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Located in Chengdu City the Province Capital of South-western China’s Sichuan Province of China-People’s Republic of China of a two thousand and five hundred year old Mega-metropolis city… is 成都绣匠旗袍 – Chengdu Embroiderers Cheongsam- Show Jiang (Chengdu Embroidery Apparel Co., Ltd.)  in which innovatively bringing a New Chinese style cheongsam-Qipao high-end brand-Embroiderer, with Shu embroidery and Suzhou embroidery among the four famous embroidery in China as the design theme, it is committed to the high-end private specialization of Chinese Shanghai style cheongsam… in which each dress is customised towards the wear’s in which tailoring takes least in between 20-60 days depending on the extremely level of detailing of brocade in which using the most finest heavy silks are hand sewn and crafted … as seen in  recent 成都绣匠旗袍 – Chengdu Embroiderers Cheongsam- Show Jiang’s Collection of Embroiderer’s 2020 original Shu embroidery…

 成都绣匠旗袍 Show Jiang Embroiderer was founded in 2016, positioning the new Chinese style cheongsam high-end brand, committed to the high-end customized services of Chinese Shanghai style cheongsam. It mainly uses Shu embroidery and Shu brocade crafts to combine oriental aesthetics culture with Western fashion art. Embroidery is a new Chinese light luxury brand with a deep Chinese complex and critically absorbing cutting-edge fashion elements. While deeply ploughing in the soil of oriental aesthetics and culture, it also screens and absorbs the compound nutrients of western international fashion.

In between the 29th October towards the 8th November 2021 it is one of Key international Fashion events Guangdong Fashion Week 2021 the Autumn Season in which the organisation focus on the innovative fashion industry from various sectors industry from Guangdong Province of China – People’s Republic of China that involving from its key Guangdong Province Cites like of Guangzhou- Hong Kong SAR – Macau SAR  also from other provinces from Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, also Yunnan…. 

The 2021 Guangdong Fashion Week “Longitudinal and Weixiang Yue” high-definition joint show will be officially held on November 1st, bringing together emerging designers from North and South, aiming to inherit Chinese culture and promote domestic brands. As the first new Chinese haute couture brand in Chengdu, SHOWJIANG has been specially invited by the organizing committee to participate in this fashion show with works from Qingcheng after the rain in Hall 5 of Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition and Trade Center.

In one of collection of Designs for the international Guangdong Fashion week is one featured is the “Mist-shrouded Qingcheng Mountain, every leaf is moisturized by clouds and mist” in which in ShowJiang showing the use of Shu embroidery’s delicate colours and delicate stitching to present the unique charm of the new Chinese cheongsam.

The Post Modern Qipao-Cheongsam features gorgeous puff white cloud like sleeves, featuring pavilion gates with golden tiles in a Chinese Painting

The warp and weft phases Guangdong, interweaving the story of Shu embroidery.

Let’s talk about Qingcheng again, and reappear Diecuixian Mountain.

Adhering to the concept of inheriting the splendid Chinese culture and carrying forward the intangible cultural heritage of Shu, the embroiderer has always combined the intangible cultural heritage of Shu embroidery with modern fashion, and expresses the connotation of the new Chinese style with just the right design…..

The latest series of Yuhou Qingcheng, which will appear in Guangdong Fashion Week this time, is an in-depth exploration and extended design of the series after Beijing Fashion Week. It interprets the fairyland of Qingcheng from a new perspective and interprets modern beauty with unique designs.

Design inspiration: This style uses the ingot collar of traditional Chinese cheongsam in the design of the collar, which can modify the shape of the face. Ingot collar was more commonly used in the Qing Dynasty, because it is very tolerant. When wearing a yuan Bao collar cheongsam, you must raise your chin and straighten your neck to show the dignified and proud demeanour of a Empress. At the same time, the stitching design on the chest breaks the dull feeling of ordinary cheongsam, and the stitching at the slits of the sleeves and skirt makes the whole garment more agile and elegant.

Design inspiration: This model uses a one-word collar in the design of the neckline, emphasizing the elegant cut lines, just revealing the sexy collarbone, giving people a charming and sweet feeling, the front split fishtail design, sexy, calm, and elegant And mysterious, the petal-shaped sleeves are novel and unique in design. The skirt and sleeves are decorated with pearls, giving people a gentle, elegant, and noble feeling, playing a finishing touch.

Design inspiration: The cheongsam version modifies the figure, outlines the graceful curves of women, combined with the exaggerated sleeve shape, makes the original ordinary cheongsam become distinctive, and the tassels on the hem make the whole cheongsam more agile and sway on the road. Health posture. The sleeve shape is shaped by the way of cutting, which perfectly integrates the retro elements of the East and the West and the modern culture.

The embroiderer SHOWJIANG•Guangdong Fashion Week shows the combination of traditional cheongsam version and exaggerated cloud sleeves, and the collision of retro elements and modern fashion is the bold breakthrough of this design……

The embroiderer SHOWJIANG•Guangdong Fashion Week show design drawings broke through the shackles of design, and Qingcheng renewed its innovation after the rain. The extraordinary new Chinese design shines in fashion week. Exquisite design draft, review with you.

Mr. Yang Chengcheng and won the Fashion Motivation Designer Award. The
new generation of designers used fashion language to activate traditional culture, and
use new Chinese design to tell the connotation behind the beautiful and beautiful clothes.

Embroiderer SHOWJIANG • Guangdong Fashion Week

Embroiderer 2021 “Longitudinal and Weft Xiangyue ” big show
is another breakthrough and innovation after Beijing Fashion Week. The intangible
Shu embroidery is used to show the smart fairy mountain, the clothes are fluttering, like dreams and illusions…….Stitch a world, a Kam a satin a Seduction…

Embroiderer SHOWJIANG • The intangible cultural heritage Shu embroidery in the show of Guangdong Fashion Week presents the green city after the rain, and the fairy tale is ethereal.
The new Chinese design runs through the ancient and modern cultures, and set off a national trend again!

|Production · Process and Handicraft – Process and handicraft art

Each high-end dress carries not only traditional intangible cultural heritage, but also a rigorous process, complex craftsmanship and a team dedicated to craftsmanship behind them.

From design finalization to fabric selection, every detail fits the style of Qingcheng Xianshan; from computer plate making to fine tailoring, every link is meticulous; from Shu embroidery to fabric sewing, every stitch is integrated The painstaking effort of the embroiderer.

 We did countless things, but in the end it was only for one thing: to give the splendid and magnificent intangible cultural heritage the vitality and publicity of modern fashion!

|Embroidery artist and designer Yang Chengcheng Design Director 

 Designer Yang Chengcheng graduated from Shanghai Donghua University. In 2013, he founded the “Mamma Mia MAMMAMIA” dress design brand. Mamma Mia is the first domestic brand focusing on mothers’ wedding dresses. In 2015, he founded the “MaQueen” dress design brand. After the banquet, it is the first domestic high-end wedding banquet mother dress brand. In 2016, he founded the new Chinese high-end brand “Embroidery SHOWJIANG”. Embroiders focused on the inheritance of Shu embroidery and the design and customization of improved cheongsam.

Embroidery Guangdong Fashion Weekly Schedule  Guangdong fashion week schedule

Time: November 1, 2021 (Monday) 19:30 

Location: Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition and Trade Center Hall 5

The Guangdong “Jing Wei Xiang Yue” high-definition joint show officially started.

Images and visuals are from Weibo also from成都绣匠旗袍 – Chengdu Embroiderers Cheongsam- Show Jiang (Chengdu Embroidery Apparel Co., Ltd.)

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