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Winters here in Auckland, with mostly around, retail wise is mostly sales, as the mainstream stores are trying to off sell most of the Autumn and winter season clothing of 2016 slight bit early, also it’s one of the best time to warm up with an edgy cosy wardrobe for the winter season…

This winter’s season colors, have been with whites, blacks, grey with natural tones of red, blues, earthly browns with some brightened color shades of warm purple line greens.. With strong warm fabrics to keep you warm for the winter’s season…


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Given that you love Felicia Day’s the guild, then “AFK” in which is the is the darker tones of that series, where it explores what happen if you’re pulled into your in game character-avatar and universe… in this the a group of misadventure group of gamers is formed whom woken up in there in game avatars whom explore the world also taken beyond their limits as they work together…

In this AFK is doing a series of how do’s on creating there wardrobe in creating the armor plating, adding the filigree detailing to the Worbla, where you get a sheet of embossed adhesive filigree on that section of armor.. where it’s glued then it’s dried,  spray painted on to give that metallic undertones then coat with other layers of paint with serval other metallic tones, then picking up the highlights on creating that part of armor ..


Or though “Chanel” as release the Horogerie Collection, in which one dress series was the Mademoiselle Prive’ series in which is designed for occasionally dress wear, but for everyday practically wear, the Boyfriend watch is more of that workable nine to after fives, in which its sleek ribbon style  with is slim protective rectangular style bezel..

The Boy-Friend comes in two sizes, in small, medium or large rectangular size bezels in either with in eighteen carat white or yellow gold bezel case, with sixty white brilliance diamonds at .02 carats..  in terms with everyday wear, it’s  water resistances to thirty meters water resistance.. Meaning it you caught in the rain with it, you’re okay..  in with has a slight detail of alligator strap in classic black to match your everyday wardrobe.. .

Get technical in The Letter Q. Shop the lookbook online now (link in our bio). #CueClothing

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Cue clothing is presenting a new range for the season; it’s their Letter Q range, one range of ready to wear…. The skirt is short, pleated, intelligent, but with one interesting accessory in which has a frontal cargo pocket in the front where it’s practical enough to carry around with some light wares, like storing your smart phone, with a modest size moleskin notebooks and pen…  the Technical cargo pleat skirt can be accessories with, simple top, blouse, with some serious heel, shoes, boots..


When you look at watch, wondering what the time is, whether it’s digital, or Analogue that’s tells the time or serve with other different functions, in Practical, or in art form used… in the years of having pocket watches, in which serves in occasional when keep in Gentlewomen, Men’s travelling waist coats.. you think those pocket watches as art when they served more than telling the time, like in Tissot range..

But when it comes to wearable watches that’s wrapped around your wrist, it’s almost like wearable art, when you have something beautifully crafted of that occasion, like in Chanel’s range, of “Artistic Crafted watches.” In which when worn it’s the only thing that’s accessorizing your dress for that occasion. . .

Like the Mademoiselle Prive’ – Coromandel, it’s beautifully crafted with a certain Chinese poetic painting look, with soft feminine, designs crafting two birds together telling a story perching on a Chinese style painting branches.. As you moves they move.. With highly degree of crafted sculpting the pieces together in gold, with crafted white blossoms… With the little of the watches baton showing the time while the emphasis is more of the artistic story nature of craftsmanship in with gemstones, or diamond crusted settled bezel of the watch in creating that only jewelry to be worn… the Mademoiselle Prive’ – comes in many stories designs,  representing the many different elements it’s own, your story….


As television studio’s produced many hero costumes for the production of the for their actors, there’s also a market of collecting television memorabilia, for fans of the television or movie television series.. In this the television series “Hannibal” features a dark story line of a disturbed relationship between a patient, a very young FBI criminal profiler, also a Psychiatrist…

Also the wardrobe is also costume par-takes the role of character’s life. As part of one character plays by X-Files Gillian Anderson.. Who plays the role of Bedelia Du Maurier, Hannibal’s psychoanalyst during the series…  In few episodes she wears a stunning dark gown wearing to a party engagement…   The size six Marchesa strapless gown features golden embodied floral contours throughout the dress… In which the golden sequins dress features a fish tail bottom with one missing crystal with a small unnoticeable stain on back of the fishtail side of the dress, in turn that probably makes it even more collectable with the story behind the stain…

The set wardrobe also features numerous items to complete the dress, is features a hinged faux diamond crystal bracelet… accompanies with stunning slivery size 37 ½ Jimmy shoes…in which is Auction by “Propstore”..

As technology moves to 3D printing, printing to various objects at home, like one day soon that you’ll will printed out your food, or clothing how they did it in Star Trek with the various types of grades replication systems on board the starship.. Where the crew just replicates the clothing that they have in their home wardrobe, in which makes sense practically of not carrying so much during the mission, besides of wearing the uniform..

As 3D printing becomes more practically for everyday home used, in which that you wanting that customization look that you’ve been after designing on computer using various software, then printing the structure of that dress out.. Well one Graduated Designer from Shenkar did just that…“Danit Peleg”    in with her ready to wear collection, she went to leading experts, industries in the field to learn how the construction for a project of ready to wear… in doing so with the thinking off without the intermediaries , meaning of not having to go out in shopping the traditional way..

Using various materials to create, which creating, assembling wearing the collection, it’s very lacy, integrated, with a high degree of flexibility… As its contoured tailored to the wearer, with given the body measurements taken beforehand in the process of computer design modelling happens, so it gives the correct fitting…  it should be interesting to see where having your 3D printed clothing at home matures where in the process of travelling into space where weight is at a premium when you put in cost per weight in mind that, printed clothing can be recycled back to its primary


As Traditional Chinese Style meets Spain, “Shanghai Tang” Spring-summer 2016 Collection is centrically featuring more of summer’s Mediterranean, look to the collection with bright strong pastel colours, with white’s as the colour canvas to accessories, in the night wears of dark colours in Chinese traditional merging with modern international styles pieces.. With the little asset of Jade in the jewellery to accessorise the collection while still keeping that Traditional Qipao dress silhouette while the Men wear have that traditional Qing Dynasty modern mandarin collar..  … in showing that collection is models Tian Yi, and Dae Na..

Filmed in the backdrops of Spain, Seville’s nostalgia locations, which is famed for flamenco dancing.. Also with the Mediterranean Gothic architecture in which bring out the adventuring summer collection..

Photographer Richard Bernardin

Art Direction _ Raffaele Borriello and Jane Lombard

Music by Fhernando – Track Sexed Up..

Video Adelaide Brun and Thibault Zelher..

When designing and tailoring clothes for that particular client, in which offering used required measurements taking on that day.. as customized tailoring for an entrepreneurial Gentlewoman Dress or a fully Suit set the jacket, skirt, and blouse.. Or that customize intimates and she is always on the go.. … as those measurements taken it’s normally written on a sheet of paper or stored in the tailor’s database to be referenced to a static fixed shaped Dummy in construction of that Dress or that clothing or ins some case the Dummy or Mannequins has a few adjustable components that represent the customers body measurement detail..

In terms of getting the right fitted of sewing clothing.. the customer returns to the store to fit the tailor clothing haft way through.. its construction.. That could be time consuming.. in which the “iDummy “ could reduce the sewing time operationally and cost in that customed tailoring in which “Hong Kong Polytechnics University’s institute of Textiles and clothing” did that in innovating a memory form Dress Dummy of taking the customers measurement data, of using a mobile 3D scanner.. The same way of 3D printing a smaller version life cast of you.. To the actual body shape..  Also as your body grows the tailor clothing made will grow with you as you check in every now and then..  As online shopping grows and customized tailoring is a growing trend as shopping from home, from a computer, with a 3D scanning device attached like the next generations Microsoft Kinetic system gives you a more direct way of getting that clothing to customized to fit instead of changing rooms.. and knowing your style which is important.. in this process have so many advantages in getting multiple suits done from various clothing.. whether it’s that dress, suit, or intimates.




It’s night time the shops are closed, but there’s window fronts are lighten up to show their wares in Downtown Auckland Britomart and High Street where many parts of New Zealand Fashion lives.. Window Shopping at night is a completely different atmosphere, there’s almost no one around.. Which you can look at the window, into the shops even thou it’s dimly lit and some lighten up like they still open inside but only to find the doors are closed, but no matter you can still inside..

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It’s still January also still the Holidays for only some, also some of the stores are still on sales ever since before the Christmas season started as they moved out to make way for as January moves onwards.. The stores move onto to the next new collections setting forward in the upcoming summer to autumn season…

The colours for the season, has been whites, with coral reds, or pinks and with navy Tardis blue for and edge, still with the traditional blacks, and grey with breathable fabrics for the summer season… it should be interesting to see what the Autumn Winters fashion collections brings ..


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