On the 7th November 2021 Monday week the Forbidden City palace – Beijing –China- People’s Republic of China, in which it is the first day of winter in which early this morning on pasting Thursday midnight in which it previously it was raining in which then is finally snowed showing the first sign for  winter. As the Chinese 24 solar terms indicate, November 7 is the beginning of winter this year. What does Beijing look like when winter arrives of Beijing First Snow..

Previously week  it was autumn in with beautifully blue skies painted the canvas of Amberically Ginkgo tree leaves  of the Beijing Forbidden city landscape Chinese Painting white Clouds storytelling Beijing Ancient postmodern megatroplis city scape… along the 601 year old Forbidden city is looking from inside of the Forbidden city in which it’s trees glow in the Autumn Sunlight… in which Autumn sunlight amberically glowing the Ginkgo trees of the Grounds of the Forbidden city in which as Autumn folds towards transitionally changing like those scenes of storytelling of  延禧攻略 Story of the Yanxi Palace where then Wei Yinglu –Empress Imperial Noble Consort imperial Noble Consort Ling  Empress Xiaoyichun (孝儀純皇后 played by Actress Wu Jinyan character in which show case many leading world Chinese inventions elements of how keep warmth from hand held warmers, to Central Heating beds and Under Floor heating. In the Same Era of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong of storytelling如懿传Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace of Empress Ula Nara Ruyi 乌拉那拉·如懿 Empress Xian played by Zhou Xun on the grounds of the gate of the Yanxi Palace in which has a strong rich history…..

Its the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the rat, marking its six hundred years anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644) transitionally from Nanjing to Beijing towards the Qing Dynasty (1636-1644-1911) …. The Imperial Palace seen so many countless seasonally transitional equinoxes but further its six hundred years is iconic, but it’s five hundred ninety nine years it marks it Autumn Equinox…. In which it only took twelve years to build the same of the Daming Palace of The Tang Dynasty Xian Imperial Capital only it was least twenty times larger……  

Imagines visuals credit are from the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China…  also from their respectives from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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