#CHANEL | #Paris – 2017-2018 Fall Winter Collection – Automne- Hiver- #Accessories inspired by space – Highlights- featuring the Chanel rocket purse..

Among this month Chanel’s 2017-2018 Fall winters ready to wear collection” in which took place on 7th March 2017, in the iconic building of Grand Palais in Paris. In which the iconic Parisian industrial chrome steel coloured design inspired the interiors-  Collection features mostly with Chanel’s iconic tweet warmth wool textures with vibrate metallics winter dark colours that absorb the warmth sun keeping you warm with strong natural colours, browns, blacks, whites, greys, reds, blue, purples….. With various warm accessories like those 1920-30’s era’s headbands- wear with floral that will keep your head warm for those Automne-hiver seasons… Among with the 1930’s type warm woolen head bands with settled pearls and crystals and bracelets cuffs, with starry theme silvery elegant complementary  stars and planets necklaces, also with pave pearls crusted collars, with stellar crystals brooches to accessories your wardrobe. Among the collection showcasing featuring is Chanel’s is cute black rocket purse\bag with metallic engine fired fiery tassels with silvery fins, with that metallic nose cone….

Among the collection there were a lot of metallics, warm textures used, with elegant silhouettes that’s ready wise to complementary towards you existing or upcoming wardrobe..  Interestingly the theme of the runway also the collection is space themed during the Grand Palais runway that’s featuring a rocket launch as the finale….

Artist: Kraftwerk
Title: Radioactivity
Label: (2009 remastered version) Courtesy of Warner Music / Sony ATV Music Publishing


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