The Forbidden City Book Store which in the grounds of the Forbidden City Complex Forbidden City Hundred Excellent Books Public welfare reading activities! ” Forbidden City Hundred Excellent Books  “The Way of Architecture of the Forbidden City”  with this in mind explanation of the Detailed explanation of the five-door and three-dynasty system of the Forbidden City Palace Complex  is the palace system of the Zhou Dynasty, representing orthodoxy, and it is the highest palace building level in ancient China, which has been almost inherited by all dynasties. Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty transformed the city of Beijing, built the Forbidden City, and determined a new axis. However, he still followed the ancestral system and planned the Forbidden City in Beijing according to the Forbidden City in Nanjing.

Five gates and three dynasties were set up on the axis according to the “Rituals of Zhou”. During the Wanli period, the five gates were Daming Gate, Chengtian Gate, Duan Gate, Meridian Gate, and Huangji Gate, namely Fengtian Gate. The three dynasties were Huangji Hall (Fengtian Hall), Zhongji Hall (Huagai Hall), and Jianji Hall (Jinshen Hall). . When the Ming Dynasty brought chaos to order in the Yuan Dynasty, it simply razed the Yuan Dynasty to the ground, and set up five gates and three dynasties according to the orthodox thought of “Zhou Li”, indicating that the Ming Dynasty inherited the great power.

Now there is no Daming Gate, and the remaining four gates are Tiananmen, Duanmen, Meridian Gate, Taihemen, Taihe Hall, Zhonghe Hall, and Baohe Hall.

Why did the central axis of the Forbidden City move east? Where is the center of heaven and earth in the Forbidden City? What are the mysteries of the civil and military layout of Beijing City, the layout of the rear court of the Forbidden City, and the architectural methods of Emperor Qianlong that we are familiar with? With a book in hand, all doubts are solved


Imagines credits are of the Forbidden City –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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