As the build up to “Star Wars-Rogue one” gathers up momentums screening on the 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, in which sits on 16th December 2016 New Zealand.. in which the storyline sits out to find the Plans of the Death Star, in which was first investigate  from an random patrol squadron of  Rebellion X wing pilots, in which was reported back to the Rebellion base.. As to the rebellion investigating it lead to finding the Daughter of the chief Designer of the Death Star, Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones…. Hoping in finding her, in which will finding her father in finding the plans of a terrible weapon that’s yet to be constructed……..

As the “Star Wars-Rogue one” screened within the coming week, “Top Topic” has brought out a casual, everyday street wear, in which featuring some interesting film characters centric elements , Jyn Erso’s inspired clothing,  in ranging wintery warm gothic blacks, cream, street creed brown, with rebellion greys.. Among The Rogue One Collection with rebellion street creed, innovated elegant seamless woven construction featuring in both women’s and men’s wear, where the men’s collection has taken from elements inspirations from Captain Cassian Andor. – Diego Luna wardrobe… Also If you favor the imperial side with some Stormtrooper creed inside you….with Dresses, blouses, shirts, jackets, also jerseys…..The womens wear is lovely as it’s easy to accessories, with the basic black skirt, dress, or pants, with some intresting Lara Croft-Jyn Erso type jewellery or gadget wear.. as these colours are warm, for warmth and cosy for winter.. also the collection allows amount of layering clothing, in bringing out your story as wear it throughout the day going to night wear..

The collection details are incredible detailic themed with to even the extreme with the lining of the Jackets with rebellion buttons, with Death Star plans print… In which the wintery color palettes of the collection will match anything in your current wardrobe, as you accessories with your Lightsaber, or blaster adventuring. As the for wash care it’s best follow the instructions of the label

“May the force be with us………” Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones

As the building up goes for “Star Wars- Rogue One” builds up screen on 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, The storyline premise goes is to steal the plans of a devastating weapon that’s been in construction since the fall of the Republic… That could determine the outcome of the whole galaxy at stake… also it’s about in between Daughter, Father- Galen Erso-Mads Mikkelesen, Mother Lyra Erso-Valene Kane, relationship through the struggles of this time… As Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones abandon at a young teenage age, later on in life recruits by the rebellion after receiving a message from her father also to find weakness within the Death Star….

As the building up for the Film, there’s a New Initiative UNICEF in  which fund raising  UNICEF- Kid Power in which “Force 4 Change” among with rebellion partnerships with others to fund for unfortunate children, in which provides them the important essentials of life, education, health,  also their social well being in their communities. That the fund raising provides. In which Disney, Target, and Star Wars a new line of Star Wars Rogue one inspired T –Shirts in which is elementally inspired by influential people in the entertainment industry. Names such as Riz Ahmed, June Ambrose, Steve Aoki, Camilla Belle, Gareth Edwards, Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Olivia Munn, Kelly Slater, also Brittany Snow…..  As each Designed T-shirts is sold, five United States Dollars is donated to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’S Kid Power..  The Exclusively Design Star Wars Force for Change T-Shirts are only available in Target stores from 27th November 2016….

 As part of the Force for Change, Fans can also par take on the Rebellion in posting their inspirationally stories on various social media mediums by using #ForceForChange on Giving Tuesday happening on 29th November 2016…

As the build-up for “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 ”  in which features elements of “El Loco Doctor Mysterio’  also returning to premise with an unexpected superhero, in which saves The Doctor’s day.. “Hot Topic” has comes out with this year’s Doctor Who 2016 Collection” for both girls and guys…  This collection is for everyday casual wear, in which features episodic elements taken from the series in which between Matt Smith towards Peter Capaldi’s Doctor also with Alex Kingston’s River Song ..

The  “Doctor who Hot Topic 2016 collection” features, mostly coats, dresses, cardigans, in which has Tardis design elements… In which of the Coat Designs with Tardis blue, with the Van Gogh’s inside lining. With Captain Jack Harkness airmen look to it… as to the women’s coat it features mostly of Professor River Song’s adventuring coat, in with her signature white sleeves with a blue Gothic Tardis printed lining….. Other inspirational elements is this perfect for casual summers, or indoor winters  such with the Coal Hill High Grayish school uniform look inspirationally also taken from Clara Oswald, featuring TARDIS, snowflakes, Cybermen with handy pockets……… among  the grey thematic cardigan is the Tardis theme featuring in Tardis blue with woven, teal, blue, white Tardiness still with the Coal hill look..  Also too this collection is best worn that causally matches anything in your wardrobe with kick ass adventuring boots… Heels boots or Doc Martins..

Also its best for washing and drying care is to follow washing instructions of the label of the garment.. !


In the celebrations of the “50th Anniversary of Star Trek” Think Geek in with collaboration with Her Universe” have come up with a celebrating collection in which the collection takes from inspirational pieces from different thematic ironically  elements of the various series collection of Star Trek….. The collection features an everyday wear. In which with its very simplistic approach that it’ll accompany any clothing item in your every day/ night casual wear wardrobe…

Such iconic clothing pieces taken from The Original series, is the red Bardot dress, inspired by Uhura red dress in TOS, also the  mini Skirts  collection which features departmental colours of science blue, tactical/ engineering red, with command/ operations yellow with intricate golden rank along the seams..  among the mini-skirts collection features a white skirt with Starfleet delta  starburst floral decorations..

Among the collection is various everyday Jackets, featuring bombing jacket featuring Wesley Crusher’s signature grey, with rainbow bands detailing along the sleeves of the jacket, also with NX-01 Enterprise blue jacket, with interesting patches from that era…  as for the Faux fur coat, no tribbles was harm in tailoring the coat great for wintery seasons..

One of the perfect accessories is the TNG mesh top collar Tee, featuring peter pan like collars with rank pins, with signature departmental colours that matches the matching colour mini –skirts… with a sweet heart bodice top..

Also its best for washing and drying care is to follow washing instructions of the label of the garment.. !


In the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Hot Topic collection” it most of the collection is drawn out from Art Deco roaring periods of 1920’s which the dresses are simply elegantly drawn, with soft textured luxurious fabrics with dresses comes in with various dresses silhouettes featuring of those fashionable  Art Deco 1920’s elements years also of that world of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”…..

Featuring pink Queenie Dress which features a pink chiffon drop waist flapper dress in which has a gorgeous simple V neckline which is perfect for accessorizing with a strand of pearls, or a that stunning pendant..

With Tina’s Pin up dress is simply a everyday dress, in which features the traditional black and white office look, but comes with a stunning empire waist dress silhouette accompany with a very cute cream crepe bodice with a  school girl like collar with a ribbon bow tie…

Also collection apart is the teal strappy skater Dress featuring with half sleeves, with a stretchy flare to the skirt flare to give you to run adventure in with an interesting crossing neckline  with an emerald teal fabrics with some interesting printed details featuring the Newt briefcase, owls post office logo,

 Seraphina Dress comes with black texturing with Jacquard of the shoulder dress, with interesting detail flare to the skirt of the dress, with hi –low hem skirt featuring revealing an open front an golden satin underlay ,  while the off the shoulder bodice  features a gold like foil art decor like detailing with back of the dress with golden spine down buttons with golden line details…

For guys for that Newt Scamander look features his hero teal jacket with faux leather cuff pockets, with intricate detailing that features a wand pocket for just in case situations, the coat is single breasted so it’ll keep you warm for as an everyday coat also with that look contains his hero shirt, bow also trousers..

As part rest of the collection in which can be worn for everyday or night also the dresses collection can be best worn with a accompany jacket, with heels or various knee length boots or sneakers, other pars of the collection  includes mostly T-shirt featuring many with interesting details elements from the movie itself, with among accessories as too..

Also its best for washing and drying care is to follow washing instructions of the label of the garment.. !

DOCTOR WHO– BLACK MILK CLOTHING | TARDIS inside out scoop dress for summery everyday

DOCTOR WHO– BLACK MILK CLOTHING | TARDIS inside out skater scoop dress for summery everyday

Made in Australia, “Black milk Clothing” currently has a Doctor who Collection in which centric features from different various aspects elements of characters Doctor who… There’s one major elemental character also its thematically into this “very elegant gorgeous TARDIS everyday wear reversible Skater dress”… with the traditional TARDIS blue police box wooden textures, with the iconic frosted glass window, with a black ribbon that’s tied around the top part of the Bodice of the dress..

DOCTOR WHO– BLACK MILK CLOTHING | TARDIS inside out scoop skater dress for summery every night

DOCTOR WHO– BLACK MILK CLOTHING | TARDIS inside out scoop skater dress for summery every night

The TARDIS dress is an everyday dress in where when it’s reversed inside out to being transition from an everyday to a every night evening dress with a black silhouette skater with the Iconic Tardis console printed in mono chromatic green. One of many things of the TARDIS reversible skater dress is that could be easily accessorized with either pair of heels, boots in various knee lengths also with either different colour jackets, or with matching colours jackets, to complement the dress to suit the required occasion…  also its best worn during the summery seasons where the dress is light where worn its quite cooling..

  Given the dress material composition it’s : 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane in which when washed, a gentle cycle machine cold wash also it’s best to wash the dress with akin wise like colors when washing..

During this years of “Blizzcon” 2016 which was held at Los Angeles in which was during 4th to 5th November 2016… featuring the latest in what the Blizzard offers in their gaming worlds also whats to come in the latest developments…  Also as one of major One part of BLIZZCON many festivities is cosplaying Featuring over 11,000 hours in combinations of creating from many levels of life from artists, cosplayers, fashion designers to gamers  hand craft, their own costumes with every degree of high quality in retelling their many characters gaming experiences in between the world of Azeroth coexisting  with the Orcs from the world of “World of Warcraft” ..

SHANGHAI TANG QIPAO | Calf Hair Qipao dress with elegant intimate lacy Laser cut textures dress ....

SHANGHAI TANG QIPAO | Calf Hair Qipao dress with elegant intimate lacy Laser cut textures dress ….


As part of the newest collection for “Shanghai Tang” is its limited Edition Qipao’s among its exclusive creations.. Qipao are known for its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy sophistication in which are easy to be accessorized with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe…

“The Calf Hair Qipao dress with Laser cut patterns”, is elegantly gorgeous stunning with a lacy dress feel with a sensuous feel, Orthough the dress is laser cut with intricate intimate lacework with a silk lining, as the dress is designed for everyday wear with its classic black that will keep you sunlit warm..  also can be accessorized with a nice simple rain, coat, long, or medium length jacket with either heels, or full, or various knee length boots as you transition from summery to wintery..  For cleaning washing it’s best to follow the washing and dry instructions that comes with the dress..


“……….I am Groot… “Groot… ! – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 

If you wondering what to accessories your Car, Four wheel drive, or that Starship’s Bridge to give that individual look with something cute that sitting on you helm and navigation console on your bridge or in the cup holder in your Jeep, as you go adventuring…..then this “Think geek Guardians of the Galaxy Groot USB Car Charger” is the one, beside that R2D2 USB hub Car charger, Orthough they make a great double cuteness together..

Groot will bring every day joy as you drive, as Groot Dances as you charging  the same time, in it’s cute little charger pot, with two charging ports, providing  2.1 Amps that’s enough to charge up two tablets on the go.. Also it charges up via iPhones, or any variant of smartphones, tablets or devices that’s need charging.. it chargers from adaptively from a input of 12VDC ( from your vehicle cigarette lighter port) with an output of 5V DC at 3A….

As the CW Network gears up for super hero week since adoption of “CBS- Supergirl now CW-Supergirl” into its programming celebrating that Dare to Defy programming collection theme is Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, White Canary, Selina Kyle as part of  DC’s legends of Tomorrow..

For this “Hot Topic DC’s Fall Collection” features mostly the everyday wear, featuring the  Dear to Defy superheroes that  been featured in CW Network,  the featured Jackets in this collection has thematic centric, like Supergirl’s signature cap that could be transformed into a hood, with a house of El S-logo embroidered onto the hoodie with the blue, red, also the red inner lining..  The Flash carries the signature Flash red, with the golden yellow Flash Lightning logo, with the body armored sculpturing…  with the Arrow, with its singular green, with simple cut no fuss seams that’s  body conforming to make it with ease to shooting an onslaught with arrows from your bow..  With Selina Kyle – Cat woman’s hoody Jacket Look it’s complementary with the cat ears that adorn on with the black hood, making it classic with your everyday wardrobe.. also with the White Canary as well too with its signature white, corset top with intricate leathery type lace tie workings ..also even though when you’re not wearing or wearing the jackets, always be the superhero within you..


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