Window shopping | January 2016 Auckland – Britomart- High Street.




It’s night time the shops are closed, but there’s window fronts are lighten up to show their wares in Downtown Auckland Britomart and High Street where many parts of New Zealand Fashion lives.. Window Shopping at night is a completely different atmosphere, there’s almost no one around.. Which you can look at the window, into the shops even thou it’s dimly lit and some lighten up like they still open inside but only to find the doors are closed, but no matter you can still inside..

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It’s still January also still the Holidays for only some, also some of the stores are still on sales ever since before the Christmas season started as they moved out to make way for as January moves onwards.. The stores move onto to the next new collections setting forward in the upcoming summer to autumn season…

The colours for the season, has been whites, with coral reds, or pinks and with navy Tardis blue for and edge, still with the traditional blacks, and grey with breathable fabrics for the summer season… it should be interesting to see what the Autumn Winters fashion collections brings ..

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