As “The New Zealand World of Wearable Arts” approaches onwards on 22 September towards 8th October 2016… located at TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, and Wellington in where the Wearable Art Awards are secondary held at previously it was held at Nelson then moved Onwardly Wellington..

The Wearable Arts Awards, is based on creatively, innovation, inspiration on Fashion on using materials that you take from various resources to construct a story of that creation in the various categories that presented, in those sections of Wellington Airport Aotearoa, Bizarre Bra, American, Express open, Creative Excellence, Weta Workshop Costume and Film Section Baroque/ Rococo Period, Avant Grade then Performance Art Section……

There’s one industrial designer Dylan whom was approached by Air New Zealand...  To breaking those boundaries in creativity in traveling from places to places, from Dunedin to in where he absorb the architecture in taking photography, scans of the Gothic nature of the place then processing the collection then bending it into the design process..  then going towards New Plymouth where taking the inspiration of the nature of forestry environment.. in where nature inspiration comes  colours, the  various  nature textures into the Garment ..  In where he takes the two dimensional scan then process creativity on technology to fashion into a garment………in which should be reveal in the Wearable Art Awards..

This years “ Neiman Marcus- September 2016 Look book collection” is inspired by Fine Arts, in which the northern hemisphere is heading into the Fall/ Winter season slipping into a whirl wind of colors and patterns with strong pastel colors helps to warmly brighten up the wintery season..  Featuring romantically the deco of glamour from the 1920 also today’s modern 1960’s’s slight bohemian styling with velvet silk intentions as this collection is gearing up for winter, there’s a lot of patterns of patch work, beading lacey embroideries with metallic inspired pieces from various Fine Arts in this collection

BLACK MILK CLOTHING - galaxy-purple-skater-dress

BLACK MILK CLOTHING – galaxy-purple-skater-dress


BLACK MILK CLOTHING | galaxy-rainbow-long-sleeve-skater-dress

BLACK MILK CLOTHING | galaxy-rainbow-long-sleeve-skater-dress


Orthough winter season as already arrived for the northern hemisphere as Spring for the southern, also wearing black is still the classic go to colour in keep warm for the winter also spring that it absorbs most of the sun’s heat radiation, Orthough the colour is monochromatic but it wearing a black dress can be a blank canvas among like the white.. so why not add a mixture of Galaxy theme colours to the mix to brighten up the less sunlight wintery days … in which “Black Milk Clothing” has done with the Galaxy theme skater dresses.. With NASA- JPL- CATECH astrophotography of the Orion Nebula in the Orion Constellation imprinted onto the dress fabric before assembly one is of Horse Head Nebula, also of the Orion Nebula itself about 1300 light years ago back in time…  Both Skater dresses are reversible to wear either in with the scoop top or racer front…   best accessorized with worn with boots in either various knee length sizes, sneakers for that casual everyday wear for evenings as with coloured theme jacket for warm as too with for wintery warmth black hosiery or tights..

Each Skater dress is Composition: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
Washing: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colours…Homemade sewn – Australia

STAR TREK – THINK GEEK | the next Generation Bluetooth –Combadge – A must have techie fashionable accessory…….

STAR TREK – THINK GEEK | the next Generation Bluetooth –Combadge – A must have techie fashionable accessory…….

Given that you’ve already have a “ZOMM” in which is a portable Bluetooth speaker device for your iPhone, or android device, that clip on to your clothing, jacket, that also its external audio speaker as well.. then available from the month of November 2016 is the “Star Trek – The Next Generation Bluetooth Combadge” is one of most elegant sort after techie fashionable accessory to wear every day/night with either with/out uniform using magnets to holding clip in place on your dress, shirt, or top or have it sitting on top of a desk accessorizing your work space..

The Bluetooth TNG Combadge, studio accurate to the television and the movie props that they used during the series… it attachment wireless linked to you device via Bluetooth, with a built in microphone, speaker so you can be hand free while on whatever your away mission is..  Once paired with your device with one touch like the standard Starfleet Combadge you can answer, replies to your hails that you receive… as you go by on your away mission listen you can one touch to pause, play music.. Call Siri or Google Now on what type of inquiry you have in mind… afraid thou LCARS is not yet available yet..  Also it makes that classic TNG super cute chirping sound once activated…

Orthough the Standard Starfleet version has a much better battery life; this one is ten hours depending on user usage with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery… Also it has a noise ratio of least eighty decibels with pretty good modest audio speaker frequencies between 200Hz-20 KHz…

Also you can do -don’t forget to sign off, “[Your name here] out.” on the com badge..

As autumn – winter already arrived for the Northern Hemisphere 2016, so is the “Shanghai Tang Autumn/ winter 2016 collection” in which features a black warmth absorbing canvas with vibrate colours to blighting up the …  wintery season.. The collection features mostly of Shanghai Tang’s signature Qipao’s in for every day, work wear to evening wear.. This season has an Asian, Tibetan, Mongolian ethnic with vibrate colours hand embroidery assents, with colours of dark jade, midnight blues, Malbec reds.. Palette this season collection with elegant ready to wears will easily prepare for you for any occasion with various layering for warmth for the season… the collection is very ethnically story telling of Tibetan, Mongolian nomadically bohemian with glamour   to it has you seen in various traditional Mongolian traditional women and men wear too with storytelling patterns for that simple, elegantly cut for various adventuring occasions..

With Yue Hang, Svetla B. with Jessica O., Nan Fu-Long and Tim..

Art Direction – Jane Lombard

Photographer, Olivia Tsang

Video, Yip Ko

STAR TREK-ANOVOS -Gold Bubble Constitution class Enterprise theme white dress will easily accessories to any colours in your wardrobe like a canvas..

“Anovos” has recent release some new fashionable sleeveless dresses lately… with the classic TOS- the Original series in mind, both dresses have that all classic timeless everyday A line silhouette with flowy skirt in which easily match your wardrobe with accessorizing Summery jackets, in either pair of sneakers, boots, or for the evening heels…In which the Constitution class Enterprise theme dress will definitely match your wardrobe with that classic whites as your basic canvas to paint what colours that you like wear with it….in with a TOS themed bag, purse to match..  Both A-Line dresses are composited in eighty percent polyester, twenty percent Lycra mix ……..

STAR TREK-ANOVOS -Gold Bubble Dress – City on the Edge forever A-line dress, elegantly silhouette —

City on the Edge forever A-line dress, elegantly silhouette with the TOS Enterprise crew in that episode  travelling in critically back in time in where it written by Harlan Ellison.. With originally art work on the dress telling that story by Juan Ortiz in which both dresses a created by Gold Bubble for Anovos…

During “New Zealand fashion week 2016”  “Knufermann” was featured during that week in show casing their newest collection for 2017 as it showcase during that week in which two occasions in two of its stores in 25 August 2016 at 104 FANSHAWE ST – AUCKLAND CENTRAL, also at the location of the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre where on 26th August 2016- Runway Fashion Lunch- The Flooring Foundation Runway also at the same venue on 28th August 2016 is Ponsonby Presents …. One part of its collection was shown in the last show…. Featuring gorgeous elegant styles that could accompany any wardrobe occasions for everyday wear…

As summer is around the corner nearly for the Southern Hemisphere, as Eyewear is just important for summer in for eye protection as well as the summery sunlight begins to lengthen….  As for current trend is larger frames for getting for protecting the eyes from the sun..  This year’s 2016/2017” Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s eyewear collection” shooting features Actress, singer, Dancer, Daughter of Actor Will Smith-  Willow Smith  wearing Chanel’s simple larger classical frame  spectacle  in which accommodating  with confidences within to accessories any occasion of wardrobe..

Title: Apple Cherry
Performed by NAO
Label: 2015 Little Tokyo Recordings
With the authorization of Sony Music France

WINDOW SHOPPING –AUCKLAND - | August 2016- TK-KNUEFERMANN - @LunaCrescent-photographer @KevinJamesNg

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once located in between Vulcan lane, and High Street in Central Business Auckland, is “TK-KNUEFERMANN with its of its foot traffic walk stopping window displays of its elegant gorgeous singular displaying a single dress of its collection is always the center of attraction as you noticeable stopped by it while you either walk on the footpaths of High street or as you walk upwards from Queens street onto Vulcan Lane as making itself mysterious exclusive with its basement store in which during too and after work is my constant window shopping haunt besides to Kate Sylvester that used to resided on the same street… Now days are TK-KNUEFERMANN, has remarkably grown in strength with its recently new flagship store in 104 FANSHAWE ST in Auckland Central… Among with its recently open in the new trendy hipstery neighborhood of TK – 50 BROWN ST in PONSONBY Auckland….

TK’s collection is elegantly classic also timeless, that it’ll always matches you wardrobe perfectly with dresses, suiting, casual, ready to wear easily accessible from work to evening wear with a few accessories of your own to individualize as your own… as there collection is made in New Zealand  which means its uniquely  original……  Also in store they have numerous items as given that your in have a busy lifestyle in between work and life, their range can cater to that to with ready to wear range from dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, lingerie, accessories footwear also their resort range….

Their store is gorgeous warm an inviting like you’re in your walk in wardrobe in your own home, with its timber, industrial beam construction, with homely cozily brick walls with lots of natural light from the Waitemata Harbour…also you can find them on their socials on – TK-KNUEFERMANN Facebook, also their Instagram where the show their elegant pieces of their collection..

Featuring on the “Nordstrom” the best ready to wear collection for the Fall 2016 collection Nordstrom’s vice president also Fashion Director Jeffery Kalinsky creates a curated look book for the collection.. Featuring with ready to wear, with accessories with shoes, handbags, also jewellery …. The collection is dedicated to coming season of Fall, also winter, also as yet retaining style, but keeping warm as to given the fabrics used in the collection of utilizing various combinations of wool, silks,  viscose,  elastane. While the collection is in with palette in natural of white, blacks, grey, it has the sense with vibrancy of colours in brightens up the fall wintery days and nights …… also featuring as part of the collection is the set design, designed, produced collaboration art Architecture from Brooklyn’s Snarkitecture….

The Designer look book collection features designers…

Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Erdem, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham with many more.


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