#COSPLAY #STARTREKONLINE | Cosplaying Star trek –Enterprise – Starfleet NX-01 Jumpsuit – how to get this look…. ?

Star trek Online Enterprise NX-01 jumpsuit also can be found at Anovos for cosplaying.. Photographer @KevinJamesNg -2017

This Uniform made history in process of forming the UFP- United Federation of Planets, this Iconic Uniform set out the standard of what other Starfleet Uniforms will evolve to become is the Enterprise NX-01 Multipurpose Jumpsuit in which this flight suit was inspired by NASA’s blue flight suit wore by Astronauts from the Space Shuttle era then onwards with its iconic blue colours also worn by Captain Jonathan Archer- Scott Bakula of the  Star trek NX Series Enterprise also Ensign Hoshi Sato- Linda Park too whom invented the Universal Translator…….

How to get this look from Star trek online, Anovos television replica of the Enterprise NX-01 Jumpsuit for women’s and men’s The Enterprise comes with many practical features in which like any other flight suit, but versatile features of zipper pocket in various parts of the Jumpsuit makes it easier to store various items at a various personal mission required moment’s notices.. Also with built in elastics to adjust for required sizing if necessary…. The jump suit comes with various loops with loops for holsters at the right leg given also it can be transposed to the other leg with a chosen tailor.

Anovos studio Star Trek Enterprise NX 01 iconic Blue jumpsuit ..

Featuring your department it comes with distinctive unique features with the two pieces should cap trim construction in featuring your division colour on the shoulder trim. In which featuring your Mustard/ gold for command Burgundy/red for services, and security and Teal green for Sciences division … there are two pieces that are sold separately that allows you for more customisation.. The Studio replica rank pip set, also the NZ-01 away party hat.. However the Enterprise Mission patch comes ready sown on…   also the boots are not included in which you can find something akin to it in local or online shoe store…

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