Its Monday 8th August 2022 its 1740 late afternoon- evening Beijing time during the Walking in a residential area of Shanghai. Start walking from Gubei New Area and head north on Shuicheng Rd. Head towards the Suzhou River. Gubei New Area 古北新区, Golden Street 黄金城道步行街, Shuicheng Road 水城路, Along the Suzhou River 沿着苏州河, GuBei Road Bridge 古北路桥….

GuBei Road Bridge 古北路桥Residential district in Shanghai, China, People’s Republic of China Dominated by apartment skyscrapers, villa complexes and business towers, upscale Gubei is a densely populated neighbourhood favoured by Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean expats. Pedestrian Laowai Street, otherwise known as Foreigner Street, is lined with restaurants and bars, while Shucheng Road is the main shopping hub. The area is also home to several foreign embassies and international schools

Gubei New District 古北路桥 , the Ronghua Residential Area of ​​Hongqiao Street , is located near Gubei Road , Changning District , Puxi , Shanghai. It is the first large- scale international residential new district in Shanghai. It is also one of the settlements of Taiwanese businessmen , both domestic and foreign investors and business representatives in Shanghai . It is dubbed the “Little United Nations” of Shanghai . The scope of Gubei New Area starts from Hongqiao Road and Yan’an Road Elevated Road in the north, Guyang Road in the south , Hongxu Road in the west and Songyuan Road in the east , covering an area of ​​1.366 square kilometers . The Gubei area in a broad sense is defined as the three areas of Gubei New Area, Hongqiao Area and Xianxia Area.. 

GuBei Road Bridge 古北路桥– Shanghai, China- People’s Republic of China, Gubei Road Bridge is located at the junction of Changning District and Putuo District , Shanghai’s Wusong River (Suzhou River). The Gubei Road Bridge spans Changning Road in Changning District in the south and leads directly to the Tianshan Branch of Gubei Road in the north, and passes through Changfeng Ecological Park in Putuo District in the north. Between Block 2 and Guangfu West Road Yitong Daduhe Road Mianning intersection. It is the bridge with the largest span over the Suzhou River.

0:00 Intro 简介 2:38 Gubei New Area 古北新区 7:26 Golden Street 黄金城道步行街 19:15 Shuicheng Road 水城路 49:28 Along the Suzhou River 沿着苏州河 56:10 GuBei Road Bridge 古北路桥

Rec Shanghai is about his walking, driving, riding running around views of China – People’s Republic of China sharing his immersive experiences in his video hope you could have a pure view about China today, sharing some 4K UHD videos to show pure China daily scenes for you I shoot in Shanghai and other locations in China. Let’s walk around China together… BEST VIEWED ON 2160px60 with the Volume turned on way up for immersiveness immersion…

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