Building an inspirational dream for the Winter Olympics and gather in Beijing again for the 2022 year of winter Olympics for the 4th to 20th February 2022 n Beijing and towns in the neighbouring Hebei province China in the People’s Republic of China…… . The second session of 冬奥优音乐作品 “A Date in Beijing” seems to have opened a tunnel of time. Let us follow the voice of featuring Angela Zhang 张韶涵to listen to the echoes of the Olympic years that year. Recall the past, sweat and create miracles; look at the present, the ice and snow event, and invite the world again. In 2022, Beijing will have an appointment with you again ….

Angela Zhang was born in Zhongli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan Province of China –People’s Republic of China. In 2001, starred in his first TV series ” Never Give Up “, thus formally entering the entertainment industry. In 2003, she played the heroine Yi Tianbian in the love inspirational idol drama ” Dolphin Bay Lovers “. In 2004, he released his first personal music album ” Over The Rainbow ” . In 2005, with the album ” Aurora “, she was shortlisted for the 16th Taiwan Golden Melody Award Best Chinese Female Singer ; in the same year, she appeared in her first film ” SMS in January ” . In 2006, the third personal music album ” Pandora ” was released ; in the same year, with the TV series ” Love Killing 17 ” , she was nominated for the Best Actress in the 41st Taiwan TV Golden Bell Awards . In 2007, he successively released his personal music albums ” Dream of Flowers ” , ” Ang 5.0 ” and won the Singapore Golden Melody Award There are many awards such as the Best Performing Female Singer Award and the Annual All-round Artist Award . In 2008, with the TV series ” Princess Little Sister “, she was nominated for the heroine of the 43rd Taiwan TV Golden Bell Awards. In 2009, the 6th solo music album ” Season 5 ” was released

In 2012, the 7th solo music album ” Tangible Wings ” was released  ; in the same year, he won the 20th China Song Ranking Award for the most popular female singer in Hong Kong and Taiwan  . In 2013, the personal music brand “Tianhan Music” was established, and he personally served as the CEO  . In 2014, with the album ” Angela Zhang “, he won many awards such as the Best Almighty Artist Award on the Global Chinese Songs Ranking and the Best Album Producer of the Year Award   . In 2016, released the 9th solo music album ” Total Occupation ”   . In 2018, as the starting lineup, he participated in Hunan Satellite TV’s original singer competition reality show ” Singer 2018 ”  . In 2019, released the 10th solo music album

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