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Located in an ancient post-modern Three Thousand plus years old ultra Megatroplis city Xian City, Shaanxi Province – China – People’s Republic of China, 半生缘旗袍定制 Half Life Cheongsam – Xi’an Banshengyuan Clothing Co., Ltd. Innovatingly Post Modern Qipao- Cheongsam located in Southeast corner of Futao Museum, No. 99 Furong West Road, Yanta District, Xi’an located the east entrance opposite Qujiang Book City – Banshengyuan Qipao Living Museum is located in Xi’an. It is a local wedding dress brand. Since its establishment, the brand has been committed to becoming a well-known brand in Xi’an. …. in which innovatively bringing a New Chinese style cheongsam-Qipao high-end brand-Embroiderer…….it is committed to the high-end private specialization of Chinese Shanghai style cheongsam… in which each dress is customised towards the wear’s in which tailoring takes least in between 20-60 days depending on the extremely level of detailing of brocade in which using the most finest heavy silks are hand sewn and crafted …..

Collection 3rd  June 2023 –  6th June 2023

“Ice Blue”
has a touch of cool blue
with a flowing tenderness
as if washed by moonlight, fresh, pleasing, playful
, romantic, and indifferent beauty

Banshengyuan®️ original design “bamboo” element

“Floating clouds condense smoke, sparse knots leave snow and frost”
A cheongsam, with
the charm of bamboo dyed bamboo, light into my heart
Wearing bamboo, the breeze slowly crosses….

Banshengyuan®️ original hand-painted elements..

“Crowning Tingting”
curling Tingting, the beautiful and moving
cherry blossoms are floating, and the cherry blossoms are like snow in the morning and evening
, but the snow can’t describe one ten-thousandth of his demeanor;
the cherry blossoms are like clouds, but the colors are even more evocative.

“Splendid Fate”
Splendid youth, burgundy
is the romance that belongs only to women. Romantic
in temperance,
wishing for vegetation, lowering eyebrows and calmly
wishing for yourself, be kind to the time…

“Sea of ​​Clouds Undyed”
is intellectual, elegant, and still waters run deep.
Wearing all white, quiet and far away.

“Magnolia Pavilion”
is as clean as a lotus and not
dyed as a white cloud, as beautiful as a fairy
, elegant and soft, and the fragrance is far overflowing
from the clothes, graceful and graceful…

“Years · Soft Wind” original imported gold lace cheongsam

“Sea of ​​Clouds Qing Ning”
Waking up in the morning light
and enjoying the breeze in the valley
is the most suitable for wearing white
is a state of mind that is indifferent to the world….

I believe that I
was born like a bright summer flower
that never fades and is as charming as fire.
At every age, I am a flower
full of elegance and tenderness….

Half Life Life|Guest photos share
the beauty of a girl’s life, her body is graceful and beautiful , and more importantly,
she has a soul that is good at thinking…

“Hand-painted Spring”
The dark green cheongsam is
full of retro literature and art. It
is a forest-like green
with a vigorous momentum
and a hope of life.
It can make people feel tranquil and simple,
as gentle as the breeze blowing over the grass, which
makes people unconsciously. Sinking into the color that symbolizes life…

“Zhi Jian”
gray, the most beautiful color is gorgeous
and elegant, but extremely low-key
. Its gorgeousness comes from the indifference and indisputability of washed lead.
Gray is the darkest color and the most dusty color.
It is the boundary of all colors.
Can contain everything, smooth everything but can be stunning and moving
in the right embellishment and always keep a low profile…

“Flowers Blooming on Moshang”
silk jacquard cheongsam dress
must be in love with something
just like time’s love for plants and trees.
When nature looks like art, it is beautiful. At
this moment, the flowers are gentle and the heart is gentle
on the body, which is the time of the collection.

“Indigo Daisy”
Mountain-soaked indigo daisy with smoke in the water, willow swaying flowers
in the verdant and lush colors of the night and day, and the green sash flowing dark
green, with a strong and full vitality, deep and
restrained, full of aura,
dyed with a bit of poetic beauty and vigor….

“Zijin” silk cotton printing and dyeing cheongsam
“Qingqing Zijin, leisurely my heart”
natural color, extracted from vegetation, dyed in the fabric, the
natural poetic
flavor is preserved, and the temperature of handmade
has a sense of tranquility and life
. words, but affection always….

“Smoke and Rain”
rain cloud ash stains the Chinese-style top
with an extra touch of tenderness,
making the already cold and green ash
instantly softer
, elegant and gentle, with a
delicate temperament…..

Banshengyuan®️ designer originally produced

white, which is one of the most minimalist aesthetic colors, and it symbolizes purity, simplicity and elegance. And white fabric is an
indispensable .
It not only has a fashionable appearance, but also can convey a fresh and bright feeling, so that you can feel a little cool in the hot summer.

Banshengyuan®️ designer’s original product
“Deer Drinking Stream”
The valley in midsummer
has green bamboos and clear springs
with thick shades,
a little rest for the soul,
and a heart in the mountains.
There are mountain springs as companions
and deer as friends.

Banshengyuan®️ designer’s original product
is swaying in the shadows of the trees,
and the whole person can’t help but relax along with it, stretching into the most natural and casual appearance
in the summer shade…

Banshengyuan Life|Guest photo sharing

black is a colorful dream, well versed in the embroidered and free
skirt in the cheongsam , it is more suitable for quietness…

Banshengyuan®️’s original design produced
“Burning its Blossoms”
, the peach blossoms, burning its
flower bud sleeves, like the morning sun, the blooming flowers
with a glint of light, burning
the son of its flowers to return home, IKEA has
countless beautiful things and
wishes The future is beautiful and accompanied by
holding the hand of the child, and growing old together with the child….

Banshengyuan®️’s original design produced
spring water is clear in the sky, painting boats listening to rain and sleeping
beside people like moon, bright wrists condensing double snow
pink cheongsam, flower season-like cardamom years
interpret the softness of women….

Banshengyuan®️ original design produced
“Four Seasons Blossoms”
flowers bloom in four seasons,
life is just like delicate pink
, full and beautiful
scenery in four seasons, there is always fragrance

Banshengyuan®️ original design produced
“Listen to the Sea Breeze Cream Blue”
silk jacquard flower buckle cheongsam…

QIPAO 旗袍 Cheongsam …. In which from historically Shenyang is the birth place of the Qing Dynasty 1636-1912plus ….  In which Qipao is termed for Qing Dynasty Clothing that the Manchu ethnic adoptively wore…… in which the Shenyang Palace Museum was an imperial palace towards two Qing Dynasty emperors. Previously two years ago During the event it which was an eight day forums, with exhibitions also related workshops illustrating the birth place of the Old Capital of Cheongsam where the Qing Dynasty- Qipao was inspired from..  

Before that Shanghai 1930’s Qipao-Cheongsam revolution, the Manchurian Cheongsam was the fashion of choice of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)   throughout as it standardised that style during the dynasty… Replacing the previous clothing standard Han Fu – Han Dynasty clothing style, in which also is form fitting towards the women’s silhouette but with a higher degree of freedom of flare of personal, individual style… 

Qipao-Cheongsam is uniquely hand crafted tailored Chinese dress to the customer’s various measurements… in which you can still have them brought of the rack in which is accustomed to the standard measurements… in which you can tell which is western influenced with the back zipped in which the Eastern traditional Chinese Tailors would have the side zipped of the Qipao dress due it interrupts the flow of the pattern work at the back of the dress..  Also it creates a continuous seamless back look…  after as the measurements are translated drafted onto the silk or the customer desired accustomed fabric of choice, from the measurements book with the associated look of the design elements with additional accessories the sexiness of Qipao lies subtlety.. Measuring, patterning, cutting, and button making are crucial, in where passion and art comes together in tailoring

 In which traditionally Qipao- Cheongsam dresses are worn for from straight forwardly every day towards after work evening wear in without having to change to another set of wardrobe dressing only to accessories for the required occasion… … in which the Qipao dress pattern silhouette is design for the lady’s figure in which accentuating the silhouette without giving away too much of what’s underneath in retaining…. its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy intelligent sophistication in which are easy to be accessorised with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe…

Images and visuals are from Weibo also from半生缘旗袍定制 Half Life Cheongsam – Xi’an Banshengyuan Clothing Co., Ltd. located in Southeast corner of Futao Museum, No. 99 Furong West Road, Yanta District, Xi’an (the east entrance opposite Qujiang Book City)

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