Fragrances, Parfums and smell are a powerfully recollection of emotional, tactile scents of stories emotionally lyrics poems, it recollects on many levels of memories on so many levels of experiences either taking you back or writing you there in that moment …. In which like that scents as you adventure thought out. One aspect is the fragrances of adventuring in streets, as One created Fragrance is about to be inspired by the scents of thriving trending mega-metropolis in a life well traveled- Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong for Cathy Pacific

Samantha Taylor, Fragrance Specialist explores the stories, adventuring the streets, its people it’s life thought-out life of Hong Kong,  in which she takes notes in which”…. Perfume is a powerful combination of memories and emotions… With a single spray of fragrance you can be transported to another place… it might be somewhere you have been before.. or somewhere you have yet to discover…. “  in which Samantha Taylor adventures she takes notes adventuring the scents of life of the city region…

“.. I’ve worked with perfume for about twenty five years now. I love perfumes. I love sensory experiences.. So having an opportunity to go into a city like Hong Kong… Identify all of these interesting pockets of Hong Kong and there key elements and key smells.. Was really exciting.. When you are a traveler, you can take photos’, you can buy souvenirs, but what’s really going to stay with you is the scent of a city… the scent-scape of Hong Kong is really unique, you’ve got the fresh air up Victoria Peak.. In Wan Chai you can smell the spices cooking.. you can smell the green tea in there.. you can smell the steamed dumplings.. you’ve got the flower market, which was lots of greenery..  lots of bamboo.. but there was on particular flower I smelt at that market …and it was just so sweet and so dedicated perfumed … there’s the Temples in Sheung Wan.. As you walk along the streets you can see.. the incense pouring out from the temples, drifting along the street… and you kind of follow it..  so when you smell something, your brain is recording.. what’s going around you.. so when you next smell that scent.. it takes you back to the very first time you encountered that scent..  That’s what we’re trying to achieve with Parfums de Voyage.. We want you to be transported right back to the centre of Hong Kong.. we want you be standing on that peak.. we want you to be in a tea house.. We want you to be discovering spice market.. the Fragrance is very green.. its very clean, its light and fresh.. it moves through into some rich florals.. and then it dries down into a spicy incense note.. When I smell Parfums De Voyage.. it takes me back to my wonderful time in Hong Kong… and I love it when people tell me that.. it takes them back to their holidays as well..

In which Cathay Pacific’s Parfums de Voyage will be available on selected flights onboard  from this month October 2017..

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