CHANEL- EYE WEAR COLLECTION | Fall winter 2016/2017 – behind the scenes with Willow Smith..

As summer is around the corner nearly for the Southern Hemisphere, as Eyewear is just important for summer in for eye protection as well as the summery sunlight begins to lengthen….  As for current trend is larger frames for getting for protecting the eyes from the sun..  This year’s 2016/2017” Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s eyewear collection” shooting features Actress, singer, Dancer, Daughter of Actor Will Smith-  Willow Smith  wearing Chanel’s simple larger classical frame  spectacle  in which accommodating  with confidences within to accessories any occasion of wardrobe..

Title: Apple Cherry
Performed by NAO
Label: 2015 Little Tokyo Recordings
With the authorization of Sony Music France

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