On  a very clear wonderful elegant beautiful 12th January 2022 week  in which following  Least  than a month time 4 February 2022 is the Beijing winter Olympics  in which  The Capital of China – People’s Republic of China –  万多洛云大美京城  In Beijing in winter, the clouds in the sky are like blooming hibiscus flowers, which …

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Four years of light and shadow circulation, five years of prosperity……  古宫新事 the fifth episode will be released soon. We will go to the annual appointment in the 601 year old Forbidden City – Beijing –China – People’s Republic of China , within the Forbidden City  the Awaitingly opening renovated –restoration of  養心殿Hall of Yangxin to …

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On the 22 November 2021 10:34 today, we welcome 小雪  in which as wintery season settle in for China –People’s Republic of China as cold air descends for the twentieth solar term Xiaoxue in which begins today in which during this time the North-western winds usually frequents the Ancient Post Modern civilisation Continent that is China- …

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梦华录 Meng Hualu or known as Dream Hualu 2021, written on a theme premise on period drama with strong Feminine inspirationally characters in which the production finished its production and post-production on August 2021 month at the world’s largest filming production studio Hengdian – Dongyang- Zhejiang Province –China – People’s Republic of China. 梦华录 Meng …

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On the 31st October 2021 Sunday week it’s Autumn in the Forbidden City palace – Beijing –China- People’s Republic of China, in which it has been with beautiful blue skies with Chinese Painting white Clouds storytelling Beijing Ancient postmodern megatroplis city scape…  along the 601 year old Forbidden city is looking from inside of the …

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Located in an ancient post-modern Three thousand years old ultra Megatroplis city Beijing City, Capital of  China – People’s Republic of China, 茧迹原创礼服定制 Cocoon – Beijing Yuji Fashion Design Co in which Cocoon trace original dress customization: No. D05, Zhongyi Street, 798 Art District, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing …. Innovatingly Post Modern Qipao- Cheongsam …. in …

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In this year’s 2021, the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the OX, marking its six hundred and one year’s anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the …

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On the early month of September 2021, it was the International Service Trade Fair 2021… The 2021 Service Trade Fair has come to an end. During the exhibition from September 3rd to 7th, the digital palace exhibition area provided a large number of visitors with browsing, explanation and experience services. From the immersive VR digital …

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On the 6th September 2021 Monday Forbidden City – Beijing- China- People’s Republic of China, it’s here The 2022 “Forbidden City Calendar” the official launch of conference will be held on the 6th September 2021  at Jianfu Palace of the Forbidden City Palace Museum. An official MV “Forbidden City Time”, composed by a professional team …

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On the week of 23rd Monday August 2021 it rained over the more than Three thousand year old  the Ancient – present post Ultra- Modern megatroplis  Capital , Beijing China – People’s Republic of China in which it rained that week in which it washed in bringing clear blue skies.. In which on the 24th …

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