COSPLAY- STAR TREK BEYOND | Starfleet uniforms – Something needed in your wardrobe..

Anovos-Star Trek Beyond women’s Starfleet uniform with operations stafleet Delta insignia badge…..


As the crew of the USS Enterprise enters its third year on its five year mission, over the course of its mission the uniforms have evolved during the course over the years in that change in uniform from inspired 60, 70‘s short mini dress classics that women of Star Trek wore on show, to the more modern simple Sheath cut dress that’s shown in the first reboot, as the uniform evolves, so does the cut of uniform.. from the first reboot, Into Darkness to the recent Star Trek Beyond, in reflecting of to the uniform of the prime universe..

Anovos-Star Trek Beyond women’s Starfleet uniform with operations stafleet Delta insignia badge…..

As of “Star Trek Beyond”, Tailored by “Anovos” show cased during Comic Con San Diego 2016, as part of their new line also the 50th anniversary of Star trek…   with the new “Starfleet women’s dress uniform” with the option of going with Red-Tactical- Engineering- Operations or Blue for science each comes with the traditional Starfleet insignia with different departments of your choice.. The dresses came be costumed tailor to your choice, but its best to have you measurements done prior to ordering…

The women’s Star Trek- Beyond uniform is an homage to The Original series  but it’s also it has some tailor lines construction to The Motion Picture, also to more with prime timeline of the Star trek Next Generations uniform with the jacket like cuffed sleeves in which shows rank or the departmental colours.. the skirt of the dress however remains almost to the same hemlines length mini skirt staying true towards the TOS women’s uniform dresses form fitting in getting most with the feminine elegant simple silhouette like how wearing a traditional Chinese dress short mini Qipao dress would  ..

Other Star Trek -Beyond uniforms that was show casting is men’s Starfleet tunic uniform in regarding to different departments, as to gold, blue, red with the associated Starfleet insignia…. As part of the also Starfleet survival suit Jacket in which features a very durable sturdy fabric for every day away team wear in which is very like the type of tailor designs like found in Star Trek Online fashion

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