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Once located in between Vulcan lane, and High Street in Central Business Auckland, is “TK-KNUEFERMANN with its of its foot traffic walk stopping window displays of its elegant gorgeous singular displaying a single dress of its collection is always the center of attraction as you noticeable stopped by it while you either walk on the footpaths of High street or as you walk upwards from Queens street onto Vulcan Lane as making itself mysterious exclusive with its basement store in which during too and after work is my constant window shopping haunt besides to Kate Sylvester that used to resided on the same street… Now days are TK-KNUEFERMANN, has remarkably grown in strength with its recently new flagship store in 104 FANSHAWE ST in Auckland Central… Among with its recently open in the new trendy hipstery neighborhood of TK – 50 BROWN ST in PONSONBY Auckland….

TK’s collection is elegantly classic also timeless, that it’ll always matches you wardrobe perfectly with dresses, suiting, casual, ready to wear easily accessible from work to evening wear with a few accessories of your own to individualize as your own… as there collection is made in New Zealand  which means its uniquely  original……  Also in store they have numerous items as given that your in have a busy lifestyle in between work and life, their range can cater to that to with ready to wear range from dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, lingerie, accessories footwear also their resort range….

Their store is gorgeous warm an inviting like you’re in your walk in wardrobe in your own home, with its timber, industrial beam construction, with homely cozily brick walls with lots of natural light from the Waitemata Harbour…also you can find them on their socials on – TK-KNUEFERMANN Facebook, also their Instagram where the show their elegant pieces of their collection..

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