source credit -天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes 倪妮 Ni Ni – as Feng Zhiwei (凤知微)Wei Zhi (魏知)- with the television wardrobe with Tang Dynasty influences..

One of China’s, Hong Kong’s most watched Drama series is 天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes among with two others in which two Qing Dynasty premise set in Qianlong Emperor period in which is 延禧攻略- Story of the Yanxi Palace also currently watching now is 如懿传- Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace in which both have the almost have the same story telling..

The intense television production is adapted from the Tiangui Guiyuan novel , That story telling in between to Phoenixes in which they become two conflicted lovers one from an exist dynasty Tiansheng also from its fallen Cheng Dynasty in which the two overcoming assortments of adversary throughout internal turmoil that lies within the Tiansheng imperial family, through the power struggles within, the corruption, in which the two conflicted lovers of  the Fallen Cheng Dynasty Princess Feng Zhiwei (凤知微)Wei Zhi (魏知)- played by  倪妮 Ni Ni , also with the current Tiansheng dynasty sixth Prince- Prince of Chu- Ning Yi (宁弈)- Played by Chen Kun ……

天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes – two conflicted lovers of the Fallen Cheng Dynasty Princess Feng Zhiwei (凤知微)Wei Zhi (魏知)- played by 倪妮 Ni Ni , also with the current Tiansheng dynasty sixth prince Ning Yi (宁弈)- Played by Chen Kun 陳坤……

Besides among its 天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes television wardrobe is brilliantly impressive in which each wardrobe piece details the interpretation of the character it wears storytelling that scene in which it portrays, the production of the television wardrobe is intensely detail, in manufacturing of the garments in still using traditional techquie among with the modern sewing the elaborate Hanfu style era garments… in which the Garment wardrobe designer- Artistic  team is inspired manage by William Chang…. With hundreds of hours handcrafting various characters wardrobes with incredible detail realism among that team followed assisted by the enormous wardrobe designing is Lu FengShan, Fang Sizhe…

Among with the incredible details is the handcrafted craftsmanship of jewellery crafted for the production from scratch in which to suit for the required character’s headwear fashioned to characters wardrobe storytelling..

#Cosplay #角色扮演 #Armageddon #Auckgeddon | #CosplayPhotography- two days adventuring around seeing characters relived story told by the people who Cosplay – A Gallery Collection –

October 28, 2018

Two Powerful Women.. Wonder Woman – Diana Prince also Super girl – Kara Zor El -Danvers..


During oncoming Labour Day weekend in New Zealand, is Auckland turn for Armageddon – Auckgeddon 2018 in which situated during the later October month of duration between 19th towards 22nd….. Throughout those four days there’s been some intriguing Cosplay, in which they’ve been incredible creative in re telling story play of their favourite characters through costume play in which as been diverse on so many genres…

Throughout the three days that followed after the opening night of Friday there’s been various workshops for Cosplay in which the Cosplay Community sharing their experiences on the Cosplay Stage.. From Cosplay tailoring, make up, to Cosplay Photography..

Only spending two days the opening night of Friday then the ending day of Monday…  already there’s being impressive, in which asking for photography, it’s best to ask courtesy politely respectability for their photography shoot to be taken in which they will do so also its be nice to the cosplayers they’re spend so much countless hours in crafting what they do in re telling their characters story play with you also sharing their characters story..

As for Doctor Who the 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Wardrobe transition from the Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, in the first episode for season eleven in became Raggy Man look like as likeness towards Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor adventuring around Raggy till the Doctor went shopping in a thrifty store with her new found team of companions Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gil, in which there’s an inspiration with the new wardrobe in which her Wardrobe designer Ray Holman whom worked in Broadchurch in which he’s has a greater understand relationship with Jodie Whittaker in which they worked together in Broadchurch.. Among with Executive writer Chris Chibnall… whom was position wise in Broadchurch..

The inspiration with the new wardrobe, is the that anyone, any gender can wear, Cosplay the wardrobe regardless.. The pants are iconic also powerful practical from a vintage photograph of a woman whom working in working trousers, with boots wearing a T-Shirt in which is timeless intriguing also open to interpretation … As to with the ink purple blue, with the greyness whites coat resembles the night also the sky that the “Women who fell to Earth” in the process of meeting her future team on that Sheffield train..  Another part of the wardrobe jewellery in which is Alex Monroe Doctor’s ear cuffs in represented with the two hands representing humanity, in which the starry clusters in which adventuring through time and space together…


As the new series of Doctor who with Jodie Whittaker setting out 13th Doctor adventuring with her new found three companion played by Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gil… in which the during the first episode of the “Woman who fell to Earth” in where the Doctor throughout the whole process was still wearing 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi’s suit attire, in which it was raggy throughout the same way as Matt Smith’s raggy man look with 11th Doctor David Tennant’s Attire…

As the episode follows the 13th Doctor goes shopping with Mandip Gil- Yasmin Khan… In which, they went shopping for a new iconic new look, in a thrifty store with part of the wardrobe is the new silvery gold ear cuffs that’s hidden away behind Jodie Whittaker’s shoulder length bob or the lob look, in which is workable.. Which is done by hairdresser, Matthew Soobroy, Principal Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons, has revealed how he created one of the most famous doctor’s hairstyles….

The Ear Cuff is very hand crafted stylistic wise to what her character wanted, in in with various messages. With those two hands with what with the two hands working together adventuring with the starry clusters in the long belcher link…..

The London Jewellery Alex Monroe whom fashion hand crafted, the jewellery pieces together, already a fan, long time ago in which gave him the advantage of what the premise is about in which the show is intergenerational between his loving Wife also his daughters ….

Alex Monroe jewellery workshop is located with Taken short walk from London Bridge station, past The Shard, and you’ll find us at 37 Snowsfields. This beautifully named road runs between the foodie hotspots of historic Borough Market and buzzy Bermondsey Street…..In which you can order, with a costumed request from their store or online..

#漢服 #HanFu #HanDynastyClothing | Timeless elegant Chenglu pastel spring sunset pink- blue skies graduation fade print three piece with waist Skirt Look …. A Gallery

October 4, 2018 Timeless elegant Chenglu pastel spring sunset pink- blue skies graduation fade print three piece with waist Skirt Look …. A Gallery



HanFu- Han Dynasty Clothing is making a massive come back in the Asian Chinese communities as youths reliving In recently decades there’s been very much strong revitalization of Chinese Customary tailoring clothing in which is HanFu- Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) period inspired clothing in which was worn just before the fall of the Ming Dynasty (23 January 1308 to 25 April1644, until a North East Manchurian fashion that have taken over the traditional Han F,,,,, in which we know today that’s the Qipao in which have been fashionable evolving on the same path also…. Like a Qipao, HanFu can be worn every day, as work wear, till as evening wear.. It also it comes in various forms as to the nature of activity of the day or night..

This Timeless elegant Chenglu pastel pink blue graduation fade print three piece with waist Skirt, in which is manufactured by – She Said Han Clothes manufactured from Hangzhou , Zhejiang… is great for everyday also work wear during the spring and summery seasons in which the materials are lighter for those season.. Also the vibrant hues of pink sunset and coral blue skies… That’s transcended the warm pink sunsets towards the watery ocean blue skies with some interesting geometry patterns that representing pearls with tassels printed on the skirt…   in which they were known to be decorate.. With the actual pearls and tassels..

Among with Hanfu dress, its soft with its breath mesh fabric making it great for summery spring fall occasions, in which its best to follow the washing instructions for clothing care.. ..

Given that you’ve been watching both intensely brilliantly written Chinese Drama series 天盛長歌 The Rise of Phoenixes, also 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace in which both drama series was extremely attention to detail of recreation of that era of the actual period of head jewellery wear in which can be found in traditional Chinese jewellery stores in Mainland China, Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong also in some community Asian Traditional Chinese Clothing stores of creating that headwear hair pin piece using traditional locally available … also worn today as everyday head jewellery…..

In most Traditional Chinese hair pins that a handcrafted, represents the wearer, the women, lady whom wearing among many head pins… some it gives rank, also it represents the lover who have given her that hair pin as sign of kinship in their relationship..

In which you can find most the materials featured in recreating with a sets of various beads, from your local accessories store, with a simple golden wires to fasten the required sections of the components together among with clear strong proxy glue with a pair of simple medium pliers …..



“…. With if you follow your heart, you will come with great designs that suit you best , the Extra Button creates new meaning for a timeless piece of clothing that will be passed down through generations ….”

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Discover Hong Kong in collaboration with Time Out Hong Kong- Treasures of the Heart ..  these collaborative intriguing adventures around Hong Kong, in which each street, neighbourhood  has its own story to tell historically with the present residing with that constantly written pages as each day unfold..

One district of Hong Kong in which is iconic for its collections of hard to finds items in which is in a region district within Kowloon in which is north western part of the Kowloon district name…  A historical vibrant neighbourhood Sham Shui Po translated as Deep Water Pier.. is a place in which you may find interesting relics form history transcending into being reused, recycled resold in street markets in which Sham Shui Po has been known for with among with iconic street marts colourful street markets stalls.. among the street markets it’s also where heart of Hong Kong’s Fashion starts from with fabrics, textiles assortments stalls where well know Hong Kong Fashion Designers started there seamstress , tailorship from……even though Shan Shui Po is a well less neighbour it’s richness lies with the people of Sham Shui Po..

in 深水埗 Sham Shui Po “…. With if you follow your heart, you will come with great designs that suit you best , the Extra Button creates new meaning for a timeless piece of clothing that will be passed down through generations ….”

One young woman has a Tailoring Seamstress store in 深水埗 Sham Shui Po, in which the neighbourhood have been iconically famous for highly acclaimed international Hong Kong Home grown fashion labels, Designers have drawn their home roots for in starting up their fashion brands for with the fabrics, sewing, Button, Fashion   markets in which they still drawn their inspirations from 深水埗 Sham Shui Po…. This story when a young tailoring seamstress, in the process of tailoring a wintery tan stylistic plaid jackets for her Client, in which she needs altering that, the style of her jacket was her grandmothers… In which during the process of preparing to alter both found it was missing a golden frame white nostalgic button that the client wants to remove.. The Seamstress suggest to keep the buttons they form a story of the jacket…  In which she goes exploring to find that particular button that was common back in her Clients grandmothers days..  In one store.. There was none, asking the button store owner she recommended Shun Kei might have it..  The first thing on seamstress mind was attention to detail…

In exploring for Shun Kei’s Button Store, the Seamstress found that exact Nostalgic button that Shun Kei is wearing on her vest.. in which it’s the first thing that her husband  saving for it on his first wage ever since she’s been wearing that vest memorably ..  From that point she strolls around the street around till she’s see working together is that young and Elder Craftsmen working together on The Chair.. Tailoring an old with the new together…..   Drawing from inspirations from that moment with the altering jacket in tailoring that her client loves…  “With if you follow your heart, you will come with great designs that suit you best , the Extra Button creates new meaning for a timeless piece of clothing that will be passed down through generations ….”

延禧攻略 – Story Of Yanxi Palace – Silk Velvet flowers- Wu Yinyan’s Empress Wei YingLuo -Weigiya Xiaoyichun head wear


As part of the handcrafted sewn Wardrobe the production costing at one hundred million USD in production cost towards the wardrobe also props..  in bring out  Qing Dynasty Qipao- Cheongsam also have that sense of individual style but it’s more rigid, bold practicality uniformed for the occasion, in which each piece of clothing is hand crafted like, studied in this current Chinese made television production of “延禧攻略 -Story of Yanxi Palace” to the incredible sense of handcrafted detail of that era of Sixth Year of Qianlong… where the material hand crafted sewn with the necessary details and sewn methods of the that era with modern methods of creating television and movie wardrobe.. Each wardrobe clothing brings that extra layers of the character’s storyline – or multiple stories into that scene that the wardrobe create represented that persons individuality..

One Fashion accessories that’s been iconically worn during the production of the “延禧攻略 -Story of Yanxi Palace” is the Silk Velvet flowers head wear, in which is worn during the middle of the second Zhou- Tang Dynasty in which fashionably trending setting worn by the Emperor-Empress Wu Zetian period as worn by imperial tributes… in which translated transiting through time towards the present..  As one Artist continues to recreates from an ancient art form that been passed down on his family to hand craft the “Silk Velvet Flowers head wear” Among other craftsmen –women….

As each Silk Velvet flower is created, also during the Imperial court system, also it’s a ranking position for maids aswell in which determines there position within the Forbidden City on pond their headwear beside the uniform Qing Dynasty Qipao…  The process of creating the head wear of the Silk Velvet flowers.. “Nanjing Ronghua” intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province – the craft artist Zhao Shuxian, and asked him to customize the velvet hair accessories for the characters in the play. Don’t underestimate the “Nanjing velvet flower”, it is the standard Tang manufacturing – starting in the Tang Dynasty, using silk as raw material, both as a decorative piece and as a decoration. It can be compared with real flowers, but never wither and never wither.

In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the velvet flowers fell from the “Emperor’s Family” into the “extraordinary lanes”. In addition to being favored by the royal family, the people began to wear the velvet flowers. In the 1930s and 1940s, Nanjing Shanna Street to Changle Road was once a lively “Flower City Street”.

The process is, a joining together a bundle strains of Silk threads together then, locking them, by combing like combing a long hair… Then threading a thin wires inbetween the threads, in different partitions intervals then cutting to the right width in between the wires with then patted evening, twirling into a fluttering then it’s up to the artist to create from imagination…


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during the month from 15th August to 30th September 2018 … it’s the world leading acclaimed International Hong Kong Fashion month –Centre Stage that featuring more than ninety fashion related events that’s happening around Hong Kong City Region… in which the HKTDC –Hong Kong Development Council featuring leading fashion trend setting in Hong Kong at the HKCEC- Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center with  a series of forty inspirationally engaging events That..

CenterStage HK  Featuring brands – from Hong Kong, China mainland towards South East Asian, Europe also Oceanic Countries, in which featuring categories in between Casual wear and city wear, Fashion Accessories, High Fashion and Occasional wear, Lingerie, Specialty, Sportswear….  One Series part of events is the Artistic Palace- Chinese Arts and Craft Hong Kong Limited with a various assortments of Chinese Emporium handcrafted Chinese art…  Presenting its latest collection of contemporary elegant stylistic simplistic look that complement your everyday wardrobe from every day, work wear towards evening wear Qipao –Cheongsam…

Chinese Arts and Crafts Hong Kong located in 2/F Causeway Center, 28 Harbour Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Island side Founded as a Luxury brand that features the Hong Kong modern mix with traditional Chinese Culture….. As it shows in there Apparel women’s and Men’s Collection features more later traditional modern Chinese clothing style with an edge with an causal every day wear…

#QIPAO #旗袍 #Cheongsam | #YiMingOriental- 🌸When Oriental Fashion Meets Contemporary Art featuring Leonlollipop – Newest Collection at Hong Kong’s Historic Iconic Building House of Blue

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Yi Ming-Oriental located in a new store towards 50A Tung Street, Sheung Wan new store in Sheung Wan in which is located in between Central and Western District…   In which Yi Ming- Grace Choi has always been very innovative in re-engineering re innovating Qipao Cheongsam Dresses…

In which her recently new Digital printed Qipao-Cheongsam collection features one of her current collection featuring thematic of Hong Kong also Oriental Chinese culture, in which Grace Choi-Yi Ming Oriental Upcoming collection in which feature digitally printed Contemporary Art from Leonlollipop Mosaic Art works launching that Where Oriental Fashion meets Contemporary Art collection is on 13th September 2018,  at the House of Blue in which  has been awarded as UNSECO Heritage building recently this year… launching this collection at the House of Blues  at 72 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, Hong Kong at 1630 to 1830 Hours Hong Kong Time …. In featuring iconic Hong Kong’s unique historical architecture, in which seen Hong Kong past, present, and presently soon..

The Oriental Fashion Meets Contemporary Art collection launch features Collaboration in as charity event with the Disabled Association Hong Kong on that collection launch sale on that day of 13th September 2018, in which portions of the sale will donated towards Disabled Association Hong Kong in which helping towards assisting inspiring developing arts for people with disabilities …


Qipao-Cheongsam Fashion – Grace Choi- Yi Ming Oriental

Photographer Jack Li For Arts with the 香港展能藝術會 Disabled Association Hong Kong

Model @lilithzl for Primo Management Ltd...

Makeup and Hair @kenji_iii @Tiffany_fok – for Hong Kong Makeup Artist by Karen Yiu


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