Vlogger Max  Walk East sharing his visions awesome walking tours of China – People’s Republic of China in Gorgeous in sharing his views of 4K UHD videos to show case in real life of China’s Daily walking educationally walking tours with rich real life view Immersive Experiences…..

In this Walking tour of February 2022 walking from Jianwai SOHO- progressively walking to World Trade Tower Central Business District-  Qianmen Street – Galaxy SOHO- Around Olympic Forest Park – Xidan Shopping Area towards Night Walking In Shichahai Lake….

Jianwai SOHO

Jianwai SOHO is located at 39 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (opposite the China World Trade Center). The buildings have a total gross floor area of 700,000 square meters on a site of 169,000 square meters. Jianwai SOHO includes 20 high rise towers and four villas. 20 towers four villas and 16 pedestrian lanes are in the complex, along with numerous stores, restaurants, offices and businesses.

Qianmen Street

Located at the central axis of Beijing City, Qianmen Street is a famous pedestrian street for shopping and sightseeing, running from the Archery Tower of Qianmen in the north to the turning of Tiantan Park in the south. It is 840 meters (about 919 yards) in length and 21 meters (about 23 yards) in width. It is composed with buildings whose styles resemble the late Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).

Qianmen Street has history of more than 570 years. It was called Zhengyangmen Street during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and finally got the present name in 1965. During the Qing Dynasty, there were many specialized outlets on either side of it, such as a meat market, cloth market and jewelry market. And there were also many craftsman workshops, warehouses and theatres in the Hutongs nearby. Now Qianmen Street becomes an important night life place for locals..

Qianmen is the colloquial name for Zhengyangmen literally meaning “Gate of the Zenith Sun”, is a gate in Beijing’s historic city wall. The gate is situated to the south of Tiananmen Square and once guarded the southern entry into the Inner City.

Emerging as one of the hottest tourist destinations in Beijing is Qianmen Street which has been revamped as a modern tourist spot.

The bustling street is populated by buildings whose designs and layout still resemble those found in the late Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).

Qianmen Street is also known as “Dashilan” shopping street and is one of the oldest and most well-known shopping districts in Beijing.

HISTORY Its history harks back hundreds of years yet the essential feel of the area remains the same, namely comfortable and relaxed. It is perfect for both Beijing residents and tourists to spend hours walking through as the street extends in all directions and many emerging businesses and designers have made their home in this area.

Galaxy SOHO

Galaxy Soho is an 18-storey mixed-use entertainment, office and retail complex, which opened in November 2012. It is located near the East second ring road at Chaoyangmen in central Beijing, China. The building is spread across a 46,965 square metre site, and stands 67m tall.

The Beijing Galaxy SOHO was designed by Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher and started its construction in 2009. To become an integral part of the living city in Beijing, this urban shopping mall covers a plot area of 46,965m² and has four towers that cater for both office and retail purposes.

The Galaxy SOHO project in central Beijing for SOHO China is a 330 000m2 office, retail and entertainment complex that will become an integral part of the living city, inspired by the grand scale of Beijing.

Its architecture is a composition of five continuous, flowing volumes that are set apart, fused or linked by stretched bridges. These volumes adapt to each other in all directions, generating a panoramic architecture without corners or abrupt transitions that break the fluidity of its formal composition.

Beijing Olympic Forest Park

Beijing Olympic Forest Park was built for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It was the leisure site for athletes, coaches, and official staff to get relaxed from tense competitions.

The tennis, shooting, and hockey competitions were held there. After the closing ceremony, it has been transformed to the city’s back garden for sightseeing, recreation and sports. As the largest urban green landscape in Asia and the largest park in Beijing, one can stroll along the pavement or jog among the greenery to breathe in the fresh air; lovers can have a sweet date by riding a tandem bicycle through grassland and flowers or take a boat on the clear lake to see flocks of koi.

The Park is a good place for families to spend the weekends; with the help of battery cars, even seniors can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the whole park.

Images and visuals are of Walk East

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