#COSPLAY #STARTTREKONLINE | Cosplaying Star trek – Wrath of Khan- Starfleet Women’s Uniform- how to get this look….?

#COSPLAY #STARTTREKONLINE | Cosplaying Star trek Anovos– Star Trek Wrath of Khan Starfleet Uniform- how to get this look….?

One of the iconic uniforms during the Star Trek movie series is the maroon dark  warm cherry red uniform in which was worn during “Star Trek – the Wrath of Khan” with more as the Starfleet matures into transitional from 2278 to 2350 as the last time that uniform was seen in many later occasions toward The Next Generation s yesterday’s Enterprise towards Jean Luc Picard’s younger cadet years..

How to get this look …. ANOVOS  The Starfleet Maroon dark warm cherry red Wrath of Khan uniform, gives the you and your crew a universal look in which the way of showing division department colours is throughout the padded turtle neck collar, in which whites are for command, yellow gold for operations, also as with greys is Science… among for the first time is the time  duration served  with pins marked in with left jacket sleeve in which the jacket is heavily inspired by a Japanese Chinese HanFu- Kimono  biker wrap Jacket look with the jacket zips up wrapping up with a shoulder rank ribbon colour strap……

How to get this look? Anovos Star Trek wrath of Khan Starfleet Uniform ..

The women’s uniform can goes two ways, stylistically wearing a mid-knee length black skirt with the cherry red strips down the seams, or the full length trousers with a pair of black full length heel boots….  Among with the Anovos Wrath of Khan Jacket comes with it blank, in which so allow you to accessories to which how want you uniform would look like accustomed to your customisation with the following starfleet insignia, ranks pins ,  the Uniform is great both gender wise female also males also with a synthetic cavalry twill with a full lining for comfort, along with that comfort is the double breasted in which the jacket will keep you warm ….. Given that you have the women’s jacket it makes an brilliant every- ready to wear day jacket in which is very customization to your wardrobe


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