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Catch the sunny day, go out with hairpins- The weather is fine, let’s go on a trip with Zanhua “Cloud” with everyone today~

In fact, in ancient times, women were not the only ones who would wear jewelry. Jewelry originally refers to the ornaments on the heads of men and women. “The Book of the Later Han Dynasty•Yufuzhi” once recorded: “The saints of later generations saw the system of the beard and beard of birds and beasts, so they made crowns and tassels, which were regarded as ornaments.” You can express the honor and inferiority.” These records show that the early jewellery was an imitation of birds and beasts with “crown horns and beards”, and at the same time, jewellery was worn to distinguish one’s identity. Cao Zhi wrote in the “Luo Shen Fu” that women “wear the jewelry of Jin Cui”, but the jewelry here refers to hairpin, hairpin, sheng, step, gold tin, bead flower, 栉 (the general name of comb and grate), Le Ziba Kind of jewelry. With the development of history, the accessories used by women began to be collectively referred to as jewelry, and the categories suddenly increased~


In the Qing Dynasty, it can be said that it was an era when the jewelry of the past dynasties was collected, and the styles were colorful and very beautiful. In addition to headdresses, the empresses of the Qing Dynasty also combed two hair styles. In order to embellish the hairstyle, he also created matching special jewelry: the flat square is one of them. The flat square is in the shape of a ruler, one end is semicircle, and the other end is shaped like a scroll. It looks a lot like the crown hairpin worn on the head of a man in the Qing Dynasty. The flat square mainly serves to connect the “beams” in the real and wig buns. When the concubine of the Qing Dynasty combed her hair, she also deliberately exposed the patterns on the two ends of the flat square, which was eye-catching. Some concubines will hang a bunch of silk tassels in the flat square shaft hole, which is said to echo the flowerpot high-soled shoes worn on their feet, and their actions are disciplined, adding a beautiful and dignified manner. It seems that the matching of costumes is really a tradition from ancient times to the present~


Speaking of the hairstyles of the concubines in the Qing Dynasty, we must mention hairpins and head flowers. The hairpins worn by concubines in the Qing Dynasty are indispensable for combing all kinds of hair buns. They are generally divided into two types, one is practical and the other is decorative. Practical hairpins are relatively plain, available in gold, silver, or copper, and are mainly used to fix the bun and head shape. The other type of hairpins for decoration is much more exquisite. Generally, precious materials are used to make hairpins with exquisite patterns and decorate them on the combed buns. In addition to its decorative function, it also implies auspiciousness and caress with things, which implies many blessings, longevity, and many children. Such as Ruyi, Aquarius, Peony, Butterfly, etc. are very common patterns in hairpin ornaments.


In addition to hairpins, there are also head flowers. The head flower is a jewellery developed from the hairpin, which consists of two parts: the head flower and the needle. The head flower is actually based on the development of the Qing Dynasty concubine’s hair style, which is a kind of head decoration with a larger coverage. Most of them use pearls and gems as raw materials, with rich patterns, flowers, birds, animals, cordyceps, and pine, bamboo and plum shapes. The workmanship is not only exquisite but also lifelike. It looks very beautiful on the head. The feeling of beauty~

赶上晴天,簪花出游 – 天气晴朗,今天就和大家一起簪花“云”出游吧~





Imagines visuals credit are from the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China…

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