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Kevin James Ng lives and work in Auckland New Zealand presently soon to be working and living in Hong Kong SAR – China – People’s Republic of China. Uber Nerdy plus-Geeky, by day also too into Also into gadgets, designing, researcher, photographer, science Technology sci-fi, online gaming reviewing Star Trek Starships, Chinese fashion for Qipao- Cheongsams and Hanfu Han Traditional Clothing culture  Chinese Culture  , fashion designing, fashion blogger founder for Luna Crescent media….  

Previously astronomy retiremently from Auckland’s Observatory . Kevin also a previously periscope broadcaster.. periscope as well, like Periscoping the Moon Luna Chang’e when it’s around also other events, things that he encounters in his adventures through Time and Space….

Works Featured on:

New Zealand herald – Lunar Eclipse- photo

TVNZ one news Red moon glows in rare lunar eclipse- photo

TV3 3news Luna eclipse visible to few-photo

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