Fashion Base in Guangzhou- Guangdong Province capital of China –People’s Republic of China is an innovative Hanfu Fashion Clothing store in which is 汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian- Guangzhou Hanlian Trading Co., Ltd… in which is prominent promoter of HanFu life promoter, Hanfu brand, the store … in which the team汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian Sharing tips on Hanfu, hairstyle tutorial in relating towards every asspects customs and traditions of the Chinese Culture of Hanfu …

Featuring is in between various collections of Hanfu in between various dynast Dynasty style Hanfu of汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian- Guangzhou Hanlian Trading Co., Ltd… of the new of Hanshang Hualian Hanfu Colorless Zhanzhong in which the featured collection will be aviable  on June 16th 2021  on the shelves on the online and store shelves on time…

The collection features from various selection from many different eras of various dynasties also featuring the modern Hanfu – Han Dynasty clothing in which the skirt is very knee length shorter with while remainingly the cute style and degree of that era..

Figure 1 is Ran Yanting is really suitable for sweet girls , Han Wind style daily is completely OKNYan Yanting Han Shang Hua Lian Yan Yan Ting improved Ming system suit Hanfu female Chinese style original one-piece short horse skirt summer….

Picture 2-3 shows [Nan Gezi] The blue pleated skirt is quiet and ladylike, like the wind of a summer night, entwining a girl’s hair NNan Ge Zi Hanshang Hualian Nange Zijin suit Hanfu female Chinese style original authentic summer daily all-match thin…

 Picture 4 is [Qing Chu Ji] orange soda-like skirt, a pretty lady! Look tall and thin! Han Shang Hua Lian Qing Chu Ji Original Southern and Northern Dynasties Improved Hanfu Women’s Chinese style big cardigan with chest and broken skirt daily summer….

Figure 5-6 Hanshang Hualian Changle Mingguang Hanfu female Chinese style original Tang back suit waist pleated skirt daily summer in the beginning of the Qing Dynasty [Changle Mingguang] Changle Mingguang, which means auspiciousness in Loulan. Put on a red drape in the sunset, and show you the beauty and romance of Loulan thousands of years ago ….

 Picture 7-9 shows the Hanshang Hualian Spring Breeze Flower Rain Full Chest Suit Hanfu Female Chinese Style Original One-piece Chest Full Skirt Summer Spring Wind, Flower and Rain playful and agile Ying Luo, as if hearing the camel bells floating on the Silk Road in the vast yellow sand….

HanFu- Han Dynasty Clothing is making a massive come back in the Asian Chinese communities as youths reliving In recently decades there’s been very much strong revitalisation of Chinese Customary tailoring clothing in which is HanFu- Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) period inspired clothing in which was worn just before the fall of the Ming Dynasty (23 January 1308 to 25 April1644, until a North East Manchurian fashion that have taken over the traditional Han Dynasty fashion in which we known till today that’s the Qipao in which have been fashionable evolving on the same path also…. Like a Qipao, HanFu can be worn every day, as work wear, till as evening wear… It also it comes in various forms as to the nature of activity of the day or night…

Images and visuals are from汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian- Guangzhou Hanlian Trading Co., Ltd

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