#QIPAO #旗袍 #Cheongsam | #HongKong #香港 #FashionLookBook | #嫣裳記 #YanShangKee – #QipaoRental for you reliving those elegant nostalgic Hong Kong photographic moments….

嫣裳記 Yan Shang Kee- QIPAO 旗袍 Cheongsam | HongKong 香港 嫣裳記 YanShangKee – Qipao Rental for you reliving those elegant nostalgic Hong Kong photographic moments….


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is an established  旗袍-Qipao-Cheongsam rental store, 嫣裳記 Yan Shang Kee that is  that’s been around for a while now since 2017 in rental timeless Qipao- Cheongsam in Hong Kong in which they supply a photographer given that you wanting those Iconic Hong Kong timeless period Photography in the street, locations in Hong Kong. Located in Flat C​, 1/F, 16A Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong….


Ding  is the founder and owner of , 嫣裳記 Yan Shang Kee  in which founding her Qipao-Cheongsam  rental Store is after travelling around Asia in which in Japan, Korea in which they have Traditional Dress wear for rental to wear daily… after arriving back in Hong Kong in which coming from that Travel experience inspiration she established the premise but going further in which providing  you reliving those nostalgic moments  unique timeless   experiences  cherishing those moments with timeless photographic memorabilia in which providing those memorable moments is her increasing collection of Qipao -Cheongsam dresses   ….

“….Qipao are known for its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy intelligent sophistication in which are easy to be accessorised with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe… “


Located in Hong Kong Central, nearby around Elgin- Peel- Staunton Street, nearby the SOHO Hotel in which happens to be in the same street. 嫣裳記 Yan Shang Kee provides a unique experience for people whom hire out their Qipao-Cheongsam in their increasing collection in bring them back towards nostalgically Hong Kong, in a period between from 1920’s today…

From that experience its best to book least two months ahead, in preparation towards your Photoshoot booking, once your booking have been reserves its best to be least ten minutes before arrival towards your appointment in which it gives crew with their inhouse photographers, also make up to prepare for you also its best to bring your own heels, flats and shoes that works well of the Qipao of your own choosing, however they sell only limited numbers of heels in store…

As part 嫣裳記 Yan Shang Kee photographic providers is an experience crew Photographers services is Luke- Cabin crew after work, Iris- StudioKHk…… also Instant Photo Service

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