The Forbidden City Book Store which in the grounds of the Forbidden City Complex Forbidden City Hundred Excellent Books Public welfare reading activities! “The Way of the Forbidden City Architecture” is the work of Wang Zilin, an expert from the Palace Museum, to study the construction of the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City has a rich architectural language that emphasizes the principles of order, proportion and symmetry. The central axis is the backbone of the building and the pivot that supports the entire palace. The Forbidden City is upright, symmetrical and orderly, and is a “model student” of ancient Chinese official architecture. The architectural complex of the Forbidden City has a unique shape and cultural connotation rich in traditional charm.

For example, the frame structure of the Forbidden City—five gates and three dynasties, the front court and the back bed, the east and west six palaces, comes from the “Zhou Li”. The Qiankun hexagram in “Book of Changes” makes the combination of buildings have a metaphysical height and a solid foundation. For example, the plane structure of the east and west six palaces presents the three-painted hexagram, which symbolizes the Kun hexagram, while the Qianqing Palace, The names of Kunning Palace and Jiaotai Hall are directly derived from Qian Gua, Kun Gua and Tai Gua, which make the Forbidden City have the logical law of the positioning of heaven and earth and the intersection of heaven and earth. The red walls and yellow tiles constitute the color tone of the Forbidden City architecture. In traditional cognition, yellow symbolizes earth, red symbolizes fire, and earth is located in the center. Therefore, the three halls are built on earth-shaped platforms. The color is yellow, so the central emperor is called the Yellow Emperor.” According to the principle of the five elements, fire can generate soil, so the red wall symbolizes fire, and the yellow tile symbolizes soil. The building roofs in the Forbidden City include almost all the forms of ancient Chinese building roofs, such as hard hills, hanging hills, Xieshan, Hudian, Zanjian, cross ridges, double eaves, rolling tents, scorpion tops, etc. They have strict grades. The difference reflects the etiquette characteristics of that era.

In addition to deciphering the architectural language from the architecture itself, when the landscape and architecture are integrated and are no longer isolated natural landscapes, they also become part of the architectural language and shoulder the heavy responsibility of interpreting architectural ideals. The Jinshui River and Wansui Mountain in the Forbidden City are no longer natural mountains and waters in a pure sense, but have an inseparable relationship with architecture. Wansui Mountain is the backing of the Forbidden City. Without this mountain, the Forbidden City will lose its strongest barrier and become an isolated city. The Jinshui River also has this function. It not only provides water for the entire Miyagi city and ensures the water and drainage of the palace city, but also plays the role of connecting the northwest trunk with the southeast Sunda, making the Jinshui River an image of a trunk. The river of gold enables the communication between heaven and earth and the connection between mountains and lakes….

Imagines credits are of the Forbidden City –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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