Located in an ancient post-modern Three thousand years old ultra Megatroplis city Beijing City, Capital of  China – People’s Republic of China, 茧迹原创礼服定制 Cocoon – Beijing Yuji Fashion Design Co in which Cocoon trace original dress customization: No. D05, Zhongyi Street, 798 Art District, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing …. Innovatingly Post Modern Qipao- Cheongsam …. in which innovatively bringing a New Chinese style cheongsam-Qipao high-end brand-Embroidery Embroiderer seamstressing   …….it is committed to the high-end private specialization of Chinese Shanghai style cheongsam innovatively… in which each dress is customised towards the wear’s in which tailoring takes least in between 20-60 days depending on the extremely level of detailing of brocade in which using the most finest heavy silks are hand sewn and crafted …..

During the month of December 2021 it was the 2021 Wuhan Fashion Week is scheduled to kick off from December 3rd Tuesday to Wednesday 6th 2021, in  located in a Three Thousand five hundred year more old ancient ultra-megatroplis postmodern Wuhan, capital city of Hubei Province of China – People’s Republic of China . The 4-day event will stage 22 fashion shows, presenting collections of 13 designers and 9 ready-to-wear brands. Consumers can place an order while watching the shows. This year’s fashion week will offer a fashion map of Wuhan, in an effort to introduce local characteristic shops and promote Wuhan-made brands. Wuhan Fashion Week concluded in Wuhan Red T Fashion Entrepreneurship District. During the 4-day fashion week, 23 big shows told the story of Chinese traditional culture from a fashion perspective, interpreting the new connotation of fashion…

Featuring their latest collection of 2021 also 2022 in which the theme is inspired by arts, treasures in nature and history in the beautifully in discovering it in the closing show of 6th December 2021… “Listen Lin ‘overhaul of the successful completion of the closing thanks to the organizing committee, thanked the director and group models…..Featuring many of the elegant gorgeous traditional Chinese post, traditional, modern from wedding dresses also the collection for everyday work, evening wear.

Images and visuals are from Weibo also from茧迹原创礼服定制Cocoontrace original dress customization: No. D05, Zhongyi Street, 798 Art District, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-59789809 – China –People’s Republic of China ..

Wuhan Fashion Week Organizing Committee Office Wuhan Fashion Week Organization Address: 15th Floor, Building A, Xincheng Sunshine International Plaza, 608 Sixin Avenue, Hanyang District Wuhan Hubei Province of China – People’s Republic of China…. Tel: +86-027-86789388 Email: Business@whfashionweek.com

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