Empress Ula Nara Ruyi (乌拉那拉•如懿) 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace- Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799)

When you watched through the various scenes of the two Qing Dynasty based television series that was broadcast this year of 2018, in which set in the middle of the Qing Dynasty period of 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace- Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799)  the fourth Qing Dynasty Emperor in which the fifth followed in the series of 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace Yongzheng Emperor (13 December 1678 – 8 October 1735)  in which are the most watched series in the Asian Communities globally….. in which both storylines carried onward respectively of each other..

Among both series, there was one continuous uses of a timeless wardrobe accessory among many that story tells the scene is the umbrella, in which is an Chinese invention in which was constantly used in everyday life also beyond today, in which was constantly used in rainy, snowing scenes in 如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace also 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace within, and outside of the palaces of the Forbidden City, During those time periods of Qing Dynasty and before…….

Chinese Traditional umbrellas are made out from forest bamboo’s found exploring to find which trunk is the best to craft out from. In which finding that best bamboo to craft out from is an art form to which Master Silk Umbrella craftsman Song Zhiming has been making Silk Umbrella for more than a few decade now.. In which he uses the finest silk obtained from his Home city Hangzhou also the Embroidery aswell to transplant craft fully onto the Bamboo framed umbrella in which is crafted to open the ribs with steel wires to join the bamboo frames together..

Chinese Traditional silk Umbrellas comes in two parts the bamboo, also the silk, embroidery silk that forms the artwork canopy shade of the Umbrella.  The Bamboo is sourced from it natural environment in which grade is best to use to crafted out from.. With the traditional tools that been used for many thousands of years ago with modern tools to hand craft the details..  The secondary part is the Silk or with fine silk or embroidery. In which is bound by glue, proxy onto the bamboo canopy rib frame works then its’ dried out, traditionally in which this case a dried hot iron does the work. But in traditional methods a small pot of amberic coal that forms the iron helps to dry out the glue, binding the silk to the bamboo frame stronger, with additional frame work to strengthen the canopy..  in which does the applications of protectively sheltering from the rain, sunshine.. In which is the designated function of an elegant hand carried artwork that accessorize your wardrobe..

Traditionally hand crafting the Silk Bamboo Umbrellas is the Master Silk Umbrella craftsman Song Zhiming has been making Silk Umbrella for more than a few decade now.. In which he uses the finest silk obtained from his Home city Hangzhou.. in which he’s also the representative inheritor of China’s intangible cultural heritage in which his art works in creating hand Crafting West lake  Silk Bamboo Umbrellas founded him Song Zhiming’s Xihu Silk Umbrella Skills Master Studio, in developing a factory studio to hand craft  to catering towards international and local domestic fashion..  With the traditional embroidery silk, or the non-traditional silk with the same craftsmanship to cater for a modest tier market in which will gather more sales due that the frabic is rain proof than the traditional one in which decorative to shade out from sunlight…. The ones that are traditional canopies ones are rainproof is made out from a mixture of oil layered lacquer hemp paper interwoven so it can be used in rain…

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