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“尘缘 Divine Density ” is directed by Zheng Weiwen , co-directed by Liu Chongchong , starring Angelababy and Ma Tianyu , starring Xuan Lu and Wang Zhuocheng , Ding Qiao , Xu Lin , Hu Wenzhe , Wang Ruizi , Zhang Song , Liu Xiangjing , Gao Liang , Zhang Beibei , Wang Haixiang , He Jianze , Mengqin , Li Yuyang starred, Zhang Guoqiang , Zheng Xiyi special starred, Zhu Yongteng , Li Yanan special starred, Liu Qiaofang , Hai Yitian starred in a costume drama .       The play will be broadcast on iQiyi on July 2, 2023 .

This play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Yan Yu Jiangnan, “Dust Fate”. It tells the story of Zhang Yinyin, a bright and unrestrained elder sister of the Xixuan School, who goes down the mountain and “abducts” Ji Ruochen, a counterfeit immortal who wants to cultivate immortals, and wants to take him to start cultivating immortals . However, the defense was broken because the other party snatched the top spot on the Qingyun list. The two started the story of falling in love with each other, turning into foxes for love, deep in sadomasochistic love, and finally joined hands to save the common people of the world.


Orphan Ji Ruochen was mistaken for the inheritor of the immortal world because he mistakenly wore a bluestone that contained immortal power, and was finally accepted as a closed disciple by Ziwei, the head of the Xixuan School. On Xixuan Mountain, after unremitting efforts, Ji Ruochen quickly took on the important task of rebuilding the world of cultivating immortals. After the Xixuan School passed the university entrance examination, Gu Qing gradually developed a crush on Ji Ruochen because of Fang Qingshi, and the two soon fell in love. This makes Zhang Yinyin, the junior sister who has always had a crush on Ji Ruochen, heartbroken. In a rage, she worships Tianhu as her teacher, and wants to learn Tianhu art to win back her love. After learning that the Lord of the Nine Nethers caused disasters to the Zhongwu Kingdom, Ji Ruochen and Zhang Yinyin were ordered by their teachers to go down the mountain to save the common people. On the way, Ji Ruochen was trapped in Luo Ranshan because of rescuing Qingyi. Fortunately, Gu Qing gave up his life to save him from danger. After this battle, his childhood sweetheart finally lost to love at first sight. Soon, Luo Feng, the owner of Qingshi, joined forces with the Lord of Jiuyou to harm Ji Ruochen in order to avenge his love. In the end, Ji Ruochen united forces from all factions, defeated Luo Feng and sealed the Lord of Nine Serenity. While benefiting the people of one side, it also brought long-term peace for Zhongwu Kingdom…

[ Zhang Yinyin ]  played by杨颖 Angela –Yang Ying Yuen Wing , the bright and flamboyant senior sister of the Xixuan sect, Disciple of Daodezong, Zhang Jingxiao’s daughter, and Ji Ruochen’s childhood sweetheart, have paid for him several times. In the end, there was a child beside Ji Ruochen.

楊穎 Angelababy (Yang Ying -Yuen Wing ), born in Shanghai on February 28, 1989 (one said it is Hong Kong  SAR, China, People’s Republic of China )  , is a Chinese film and television actress and fashion model.

In 2003, Angelababy debuted as a model. Since then, she has emerged in Hong Kong as a fashion model. In 2007, he began to shift his focus to the big screen. In 2011, she acted as the heroine for the first time in the romance film “Summer Joy ”   . In 2012, won the Most Watched Actress Award at the 13th Chinese Film Media Awards with the romance film “The First Time ” . In 2013, she and three other female artists were selected as the new “Four Little Stars “by” Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly ” ; in the same year, she also completed her screen debut ” The Song of Love in the Cloud “. 

In 2014, she began to win widespread attention with the reality show ” Run, Brother ” ; in the same year, she also won the Most Popular Actress Award at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival  for her role in the costume film ” Di Renjie: The Dragon King of God “. In 2015, the box office of the adventure film ” Ghost Blowing the Lantern: Finding the Dragon ” starring her exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, and she also won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 33rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards for this film  . In 2017, the costume drama “A Lonely Beauty Don’t Admire Itself” starring in it won the national ratings champion of TV dramas at the same time . In 2020, she starred in the romance film ” Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” ; in the same year, she was included in the Forbes China Celebrity List for the eighth time and ranked 16th……    

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#如懿傳 #延禧攻略 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – Story of Yanxi Palace | #TelevisionWardrobe – Traditional Hangzhou West Lake #ChineseSilkUmbrellas……..

Empress Ula Nara Ruyi (乌拉那拉•如懿) 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace- Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799)

When you watched through the various scenes of the two Qing Dynasty based television series that was broadcast this year of 2018, in which set in the middle of the Qing Dynasty period of 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace- Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799)  the fourth Qing Dynasty Emperor in which the fifth followed in the series of 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace Yongzheng Emperor (13 December 1678 – 8 October 1735)  in which are the most watched series in the Asian Communities globally….. in which both storylines carried onward respectively of each other..

Among both series, there was one continuous uses of a timeless wardrobe accessory among many that story tells the scene is the umbrella, in which is an Chinese invention in which was constantly used in everyday life also beyond today, in which was constantly used in rainy, snowing scenes in 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace also 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace within, and outside of the palaces of the Forbidden City, During those time periods of Qing Dynasty and before…….

Chinese Traditional umbrellas are made out from forest bamboo’s found exploring to find which trunk is the best to craft out from. In which finding that best bamboo to craft out from is an art form to which Master Silk Umbrella craftsman Song Zhiming has been making Silk Umbrella for more than a few decade now.. In which he uses the finest silk obtained from his Home city Hangzhou also the Embroidery aswell to transplant craft fully onto the Bamboo framed umbrella in which is crafted to open the ribs with steel wires to join the bamboo frames together..

Chinese Traditional silk Umbrellas comes in two parts the bamboo, also the silk, embroidery silk that forms the artwork canopy shade of the Umbrella.  The Bamboo is sourced from it natural environment in which grade is best to use to crafted out from.. With the traditional tools that been used for many thousands of years ago with modern tools to hand craft the details..  The secondary part is the Silk or with fine silk or embroidery. In which is bound by glue, proxy onto the bamboo canopy rib frame works then its’ dried out, traditionally in which this case a dried hot iron does the work. But in traditional methods a small pot of amberic coal that forms the iron helps to dry out the glue, binding the silk to the bamboo frame stronger, with additional frame work to strengthen the canopy..  in which does the applications of protectively sheltering from the rain, sunshine.. In which is the designated function of an elegant hand carried artwork that accessorize your wardrobe..

Traditionally hand crafting the Silk Bamboo Umbrellas is the Master Silk Umbrella craftsman Song Zhiming has been making Silk Umbrella for more than a few decade now.. In which he uses the finest silk obtained from his Home city Hangzhou.. in which he’s also the representative inheritor of China’s intangible cultural heritage in which his art works in creating hand Crafting West lake  Silk Bamboo Umbrellas founded him Song Zhiming’s Xihu Silk Umbrella Skills Master Studio, in developing a factory studio to hand craft  to catering towards international and local domestic fashion..  With the traditional embroidery silk, or the non-traditional silk with the same craftsmanship to cater for a modest tier market in which will gather more sales due that the frabic is rain proof than the traditional one in which decorative to shade out from sunlight…. The ones that are traditional canopies ones are rainproof is made out from a mixture of oil layered lacquer hemp paper interwoven so it can be used in rain…

#COSPLAY #AUCKGEDDON |2017 #Armageddon #Auckland- A Gallery


Recently during the last biweekly of October 2017, during a rained in Labour Day weekend in Yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand in which it sits during in between the 20th to 23rd October 2017 in which the one of major events in Auckland is Auckland Armageddon is currently held in Greenlane at the ASB Expo and Pavilion Center … previously in held at Aotea Square in which they switched towards a more open space …..

Armageddon Auckland is one of many Armageddon sci-fi Comic Conventions that’s happening on a smaller scale to Hong Kong’s Ani-Com and Games as to the larger scale conventions Comic Con in between from San Diego to New York’s Comic Con also other various larger scale Comic Con’s in the United States…

Classic Thunderbirds inspired Cosplay is Lily Simpson is also her brother in with Thunderbird two

As one parts of any forms of Comic Con is the Cosplay in where fandom share their borderless passions in costume playing their character stories that they inspired from, in which during the four days of Armageddon… Armageddon’s Cosplay this year has been great in which some of the Cosplay’s are handcrafted from using the traditional materials from sewing the cosplaying wardrobes, paper Mache wire frame construction towards armouring or constructing in various props on so many layers skill set levels  to there’s nothing wrong in purchasing that particular Cosplay wardrobe from an online store.. .    Or toward home-grown made last minute Cosplay’s…

Apart from the wet labour weekend it hasn’t stop cosplaying in the rain in walking in between the halls of the ASB Expo Pavilion, in which most of the Cosplaying events have been indoors within the halls apart from the is it in the clear yet when its only gotten cloudy rather been raining.. Apart being from raining most of the cosplayers have made their own panels in discussions of the their passions in how they constructed, what inspired their Cosplay wardrobe creations, in what overcoming there challenges in increasing, learning skillsets also sharing their what they know….

WINDOW SHOPPING – #Auckland | Newmarket- Nuffield street – January 2017

Nuffield street is located in in the Side street of Newmarket in Auckland, just parallel to Broadway street the very road that connected to another section of a shopping village township in Parnell.. Nuffield Street is very distinctively unique built like 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica, but with a cosy street side urbanity community appeal…in which Nuffield Street Caters among with fine dining to your traditional eateries in which caters from morning breakfast, Lunch, dinner or just after back to work offering some relax  quite street atmosphere away from main street Broadway ..

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Nullified street, it’s location where it’s used to be the industrial side of Newmarket, in which was later converted into office, shops, cafe’s restaurants and residential in the recent two decades..  in which creating Its very own village atmosphere… fashion wise it’s can be describe like a smaller version of Britomart.. But with known local and international brands… such as in which along the street with

Karen Walker, Alannah Hill, Karen Millen, Stolen Girlfriends club, Superette, Witchery, Gorman... plus many more store to accessories your purchase or your current wardrobe for the season…


#COSPLAY | 2016 ARMOGEDDON AUCKLAND photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016-C for Luna crescent

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Armageddon Auckland usually sits in Auckland once every year, now this year it sits twice a year for now, this year is one has been organised for during early of the year at Armageddon Manukau, south of Auckland.. As to the current one that’s been now it’s traditional sits on Labour weekend.. In between 21st to 24th October 2016… Also I’ve notice this year it’s been lighter judging from the number of people attending the final day on Monday and Friday that’s given…

Coplay this year, has been interesting having been to this year’s Armageddon Auckland of two days, Friday and Monday…  noting mostly of everyone of one them have been very awesomely brilliantly innovative to what they portraying there character’s story in.. Every single genre… Some of the cosplay was delicately handmade, some are very budget made but still looks great in innovation creatively.. this year it’s been a very diversity of mixture.. From Comic, gaming towards movies, to the classic television series likes of Manga, and anime, in the most recent have been Marvel,  DC Comics, also the CW Television defy to dare superheroes Tuesday, in mostly Star Wars is the winning providing  the abundances of  Harry Potter’s series Hogwarts students presiding over there chosen house robes,  what is interesting amazing that the cosplay community in New Zealand is awesome how they work in supporting, learning from each other..