It’s early November 2022 Saturday  three afternoon Hours Beijing time during of the designated month week of on the Shanghai walking autumnally walking in Shanghai Suhe MixC World 上海苏河湾万象天地, Heading to Suzhou River 前往苏州河, Along the Suzhou River 沿着苏州河, Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce 上海总商会旧址, The Bund 外滩….

Shanghai Suhe MixC World 上海苏河湾万象天地 is A large-scale urban complex with excellent historical and cultural protection buildings “Tianhou Palace” and “Shenyuli” Shanghai Suhewan Vientiane World is a large-scale urban complex jointly built by China Resources Land and Shunde Group with excellent historical and cultural protection buildings “Tianhou Palace” and ” Shenyuli “. It is located in Suhewan, Shanghai, China, and People ’s Republic of China.

Shanghai Suhewan Vientiane World has attracted a large number of cutting-edge fashion designer brands and full-time high-energy catering companies to settle in. It also uses scattered and diverse spaces to create a borderless life, providing consumers with a light outdoor “amphibious” lifestyle and pet-friendly experience. .

Among the more than 140 brands that have settled in Suhewan Mixc World, more than 70% of them are the first stores in the country, the first in Shanghai, and the first in the region.

Gathered a variety of cutting-edge fashion designer retail and buyer collection brands, including BIBILEE STUDIO Shanghai first store, INXX CONCEPT STAGE Shanghai first store, Unawares. Shanghai new concept store, THISNORTHAT Shanghai first store, RuirUirul Shanghai first store, 24ans Shanghai first store , the first store in the Hashtag area, the first store in the PRO101 area, the first store in the BLUEBOX shopping center, the BOOCUP bookstore & entertainment joint concept store, etc., make the central living area of ​​Suhewan full of a strong fashion life atmosphere.

It has also created skateboarding, skiing, Frisbee, camping, Lu Chong, aerial yoga, Pilates, meditation and other trendy sports and fitness activities that young people are highly enthusiastic about nowadays.

The multiple spaces of Suhewan Vientiane World have also attracted the attention of families with pets, so the project operator has included pet consumer groups in the commercial layout. Manner Coffee opened a pet-friendly store here, and the first pet-friendly store in the hippocampus expanded its shooting subjects to consumers’ small pets….

Locate in Shanghai Suhe MixC World is situated in the 42,000-square-metre Central Eco Park where open commercial space meets urban green space. MixC World seamlessly and comprehensively blends nature, commerce and history in a truly modern setting. Today, the project is officially open to the public.

苏州河Heading to Suzhou River 前往苏州河, Along the Suzhou River 沿着苏州河Suzhou Creek, commonly known as the Shanghai section of the Wusong River, a tributary of the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River , is generally recognized by the people as: it starts from Beixinjing in the urban area of ​​Shanghai and flows into the Huangpu River on the east side of the Waibaidu Bridge . Sometimes it also refers to the whole section of Wusong River .

The coast of Suzhou Creek was the center of Shanghai’s initial formation and development, which gave birth to almost half of ancient Shanghai, and then took another 100 years to become the water framework for building Shanghai, an international metropolis. The offshore part of the lower reaches of the Suzhou Creek is called “Hudu “, which is the origin of the abbreviation of Shanghai….

The Bund 外滩The Bund located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Huangpu District, Shanghai , that is, Waihuangpu Beach , is a Chinese historical and cultural block. Since 1844 (the 24th year of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty ), the Bund area has been designated as the British Concession , which has become a true portrayal of Shanghai’s Shiliyangchang , and it is also the starting point of the old Shanghai Concession area and the entire modern city of Shanghai.

The Bund has a total length of 1.5 kilometers, starting from Yan’an East Road in the south, ending at Waibaidu Bridge on the Suzhou Creek in the north, facing the Huangpu River in the east , and concentrating the old Shanghai financial and foreign trade institutions in the west. After Shanghai was established as a commercial port, foreign banks, commercial firms, general associations, and newspaper offices began to gather here, and the Bund became the financial center of the whole country and even the Far East. In August of the 32nd year of the Republic of China (1943), the Bund Sui was handed over to the Shanghai Public Concession to the Wang Puppet National Government , ending the century-long concession period. In the 34th year of the Republic of China (1945), it had the official road name Zhongshan East Road.

There are 52 classical revival buildings with different styles standing on the Bund. It is known as the Bund International Architecture Expo Group. It is an important historical site and representative building in modern China and one of the landmarks of Shanghai. In November 1996, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China declared it Included in the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Rec Shanghai is about his walking, driving, riding running around views of China – People’s Republic of China sharing his immersive experiences in his video hope you could have a pure view about China today, sharing some 4K UHD videos to show pure China daily scenes for you I shoot in Shanghai and other locations in China. Let’s walk around China together… BEST VIEWED ON 2160px60 with the Volume turned on way up for immersiveness immersion…

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