine preparation during this time. In addition to eating rice dumplings, drinking realgar wine, hanging calamus, and taking medicine from diet, they also have the custom of directly using medicine, making medicine, and donating medicine. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the inner court of the Qing Dynasty will produce a large number of unique medicines-lozenges. It is not only a good medicine to prevent heatstroke, it has the effect of preventing moisture and disease, but also a well-made, exquisite craftsmanship that can be worn with you to achieve the function of preventing epidemics and cooling off heat…..

Imagines visuals credit are from the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China…

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