#COSPLAY | #StarTrekOnline – Cosplaying Star Trek- Next Generation women’s Command Burgundy Uniform Jumpsuit…. How to get this look?

Star trek online I’m wearing Cherry red bodice Command Burgundy Uniform Jumpsuit bodice with matching academy skirt with cherry command strip..

When Star trek The Next the Next Generation screen almost thirty years ago… with a brand new crew whom taken the next story journey of the Galaxy Class USS Enterprise- NCC 1707-D…. In which this crew has taken back in the NASA’s iconic inspired traditions of going back in wearing the Jumpsuits in that said the NX Enterprise jumpsuit look…  also paying homage to the original series of going back to its traditional divisional department colours with its red- Command, Teal- blues-Sciences, mustard for Engineering-Services..


The Anovos Star Trek- Next Generation women’s Command Burgundy Uniform Jumpsuit

How to get this look….. The Anovos Next Generation women’s Command Burgundy Uniform Jumpsuit comes in one piece fitted towards your customary size in which you can either wear it ordered as ready to wear or tailored towards your measurements making sure you have it properly measured by a tailor…  The material is one hundred percent jumbo Spandex in which is accustomed to the studios wardrobe fabric that used during that time…. Also as given that you have the ready to wear jumpsuit it allows for any required alterations. The jumpsuit is has a seamless hidden back zip, in which providing the same studio replica exactness is the shoulder padding that was used in the studio wardrobe.. as for the pants part it comes with scalloping leg hem that allow for screen accurate boot stirrups..  However the jumpsuit does not comes with the rank piping or the Starfleet communication badge that’s for you to accessories…orthough the jumpsuit could be worn as an everyday wear also can be worn with matching items in your wardrobe..

As for the Star Trek Online look – How to get this look?  I’m wearing the top bodice part of the Next Generation women’s Command Burgundy Uniform Jumpsuit in Cherry Command Red also with in the same colour trimmings with black deltas with the jumpsuit bodice treating it like a jacket or top, matching it with a either a mini skirt but wearing with a Starfleet Odyssey Academy black Skirt with a cherry red command stripping.. With academy style boots with the traditional Next Generation Starfleet Era communications badge with the Fleet Admiral rank piping…

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