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Located in an ancient post-modern Three Thousand plus years old ultra Megatroplis city Beijing City, – China – People’s Republic of China藤薰定制  Tengyun Custom was established in Beijing in 2009, bringing together many outstanding craftsmen and technicians, focusing on high-end Chinese clothing customization. Tengyun custom follows the classic skills of traditional Chinese clothing, and is famous for its handmade Chinese wedding dresses, making “the most treasured handmade wedding dresses” for each couple. The classic works customized by Teng Xun also include: hand-embroidered cheongsam, Chinese dress, Chinese men’s clothing, embroidered shoes with melaleuca bottom, etc. Friends who like Chinese clothing and traditional weaving and embroidery art are welcome to come and communicate.

auspicious gown skirt custom and original designed by Beijing Tengxun, the upper body adopts the design of a one-line waistcoat, and the inside is equipped with a jacket with comfortable sleeves, which is dignified and stable. The lower skirt is designed with a pleated skirt, and every pleat is even. Paved with hand-sewn gold teeth, the bride can be completely spread out when sitting on the bed, with a sense of ceremony.

The predecessor is centered on Panjin embroidered Tuanji, and embroidered with bats around it. The whole body is decorated with dark eight immortals and auspicious cloud patterns. The sea water waves are embroidered on the hem of the clothes, which means good luck and endless blessings, and blessings for the couple to get married and have good luck.

It is a blue that symbolizes eternity, bringing a touch of tranquillity in the hot summer, as if time is suspended and surrounded by tenderness. It is three-blue embroidery developed from Suzhou embroidery in the Qing Dynasty. It uses different shades of blue for embroidery. The gradient of the embroidery thread makes the patterns scattered, either bright and clear, or subtle and soft.
The designer of Fuji Kaoru’s family embroidered the classic red silk fabric with “three baskets” and gold thread …..

rattan kun pattern —— Tuanji, the word “ji”, is derived from the shape of oracle bone script, the upper part is like a weapon, and the lower part is like a weapon containing weapons. Combined, it means that the weapons are not used in the container, so as to reduce the war and make the people not in danger. Interpretation is auspicious, auspicious meaning.
“Book of Zhou·Wu Shun” wrote: “Propriety, righteousness, good luck and good luck.” The designer of Fuji Xun’s family chose group auspicious patterns for the design of works, hoping to wish the newlyweds good luck and complete reunion~​​​

樹題文 图 ——The picture of a hundred children, as the name suggests, is a picture composed of nearly a hundred children. The “hundred” here refers to the number of children, so it is also called a picture of a hundred children welcoming blessings, a picture of reunion of a hundred children, and a picture of a hundred children enjoying spring. It has a special meaning in Chinese traditional culture. Since “hundred” has the meaning of greatness or infinity, the good wishes of blessing and congratulations have been brought into play to an extreme state.
The whole work is embroidered with children in each group, ranging from 1 to 6, forming more than 40 scenes. Children play in different ways and look different in each scene. Some fight crickets, play with goldfish, some practice martial arts, wrestle, kick shuttlecock, some climb trees and pick fruits, some stand on benches to pick peaches, some fly kites, play tops, some firecrackers, hide and seek, and some pretend to be teachers The teacher punished the disciples, and some learned Wusong to fight tigers to fight cats… The children’s lively body movements and innocent and cheerful facial expressions during games were vividly displayed in front of us

The ten-mile tower leans against the greenery, and the flowers are deep in the cuckoo. The designer integrated the “hundred flowers” pattern, which means beauty, prosperity, wealth and auspiciousness, into the wedding dress design. The main patterns are peony, lily, geranium, etc. , lily of the valley and other flowers are embellished, which visually presents an elegant and prosperous image. At the same time, when the pattern is laid out, it also emphasizes the beauty of blank space, adding space for imagination.

Phoenix Yu Fei, 翙翙qiyu. Pull blue silk, double-loop knot, lily sideburns cleverly decorated. She is so beautiful, as beautiful as a lyric poem~​​​

The emperor’s coat – known as the ceiling of the dragon and phoenix coats, the red fabric is the bottom, and the embroidery is the emperor of the coat. Gorgeous gold and silver threads are intertwined on red satin to carve dragons and phoenixes, which vividly portrays Chinese colorful civilization and auspiciousness. The tailoring features of Western-style dresses and the embroidery craftsmanship of tide embroidery perfectly interpret grace and luxury…

I want to accompany you to drink some wine at dusk and twilight, and tell you romance and love with sparkling eyes. I want to write a letter at dusk, and send it to you with the afterglow of the sunset and the romance of the Milky Way. Later, you ask me what is romance? My definition is – you….

Late summer and early autumn, harvest happiness, welcome the caress of the breeze, from the heart throbbing to the moving face of admiration for that frown and smile, write the beauty into the annual ring of time~

Lin Shuang – the founder and designer of Fuji Xun’s custom brand. Lin Shuang, who grew up in a courtyard house, has a unique feeling for traditional Chinese culture. With his passion and dedication to Chinese culture and traditional Chinese handicrafts, he founded Teng Xun Custom, a fully handmade custom Chinese clothing brand in Beijing in 2009.

 Fuji Xun Custom is a custom brand that brings together many craftsmen and focuses on creating high-end Chinese clothing. Fuji Xun Custom follows the classic skills of traditional Chinese clothing, and is famous for handmade Chinese wedding dresses, dedicated to “making Chinese wedding dresses worthy of collection”.

 Teng Xun’s custom-made classic works include: hand-embroidered cheongsam, Chinese women’s dresses, Chinese men’s clothing, embroidered shoes with melaleuca soles, hand-embroidered western women’s shoes and handbags. Provide a full range of Chinese clothing matching experience for friends who like Chinese clothing and traditional Chinese weaving and embroidery art.

QIPAO 旗袍 Cheongsam …. In which from historically Shenyang is the birth place of the Qing Dynasty 1636-1912plus ….  In which Qipao is termed for Qing Dynasty Clothing that the Manchu ethnic adoptively wore…… in which the Shenyang Palace Museum was an imperial palace towards two Qing Dynasty emperors. Previously two years ago During the event it which was an eight day forums, with exhibitions also related workshops illustrating the birth place of the Old Capital of Cheongsam where the Qing Dynasty- Qipao was inspired from..  

Before that Shanghai 1930’s Qipao-Cheongsam revolution, the Manchurian Cheongsam was the fashion of choice of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)   throughout as it standardised that style during the dynasty… Replacing the previous clothing standard Han Fu – Han Dynasty clothing style, in which also is form fitting towards the women’s silhouette but with a higher degree of freedom of flare of personal, individual style… 

Qipao-Cheongsam is uniquely hand crafted tailored Chinese dress to the customer’s various measurements… in which you can still have them brought of the rack in which is accustomed to the standard measurements… in which you can tell which is western influenced with the back zipped in which the Eastern traditional Chinese Tailors would have the side zipped of the Qipao dress due it interrupts the flow of the pattern work at the back of the dress..  Also it creates a continuous seamless back look…  after as the measurements are translated drafted onto the silk or the customer desired accustomed fabric of choice, from the measurements book with the associated look of the design elements with additional accessories the sexiness of Qipao lies subtlety.. Measuring, patterning, cutting, and button making are crucial, in where passion and art comes together in tailoring

 In which traditionally Qipao- Cheongsam dresses are worn for from straight forwardly every day towards after work evening wear in without having to change to another set of wardrobe dressing only to accessories for the required occasion… … in which the Qipao dress pattern silhouette is design for the lady’s figure in which accentuating the silhouette without giving away too much of what’s underneath in retaining…. its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy intelligent sophistication in which are easy to be accessorised with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe…

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