#GhostInTheShell #WetaWorshop | limited Edition- Scarlett Johansson‘s Iconic Major 1.4 highly detail figure..

Currently screening at the moment from 31st March 2017, is  the Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong landscape inspired movie “Ghost in the Shell” in which features Scarlett Johansson’s real life action Manga Anime’s character Major in which features based on the actually elements of the Japanese based comic written by originally Masamune Shirow..  Scarlett plays an extremely advanced Cyborg, in which her life originally was stolen from a life she once had before that horrific accident that left her in resulting her having major massive enhancements, in the course of the film she becomes a law enforcement officer findingly investigatively harden criminals.. in the process she finds her real self as she rediscover the life she once had..

During the last several months, in production of the Ghost of the Shell, Scarlett Johansson Major proven to experimentally innovative for the Weta Workshop’s department working closely together with Director Rupert Sanders production team.. in shaping from Manga to a live action with more than three thousand Prosthetic, animatronics, props, also innovative specially crafted tailoring costumes..

As part of the process was to take a digital  body scanning image of Scarlett Johansson, in crafting the required innovative costuming in which hasn’t been done before until now with that smooth sensual translucent silicone over that mesh fabric that’s creating Major- Scarlett Johansson second armored technologically naked body like second  skin.. ..   As that part of that achievement Weta proudly introduce 500 limited editions of the scale 16 inches tall (40 Centimeters tall) versions of her constructed in Ploystone…….

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