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On July 19th 2023 , the multilingual website of the Forbidden City Palace Museum- Beijing, China, People’s Republic of Chinawas officially released at the Digital Cultural Tourism Development Forum of the 2023 China Internet Civilization Conference! The website covers five languages: English, French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish, and will meet the needs of audiences with different languages.

 The multilingual website of the Palace Museum is committed to establishing an international website that is concise, clear, easy to use for overseas audiences, and fits the construction of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, including tour guides, information, panoramic tours, online exhibitions, collection appreciation, cultural topics, etc. Rich immersive content describing of the most detail collection that housed within the Forbidden city collection… . 

Qing Dynasty, sapphire cold moon palindrome round device. The jade is shiny and smooth, shaped like a full moon, with a flat body and slightly thin edges. One side is engraved with “Weiyu Study Room Poems” and “Han Yue Palindrome”, and the other side is engraved with text along the edge: “The cold moon shines brightly in the hall, and the cool shadows on the ground scatter the light. Colorful mirrors hang far away in the forest, and the bright ice wheels reflect the fragrance of the osmanthus. . Li (millet) gold is stored in the North Garden, and the west wall is light and beautiful. The railings are independent of the small courtyard music, and the pavilions reflect the flowers as you move around the corridor. “The poem is in palindrome style, and it can be turned into a seven-character rhyme poem when read forward and backward. A song has the beauty of going back and forth. Weiyu Study Room was the name of Emperor Jiaqing’s study before he ascended the throne. After he compiled poems, essays, etc. when he was the prince, it was named “The Complete Works of Weiyu Study Room” and was published in the fifth year of Jiaqing (1800). The Weiyu Study Building is located in the east room of the apse of Yuqing Palace on East Neiting Road in the Forbidden City. There is a plaque inscribed with Emperor Jiaqing’s imperial calligraphy.

On the 23rd September 2023 it was the Autumn Equinox Yan will leave tomorrow, and autumn is approaching this time.

Opening Ceremony Reappears Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains Picture 亚洲游戏开户外围 of the 19th (Asian Olympics) Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Hangzhou ultra mega city, China, People’s Republic of China… The grand event is attended by all nations, and the vitality stretches for thousands of miles. In the advancing green mountains and rivers, Ximeng’s youthful passion penetrates the text and spans thousands of years, and reunites with the high-spirited athletes.

Rotate the screen to enter the long scroll, encounter a romance that is unparalleled in ancient and modern times, and embrace friendship, vitality and challenges!

Qing Jiaqing, cyan satin mouth full of osmanthus and begonia rabbit pattern oval purse. The dowry of Emperor Guangxu and his wife contained two bundles of needlework, with one hundred and ninety-one boxes each. The dossier list for the wedding of Emperor Tongzhi recorded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs planned to prepare 200 locks of gold thread and 200 locks of silver thread. The emperor increased the number to 400. Lock. These are the needlework tools and materials that the queen will use in her future work as a prostitute. It can be seen from the numerous handicrafts performed by the concubines in the palace that the Empress attaches great importance to her responsibility as a mother to the world. This purse is embroidered with the scene of the Jade Rabbit pounding medicine under the blooming osmanthus tree. It is the embodiment of folk customs in palace supplies and is also a representative work of the work of the queen in the palace.

The osmanthus moon falls in the middle of the moon, and the fragrant clouds float outside.
Last night, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games was scented with osmanthus.
In autumn, the fragrance of osmanthus can be smelled in the wind in the Forbidden City.
In your hometown, if there was a smell of fall, it would be _______.

During the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, Zhan Yougan made Yue Jingmo. It is an ink rectangle, with a three-legged toad filled with gold on the front, floating in the sea, breathing clouds from its mouth, with a bright moon arching above it, and the word “Moon Essence” beside it. The back is filled with a gold inscription: “Zai begets tyranny, Zai brings brightness, looking at the blank, looking at the fullness. What is too thin and clear? The gold essence and water vapor contain Xuanying.” There is also an inscription “Zhan Youqian made according to the map”. On one side are the inscriptions “Mid-Autumn Festival of Jiaqing Jisi Year”, and on the top there are four words “Guizhen Qingshang”. Yuejing ink is a style made by famous ink makers Fang Yulu and Cheng Junfang in the Ming Dynasty. It can be seen in “Fang’s Ink Book” and “Cheng’s Ink Garden”. This ink is self-consciously “made according to drawings”, and it must be based on the book. . Its quality is strong and moisturizing, dark and shiny, and its production quality is no less refined than the original. It is also quite outstanding among the ink products handed down to commemorate the Jiaqing period..

Holding the mountains, the sound of urgent drums is like ten thousand horses rushing with silver saddles. The tide surges in the east, and only “the tide-rider stands up to the head of the wave, holding the red flag in his hand without getting wet.” With the axis of Yuan Jiang’s “Tide Watching” from the Qing Dynasty, we pay tribute to every Asian Games athlete who bravely braved the waves!

Qing Daoguang, red satin flat gold lock embroidered osmanthus rabbit pattern flower basket purse. The moon is the eternal theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether among the people or the court, what people want is family reunion. The theme of the jade rabbit pounding medicine can be found everywhere in the palace. There are also cases where the jade rabbit is no longer pounding medicine, but is made into a human shape or various postures. Among the many daily handicrafts of the concubines, there are also jade rabbit themes. This purse is embroidered with gold locks on red satin. A docile white rabbit is lying under the fruit-bearing osmanthus tree, enjoying the fragrance of osmanthus. There is a yellow strip attached to the purse with the words “Mid-Autumn Festival” written in ink on it, indicating that this purse is specially made for worshiping the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The page “Pictures of Birds (qú) and Eagles (yù) in Autumn Trees” now collected in the Palace Museum is a color painting on silk created by a painter from the Song Dynasty. In autumn, a mandarin duck is perched on a tung tree, its sharp claws clenching the branches, twisting its neck and looking sideways as if listening. The bird’s eyes are sharp, its body is plump, its tail is neat, its feathers are black and shiny, while its leaves are covered with insect damage, curled up and withered in color. The composition is strange and abrupt, which is very unusual.

The owl, also known as the starling, has a black body with white spots on its wings. It usually forages on the ground and will perch on trees or eaves when not looking for food.

Images and visuals are from – Forbidden City –Palace Museum Beijing- China –People’s Republic of China…..

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