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Once located in between Vulcan lane, and High Street in Central Business Auckland, is “TK-KNUEFERMANN with its of its foot traffic walk stopping window displays of its elegant gorgeous singular displaying a single dress of its collection is always the center of attraction as you noticeable stopped by it while you either walk on the footpaths of High street or as you walk upwards from Queens street onto Vulcan Lane as making itself mysterious exclusive with its basement store in which during too and after work is my constant window shopping haunt besides to Kate Sylvester that used to resided on the same street… Now days are TK-KNUEFERMANN, has remarkably grown in strength with its recently new flagship store in 104 FANSHAWE ST in Auckland Central… Among with its recently open in the new trendy hipstery neighborhood of TK – 50 BROWN ST in PONSONBY Auckland….

TK’s collection is elegantly classic also timeless, that it’ll always matches you wardrobe perfectly with dresses, suiting, casual, ready to wear easily accessible from work to evening wear with a few accessories of your own to individualize as your own… as there collection is made in New Zealand  which means its uniquely  original……  Also in store they have numerous items as given that your in have a busy lifestyle in between work and life, their range can cater to that to with ready to wear range from dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, lingerie, accessories footwear also their resort range….

Their store is gorgeous warm an inviting like you’re in your walk in wardrobe in your own home, with its timber, industrial beam construction, with homely cozily brick walls with lots of natural light from the Waitemata Harbour…also you can find them on their socials on – TK-KNUEFERMANN Facebook, also their Instagram where the show their elegant pieces of their collection..

Featuring on the “Nordstrom” the best ready to wear collection for the Fall 2016 collection Nordstrom’s vice president also Fashion Director Jeffery Kalinsky creates a curated look book for the collection.. Featuring with ready to wear, with accessories with shoes, handbags, also jewellery …. The collection is dedicated to coming season of Fall, also winter, also as yet retaining style, but keeping warm as to given the fabrics used in the collection of utilizing various combinations of wool, silks,  viscose,  elastane. While the collection is in with palette in natural of white, blacks, grey, it has the sense with vibrancy of colours in brightens up the fall wintery days and nights …… also featuring as part of the collection is the set design, designed, produced collaboration art Architecture from Brooklyn’s Snarkitecture….

The Designer look book collection features designers…

Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Erdem, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham with many more.


In most of the iconic pieces of costume wardrobe in the “Star Wars trilogies Sagas” there are many that  tell a story or stories behind the character, also it’s whether it’s a dress, or a Helmet that tell the story of  characters life…. In one of the pieces in The Force Awakens is the iconic Helmet of Resistance fighter pilot Poe Dameron’s X-wing helmet……..

One is the original from the film, used in the studio hero helmet in which was procured from the LucasFilms props warehouse, carefully handled, and then it gets scanned to duplicate its real dimensions onto computer for dismembering for its moving parts, so it can then be later process in getting industrially 3D printed…. Having it while printed, other back ground work is applied the preparation of the paint job, also the assorted Poe Dameron’s signature decals applied once assemble and applied with the signature hand crafted paint work from the “Propshop” whom applied the same high quality degree of studio movie craftsmanship……………


THINK GEEK | Stylist elegant glow in the dark- Constellation Dress….

THINK GEEK | Stylist elegant glow in the dark- Constellation Dress…. with side skirt pockets



If  you were thinking of that dress to the Valetino’s Space inspired before fall season of 2015 collection that maybe hanging in your wardrobe… Then this one dress enough to match it in your wardrobe collection… It’s a “Glow in the Dark Constellation Dress” from Think Geek”…    The constellation dress features a Knee length fitted flared Skirt with at fitted scoop neck bodice with a back zipper and keyhole button back with simple hidden skirt side pockets… The dress is every day/ night, also it’s cotton in with makes it wearable warm for the winter times with applied layering clothing to accessorise it with tight hosieries, boot, sneakers, and a trendy blue jacket to match….  The Constellation dress features numerous of constellations in the both recognizable in the northern and southern hemispheres

John Zimmermann couture

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 Alma J Bridal Boutique

 Alma J Bridal Boutique …….Located in a promenade position on 131 Mount Eden Road, Auckland, with a homely cozy homelike interior with deco like furnishings with white pink rose plan tinted glass deco window style door Having diverse range bridal gown dresses of elegant to gorgeous styles from various New Zealand to international designer labels such as Alma Wong, Essense, Martina Liana, also Stella York Bridal Collection and many more other labels..

John Zimmermann couture

John Zimmermann couture …..The other is very much located in upper Mount Eden Road slightly nearby location of MediaWorks Television… On 63 Mount Eden Road Grafton Auckland…. In where John Zimmermann fashion in his own right, in creating, designing hand crafting tailoring gorgeous elegant dresses where it’s bridal, evening, couture or occasional.  The Dresses, gowns are uniquely beautifully designed, with extremely to the detail customized tailored in New Zealand..


As new social media applications that come to experimentation, so is the level of degrees of impressiveness in from getting from single frame view of a flat screen to more of a 360 degrees view experience…. As YouTube began a few months ago in bringing in that next immersive…So is “Nordstrom” is bringing you Toronto, Canada in fall of 2016, with two stores in the September month…  also bring you a well curated innovative collection of fashion brands towards to the two stores.. Background accompany music score is Wet Paints- Gold Lights..

Anovos-Star Trek Beyond women’s Starfleet uniform with operations stafleet Delta insignia badge…..


As the crew of the USS Enterprise enters its third year on its five year mission, over the course of its mission the uniforms have evolved during the course over the years in that change in uniform from inspired 60, 70‘s short mini dress classics that women of Star Trek wore on show, to the more modern simple Sheath cut dress that’s shown in the first reboot, as the uniform evolves, so does the cut of uniform.. from the first reboot, Into Darkness to the recent Star Trek Beyond, in reflecting of to the uniform of the prime universe..

Anovos-Star Trek Beyond women’s Starfleet uniform with operations stafleet Delta insignia badge…..

As of “Star Trek Beyond”, Tailored by “Anovos” show cased during Comic Con San Diego 2016, as part of their new line also the 50th anniversary of Star trek…   with the new “Starfleet women’s dress uniform” with the option of going with Red-Tactical- Engineering- Operations or Blue for science each comes with the traditional Starfleet insignia with different departments of your choice.. The dresses came be costumed tailor to your choice, but its best to have you measurements done prior to ordering…

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The women’s Star Trek- Beyond uniform is an homage to The Original series  but it’s also it has some tailor lines construction to The Motion Picture, also to more with prime timeline of the Star trek Next Generations uniform with the jacket like cuffed sleeves in which shows rank or the departmental colours.. the skirt of the dress however remains almost to the same hemlines length mini skirt staying true towards the TOS women’s uniform dresses form fitting in getting most with the feminine elegant simple silhouette like how wearing a traditional Chinese dress short mini Qipao dress would  ..

Other Star Trek -Beyond uniforms that was show casting is men’s Starfleet tunic uniform in regarding to different departments, as to gold, blue, red with the associated Starfleet insignia…. As part of the also Starfleet survival suit Jacket in which features a very durable sturdy fabric for every day away team wear in which is very like the type of tailor designs like found in Star Trek Online fashion

This Gorgeous Red Canyon of the shoulder maxi dress is great for the Summery season days and nights… the “Tory Burch Ramona Maxi Dress” as a very modern vintage Silhouette, with matching belt when fitted it creates a feminine romantic finish to the tea – length skirt. Tailor out from lustrous Dupioni silk in which is durable workable for every day- night wear..   The dress can work in two ways for daytime it’s best to where with flats, also then by nights it’s either flats, or simple heels…

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Kate Sylvester


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Winters here in Auckland, with mostly around, retail wise is mostly sales, as the mainstream stores are trying to off sell most of the Autumn and winter season clothing of 2016 slight bit early, also it’s one of the best time to warm up with an edgy cosy wardrobe for the winter season…

This winter’s season colors, have been with whites, blacks, grey with natural tones of red, blues, earthly browns with some brightened color shades of warm purple line greens.. With strong warm fabrics to keep you warm for the winter’s season…


Storm, Moochi, Andrea Moore, Kate Sylvester, Karen walker, Workshop.  Adrienne Winkelmann Romantique bridal


Given that you love Felicia Day’s the guild, then “AFK” in which is the is the darker tones of that series, where it explores what happen if you’re pulled into your in game character-avatar and universe… in this the a group of misadventure group of gamers is formed whom woken up in there in game avatars whom explore the world also taken beyond their limits as they work together…

In this AFK is doing a series of how do’s on creating there wardrobe in creating the armor plating, adding the filigree detailing to the Worbla, where you get a sheet of embossed adhesive filigree on that section of armor.. where it’s glued then it’s dried,  spray painted on to give that metallic undertones then coat with other layers of paint with serval other metallic tones, then picking up the highlights on creating that part of armor ..


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