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Star Trek Discovery- Anovos USS Enterprise – re-imagine studio scale

As seen in during Star Trek Discovery during season one, at the last few critical moments of after when the crew of USS Discovery was awarded with medal with distinctionally  honour of having to avoid a full on Klingon War with the United Federation of Planets by creating an innovative solution that result the Klingon empire being unified again in which negotiated peacefully … after those moments later in the next few weeks later after the awarding distinction … is the urgent hailing communications of the re-imagine of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, under its second captain, Captain Christopher Pike ..

Looking at the reimagine Constitution Class from Anovos, has a lot of modern imagination than from the Classically TOS- the Original series in which has more detailing to the towards the retrofit look of the Captain Pike Enterprise with the Warp Nacelles that date iconically to Pikes command….

 The in with the slight saucer angles with the separate impulse engines with the lower and upper light sensor array domes…  The details are incredible in which with the lighted up window bridge with lighted up warp nacelles that lights up the warp inter coolers in which are iconically towards the Constitution Class retrofit..

Star Trek Discovery – Anovos – USS Enterprise after side

The Studio scale Star Trek Discovery USS Enterprise was featured released during Comic Con San Diego international 2018 in its booth at 3849, featuring with it other two season one studio scale Walker Class Shenzhou, also the Crossfield Class in which both ships are larger in scale towards the Constitution class .. The Studio reproduction was done in collaboration with Korben FX to embroidery that extra amount of details..

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