During the month of September 2022 it was Beijing Fashion week 2022 in which is stage on multiple locations around Beijing’s cultural international landmarks from September 15th towards 22th 2022 featuring also Digital fashion shows to debut this year will allow audiences to enjoy virtual exhibits and digital artworks.  As an important part of Beijing …

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荷言旗袍 #荷言HEYEN…. Suzhou Heyan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. In which Heyan cheongsam– China – People’s Republic of China… is located in Suzhou City in which Heyan cheongsam is the first brand of Chinese Su embroidered cheongsam. Adhere to original design, Suzhou embroidery craftsmanship, and manual customization, with traditional culture as the core, and actively promote the …

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It’s Mid-Autumn Day 2022 its Evening Beijing time during this month week of the Shanghai Walking through Shanghai in during the…. Yuyuan Garden Station 豫园站Yuyuan Tourist Mart 豫园商城, To Huangpu River 前往黄浦江, Huangpu River 黄浦江, The Bund 外滩, East Nanjing Road 南京东路….. Yuyuan Garden Station 豫园站 -= Subway station in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, People’s …

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In this year’s 2022, the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the Tiger, marking its six hundred and two years anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the …

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2022北京广播电视台Beijing Radio and Television Mid-Autumn Festival Gala!  Official Channel of Beijing Radio and Television Station Celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival The bright moon is in the sky, with relatives and friends on the side. Sing and dance, spend the festival together. #Beijing Taichung Autumn Party Wonderful look ahead! There are wonderful singing voices, beautiful and soft …

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It’s Sunday 10th July 2022 its 1310 afternoon Beijing time during this month week of the Shanghai in summer Walking through Shanghai in over 40 degrees Celsius, I saw my Sony a7sIII camera’s overheat alert for the first time. This summer is crazy walking route….. Taikoo Li Qiantan 前滩太古里, To the Huangpu River 前往黄浦江, Along …

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Currently on the now it’s the 1st September 2022, for the up-coming event for the Mid-Autumn festival in which set on the Saturday 10th September 2022. The exhibition “Seeing the Heart of Heaven and Earth – Chinese Study’s Intentions and Images” will be on display at the Meridian Gate Exhibition Hall of the Palace Museum …

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It’s Thursday28th July 2022 its 1800 evening Beijing time during the evening rush hour Shanghai in summer. Walking along my favorite walking route, Walking from The INLET 今潮8弄, North Sichuan Road 四川北路, Kunshan Huayuan Road 昆山花园路, North Sichuan Road 四川北路, Yuyuan Garden Area 豫园地区, Old residential area 居民区, Business Area 商业区, West bank of the …

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The night of February 6, 1933, Beiping- Peking- Beijing, the Forbidden City Gate of Supreme Harmony in the Place Museum, 13,427 boxes of cultural relics were in full order, ready for the southward salvage campaign. In 2017, a secret stop on the southbound migration of cultural relics of the Forbidden City — Chongqing Andersen Firm, …

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On the last episode of the迷航昆侖墟 Lost in The Kunlun Mountains, Episode 36, Chinese Actress钟楚曦ZhongChuxi Elaine Zhong  whom casted as the leading as Wu Shuang  wears a beautiful white silk Qipao with Chinese Art Deco ribbon horizon stripes with a sweet delicate shoulders lacy short sleeves with flair.. 钟楚曦ZhongChuxi  Elane Zhong is an actress from …

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