#THINKGEEK #StarWars| #ShowerCurtains out you bathroom – In a Galaxy far away with that outer rims home makeover look…

Given that you’re ready for the next installment for Star Wars- The last Jedi that’s set to be released screen on the 14th December 2017, in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, also in New Zealand too… In which the storyline transition from the previous two trilogies towards from the Skywalkers to a new set of storyline of next generation in between Rey-Daisy Ridley also with Kylo Ren- Ben Solo- Adam Driver……..

in which you’ve tempting to do a bathroom makeover after watching to many home makeovers series like  TV3’s The Block or The Scott Brothers then you have an inspiration of  the why not try some Think Geek  Shower curtains to recollect with some iconic Star Wars story elements to theme your Star Wars theme Bathrooms..

Think Geek Star Wars – Carbonized Han Solo Shower Curtain

Given that you have that Mandalorian Bounty Hunter inside you and wanting to admire the Carbonized prize of Han Solo then you like this to remind you that scene in the cloud city on Bespin also finally hung in Jabba the Hutt Palace on Tatoonine….  Then this Carbonized Han Solo Shower Curtain is for you…


Think Geek – Star Wars – Dagobah scene shower curtain

Then if you want to relive the Dagobah scene shower curtain has Luke Skywalker searches for the Jedi Master Yoda, in Return of the Jedi, with that steamy feel out from the shower with that foggy look with your X-wing just crashed into a swamp…

Think Geek- Star Wars- John Berkley Art work-Death Star Trench run movie Poster

Given that you reliving that trench run battle on the first Death Star that’s been overhang in approach towards Yavin, in which was storyline from the Revenge of the Sith, Rouge one, to a New Hope.. that you survived  to tell the tale then this gorgeous John Berkley Art work  movie Poster shower Curtain is for you..


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