Changsha, the capital of central China’s Hunan province of China – People’s Republic of China , is a large city with a history dating to the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 B.C.). Today it’s known for its rare collection of excavated Western Han dynasty tombs, known as the Mawangdui. It’s also associated with Mao Zedong, who studied and lived here before joining the Chinese Communist Party in the 1920s.

July 2022 Changsha hot humid summery season

Changsha is an Internet celebrity city in central my country. Whether it is stinky tofu or Hunan Satellite TV variety shows, it is almost a household name in China, such as Juzizhoutou, Yuelu Academy, Wenheyou and other Internet celebrity IPs,

It is a must to check in when visiting Changsha. What measures the height of a city? Economy, culture, talent, system… Of course, including towering skyscrapers A wider view than the sky Only the ambition of people to keep building miracles such as Changsha The beautiful Xiangjiang River creates two sides of the river Unique landscape city environment Heaven has reserved infinite imagination for Changsha’s skyline Construction works on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, and high-rise buildings emerge from the ground undulating lines Outline every arc over the star city This is the unique scenery of the city When Skyscrapers Become Tropical Rain-forests Fireworks on the ground, the sky is magnificent A cement forest that breathes silently during the day At night, it turns into a neon flashing, full of colourful eyes Changsha becomes “New York” and “Los Angeles” Let’s feel the sky with the skyline lifting up the star city.

Walk East | Max Channel is about his walking, driving, riding running around views of China – People’s Republic of China  sharing his immersive experiences through videos, he wishes hope you could have a pure view about China today, sharing  some 4K UHD videos to show pure China daily scenes for you….…. BEST VIEWED ON 2160px60

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