Featuring in上海 Shanghai’s Xintiandi District – China- People’s Republic of China currently on displayed on the streets off the Madang Road also Huaihai Road in which resides within Xintiandi District. In which s an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai. Xintiandi now refers to the wider area centered around Madang Road which includes both pedestrian-only and motor traffic roads.. Uniquely Xintiandi is situated in the middle of Shanghai Town, south of Huaihai Zhong Lu. Shanghai Xintiandi is a stylish pedestrian road made of Shikumen houses and up-to-date building styles. It has developed an urban traveller attraction that combines the past with the culture of today.

The Shanghai Xintiandi is very unique due to its ideal building construction. It holds the traditional walls, tiles plus the outer of Shikumen housing of ancient Shanghai. Instead of this, its interior embodies a completely different world of international galleries, bars, cafes, boutiques and themed cafes. When you visit Xin Tian Di, you will experience the flavour both of Shanghai in the 1920’s and the auditory current lifestyle of citizens of 21st century. Xintiandi also stands out as an entertainment complex housed in reconstructed, modified houses of Shanghai.

Featuring in December 2021 to the end of the year of 2021 上海 Shanghai’s Xintiandi District for currently a Taikonauts appearances in Four Art installations using the latest lighting displays hologramic hologram technology are open to the public for free. The immersive experience creates a sense of Space and allows visitors to visit while exploring the streets of Madang Road –Huaihai Road. The “Entering the Futuristic Scene.” Featuring four art installations created by local artist group of the Chuang Gallery,  As part of this year’s Lumiere Shanghai lighting festival,

#Astronauts appear in #Shanghai’s #Xintiandi. Four art installations using discover the #stars and #universe on their doorstep. In which Space Science is one of the most talked, and inspired STEM topics that’s taught at educationally also home as recently of the Shenzhou 12 to Currently Shenzhou 13 crew in doing its first classroom from space from the China National Space Administration CNSA –  CSS China Space Station Tiangong Classroom from Tianhe core Module from Takionaut Space Teacher Wang Yaping with fellow Taikonaut teachers … With a total of more than 20 artists, including concept design illustrators, modelers and engineers, they managed to present to the public a space for imagination, along with a vision of future life in space.

On the plaza of Xintiandi Style I is the major piece, a mixed media installation called “Space Station 20” that measures 17 meters long and 5 meters high. It presents the basic unit of a space station with some 100,000 electrical components that integrate all necessary functions for a human’s daily life.

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