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On July 19th 2023 , the multilingual website of the Forbidden City Palace Museum- Beijing, China, People’s Republic of Chinawas officially released at the Digital Cultural Tourism Development Forum of the 2023 China Internet Civilization Conference! The website covers five languages: English, French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish, and will meet the needs of audiences with different languages.

 The multilingual website of the Palace Museum is committed to establishing an international website that is concise, clear, easy to use for overseas audiences, and fits the construction of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, including tour guides, information, panoramic tours, online exhibitions, collection appreciation, cultural topics, etc. Rich immersive content describing of the most detail collection that housed within the Forbidden city collection… . 

Ming Dynasty, Tao Cheng, Toad Palace Jade Rabbit scroll. Tao Cheng (date of birth and death unknown), whose courtesy name was Mengxue, whose first name was Maoxue, and whose name was Yunhushanren, was from Baoying, Jiangsu. He was wild by nature and versatile. The landscapes he painted mostly used green colors, which were bright and lustrous. The bamboos, rabbits and cranes and deer he painted were interesting and had the realistic style of the Song Dynasty. Toad Palace refers to the Moon Palace and is synonymous with the moon. From the poem written by Tao Cheng in the picture, we can see that he is depicting a rabbit looking up at the bright moon in the sky and missing the comfortable life in Toad Palace. For this reason, he specially painted the rabbit raising its front legs as if it were flying to the moon. This detailed depiction not only makes the painting lively and interesting, but also reveals the Jade Rabbit’s eagerness to return to the Toad Palace.

From the Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty, the talc Guanghan Qingjing Seal was used. Talc is a silicate mineral that is soft and smooth. The material is not expensive and is rarely used in seals. Although the toad has a bad image, it symbolizes longevity, so it is also quite popular among people. The seal “Guanghan Qingjing” echoes the toad seal, but it is in the secret palace of the deep palace. Using this as a metaphor will inevitably give  people a sense of resentment.

On the 8th September 2023 The autumn wind is getting colder, and the dew condenses in the cold. The pomegranates are full and ripe. Today 白鹿

During the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty, the red sea-water bathing moon plate was carved. This lacquer plate was made during the Qianlong period. It is engraved with water ripples and the center of the plate is illuminated to represent the full moon. In the middle of the moon, the ocher-colored Jade Rabbit with fine hair scratched out on the yellow paint ground is concentrating on pounding the elixir of eternity under the laurel tree. This is the story of the Jade Rabbit in the Moon Palace in myths and legends. This plate is a masterpiece that combines red and gold lacquer techniques. The bottom of the plate is engraved with the model “Made in the Qianlong Year of the Qing Dynasty” and the name of the “Haiyue Incense Plate”. It is a royal vessel.

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong imperial inscription Chengni set inkstone imitates Song Dynasty Yuantu Dynasty Yuan inkstone. This inkstone is one of the antique clear clay inkstones. It is round in shape, has no inkstone pool on the surface, and is embossed with a jade rabbit and a full moon. A poem inscribed by the emperor is engraved with gold around the edge: “The small round and big round are like the moon, and the jade shape is more pregnant in it. The study room should be in charge of the city, and the promulgated hair can be ruthless in everything?” There are also four words “Qianlong Imperial Inscription” , “Knowing hearts are not far away” seal. On one side of the inkstone is engraved the product name “Imitation Song Dynasty Jade Rabbit Chaoyuan Inkstone”, and on the other side are the words “Chen Zheng Rui Gongjin”. The inkstone comes with a red sandalwood engraved brocade ground cover box, and the name of the product and the name of the tribute are also engraved on the side.
According to the “Xiqing Inkstone Book”, the pattern on the “Jade Rabbit Chaoyuan Inkstone” in the Qing Palace imitated the natural texture on the She inkstone in the Song Dynasty. Its shape can be said to be either a rabbit or a rhinoceros, reflecting the antique style of that time. characteristics of the times. During the Qianlong period, various kinds of antique inkstones were made from Duanshi, Sheshi, Chengni, etc. Among them, the complete sets of antique Chengni inkstones are the most praised.

Images and visuals are from – Forbidden City –Palace Museum Beijing- China –People’s Republic of China…..

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China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is a comprehensive international digital entertainment industry event co-directed by the National Press and Publication Administration and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, organized by China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association and Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. and co-organized by the Administration of Press and Publication of Shanghai Municipality and the People’s Government of Pudong District.

ChinaJoy  2023. The 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) in 2023 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 28 to July 31.

China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (中国国际数码互动娱乐展览会; ‘China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition’), branded as and most commonly known as ChinaJoy, is a digital entertainment expo held annually in Shanghai, China. China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy for short) is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry.

ChinaJoy is held annually in late July in Shanghai, China, a coastal cosmopolitan city with open economy clustered with the most intensive and most international game companies in the country. By selecting this city as its business venue, the organizers have shown their vision and intension to take the geographical advantages of Shanghai as a transport hub of the world, to maximally attract and welcome domestic and overseas spectators and game industry practitioners to come to participate.

ChinaJoy Expo showcases online games, console games, web games, hardware products related to digital entertainment, etc., and is divided into B to C Area and B to B Area.

B to C Area is a comprehensive exhibition area for digital entertainment for the general public, the most popular area amongst game and animation fans at ChinaJoy Expo. It’s the best platform where game companies can directly interact with and conduct demonstrations for game players.

Bringing together brands’ corporation, products, technologies and capital, B to B Area provides comprehensive industrial business services and continues to drive extensive communication and partnership between domestic and foreign game companies in a range of business steps. For example exhibitions, online business matching, investments and financing, which highlighting ChinaJoy’s function and its role in leading and providing growth in the industry.

As one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, China Joy covers digital entertainment fields such as digital games, animation, Internet film and television, Internet music, online literature, e-sports, trendy toys, intelligent entertainment software and hardware, etc. The panorama presents the grand development of the digital entertainment industry driven by new technologies, and fully demonstrates the latest development achievements of the global digital entertainment industry.

2023 is also the 20th anniversary of ChinaJoy. Based on the success of previous ChinaJoy, it will keep pace with the times and be upgraded. The exhibition focuses on the development and improvement of the digital entertainment industry in the era of technological change, and closely combines the strong demand for cross-border integration and development of the industry. After the accumulation of exhibition categories year by year, it has successfully advanced to become a game-based exhibition, covering animation, e-sports, and online literature. , Internet film and television and music, trend culture, intelligent entertainment software and hardware and other related fields of digital entertainment industry international exchange and cooperation platform, focusing on the new digital entertainment ecology of “entertainment + technology” driven by new technology, based on technology Boost the new experience of digital entertainment, grasp the pulse of new technology, and focus on displaying cutting-edge technology and high-quality content products of the digital entertainment industry. Metaverse, 5G, cloud games, AI, VR/AR/XR entertainment products will be presented here!

China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is a comprehensive international digital entertainment industry event co-directed by the National Press and Publication Administration and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, organized by China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association and Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. and co-organized by the Administration of Press and Publication of Shanghai Municipality and the People’s Government of Pudong District.

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荷言旗袍 #荷言HEYEN…. Suzhou Heyan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. In which Heyan cheongsam– China – People’s Republic of China… is located in Suzhou City in which Heyan cheongsam is the first brand of Chinese Su embroidered cheongsam. Adhere to original design, Suzhou embroidery craftsmanship, and manual customization, with traditional culture as the core, and actively promote the Chinese Suzhou style cheongsam…

Shanghai Fashion Week Introduction: From March 23rd to the 30th 2023, the 2023 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week officially kicked off. As the vane of Chinese fashion, Shanghai Fashion Week will stimulate new thinking, open up new models, and explore multi-dimensional experiential shows while creating fashion events in the city of one of the Top world’s International 20 Fashion Capitals .

AW2023 Shanghai Fashion Week SIFS荷言 HEYEN·Wang Jiangnan the 10th Anniversary Show of the brand ended successfully. The stunning moment of the show is the first to watch. It is a dream in ten years of Hard work , and we will try new tease with new fires to inspire.. The theme of this press conference “Wang Jiangnan” is a continuation of the poetic themes of the brand’s previous press conferences such as “Like a Dream”, “Man Ting Fang” and “Lin Jiang Xian”. The meaning of the development process, but also the ambition to keep upright and innovate, and look forward to the future….

The Collection Interprets the beauty of poetic oriental clothing! Heyan·【Wangjiangnan】Integrates poetic and humanistic elements into the design, creates a new aesthetic trend of contemporary national style clothing, and writes a new chapter in oriental clothing culture.

The 10th anniversary show of the brand “Wang Jiangnan” “Poetic New National Style”
Every piece of clothing returns to the “real wear” itself’s  exquisite Sugong intangible cultural heritage skills, such as Xiangyun yarn, Luo, Song brocade, etc. The use of traditional silk fabrics, workplace goddess suits, retro dresses, cheongsam light dresses…provide another possibility for contemporary intellectual women to dress…..

The 10th anniversary show of the brand “Wang Jiangnan” “A woman’s growth epic” is
a hidden Easter egg of this show. We invited female customers of different ages to participate in the interpretation of “A woman’s growth epic” , from childhood, girlhood, stepping into the workplace, the moment of marriage, to the whole life course of being with your lover, the national style clothing throughout is not only a language carrier, but also a family inheritance, culture .

Images and visuals are from their respectives 荷言旗袍 #荷言HEYEN…. Suzhou Heyan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. In which Heyan cheongsam

#中國 #中華人民共和國 #China #PeoplesRepublicOfChina #4KHDR #CitywalkingTour | #WalkEast #March2023 |#上海 [4K HDR] Shanghai March 2023 Driving Tour, The Most Developed City in China….

Love Shanghai, love the city and love Lujiazui!

Lujiazui is Shanghai’s glitzy financial district, known for futuristic skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower, with its lofty observation deck, and the needle-like Oriental Pearl TV Tower, home to the Shanghai Municipal History Museum.

The area is also noted for its luxe-hotel nightlife, with European fine dining, stylish bars and posh dance clubs offering panoramic views.

Lying on the east bank of Huangpu River and facing the Bund, Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone occupies 28 square kilometers (10.8 square miles) and is studded with around 100 high-rise buildings.

Many are landmark buildings of Shanghai, making the area a great place to experience the modern flavor of this metropolis.

Often called the ‘Wall Street of China’, Lujiazui is the largest financial zone in mainland China, with more than 400 banks and financial institutions from both home and abroad, including HSBC, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank.

In addition, it is home to the headquarters of over 70 international giants and about 5,000 companies engaged in trade, investment, and intermediary services. The sum of transactions in the Shanghai stock market ranks it the 2nd in the world only behind the New York Stock Exchange.

Since the reform and opening-up policy carried out in 1978, Shanghai has enjoyed a great economic boom, and Lujiazui is gradually becoming more widely known. However, few know the origin of the name (Lu Jia Zui in Chinese), which literally means Lu family dwelling on a mouth-shaped alluvial beach.

In fact, the name is associated with Lu Shen, a noted scholar of Imperial Academy in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). After Lu retired, he lived on this land until his death. Today, you can still find Lu Shen’s calligraphy in Shanghai Museum. His former residence and family cemetery are located in this area.

In Lujiazui, the charm of the city as an international metropolis is unfolded to the largest degree. One can admire the modern skyscrapers along Binjiang Avenue as well as various buildings of different architectural styles across the Huangpu River.

The four tallest landmarks of the city – the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower are constructed next to each other. When night comes, all the buildings are decorated with shining colorful lights, presenting a gorgeous scene before your eyes. The Bund, facing this financial zone across the river, is the most wonderful place to enjoy the night view.

Oriental Pearl Tower Oriental Pearl Tower, measuring 468 meters (1,536 feet) in height, has three viewing floors. An exhibition hall, demonstrating the history of the city, is at the base of the tower. The lower sphere has a viewing hall at a height of 90 meters (295 feet), providing a wonderful position to see the Bund and the graceful scenery along the Huangpu River. Visitors can also have a panoramic view of the whole city on the transparent observatory at 259 meters (850 feet) or the Capsule Sightseeing Floor at 351 meters (1,152 feet).

Jin Mao Tower Jin Mao Tower, with a height of 420.5 meters (1,380 feet), is also a good place to view the city. The superfast elevator takes only 45 seconds to take visitors from the basement to the viewing hall on the 88th floor, providing visitors magnificent metropolitan cityscapes along Huangpu River, and views of the distinctive rosy dawn and sunset.

Shanghai World Financial Center As the tallest flat-roof building in the world, it is 492 meters (1,614 feet) high with 101 stories. Sightseeing area occupies storeys from the 94th to the 100th floor. The viewing hall on the 100th floor is at a height of 474 meters (1,555 feet). The sightseeing bridge on the 97th floor seems to be constructed in the air. It would give you an illusion that you are wandering in the sky.

Shanghai Tower At present, it is the tallest building in China, measuring 632 meters (2,073 feet) in height. The exterior of the building spirals upward to the top with one degree twist per storey to reduce the wind effect.

Walk East | Max Channel is about his walking, driving, riding running around views of China – People’s Republic of China  sharing his immersive experiences in his video hope you could have a pure view about China today, sharing  some 4K UHD videos to show pure China daily scenes for you…. BEST VIEWED ON 2160px60 with the volume up for immersive immersion..

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Its 31s December 2022 almost midnight crossing towards Hours Beijing time during counting down towards the new years on Shanghai, China –People’s Republic of China. In which most of the Covid-19 restrictions have been moderately lessen to a modest level in which now people across China can now travel throughout the Country to Celebrate the New Year of 2023 also the 2023 Chinese Lunar New Years of the Rabbit.. The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, marks the transition of the Chinese zodiac sign from one animal to the next. 2023 sees in the Year of the Rabbit, which begins on January 22. In Chinese culture, the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope…..

Countdown to 2023 on the Bund, Shanghai Happy New Year!  新年倒计时 上海外滩 新年快乐

Walk the Bund from 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve 2022 until the New Year.

New Year’s Day, 2023, walking 10 minutes before sunrise.

Shanghai after New Year holidays. Walking in the center of Lujiazui and the shopping area around Yaohan Department Store Featuring The Center of Lujiazui 陆家嘴中心区, Century Avenue 世纪大道, The shopping area around Yaohan Department Store 八佰伴周围的购物区….

Shanghai on the first Sunday after New Year holidays. Walk along East Nanjing Road, the Bund and the North Bund.  Featuring East Nanjing Road 南京东路, The Bund 外滩, North Bund 北外滩

Rec Shanghai is about his walking, driving, riding running around views of China – People’s Republic of China sharing his immersive experiences in his video hope you could have a pure view about China today, sharing some 4K UHD videos to show pure China daily scenes for you I shoot in Shanghai and other locations in China. Let’s walk around China together… BEST VIEWED ON 2160px60 with the Volume turned on way up for immersiveness immersion…