How’ it started….

My first of many shots of Luna - first time of that night.
My first of many shots of Luna – first time of that night.

How It started, I guess it started, of watching a you tube clip when Justine Ezarik, known by as iJustine,  place a either Go Pro, or some sort of camera at that she place at the lens of the telescope, I’ve tried to find the exact you tube clip, must be hundreds after that now. So that how it became, got my freshly minted ten MP camera. After so many trials and errors, placing on first starting out with the celestron five inch diameter aperture mirror, it took a while, doing it free hand then later I graduated in to the LX 200 Meade telescopes the Ten plus the eight inches mirror, as I could remeber it was one cold night in which it hasn’t rained for weeks. . Somehow  looking back, that I’m gathering how did Justine did it in one go, presumably with flair, grace, and diligences, with more trails and errors in  that case was those trails and errors my first case of photographing Luna.

At first it was interesting, using different lens, and different mirror sizes, the larger the mirror as I discover trialling it out gave a more definitions of image, interchanging through various sizes, also trailing out the camera zoom which taken a lot of experimental trails to get that right, like in the first episode of Gossip Girl, when there’s a young shorten long darken hair teenage girl, taken her first shots of Serena as she walked up the balcony of the Grand central station in New York city, awaiting her ride back to home on the upper east side.

There’s more as to note, as well the feel of the camera, or you using your iOS device, or Android phone, when free handly photographing your first time of Luna.  Like for example taking photos of Luna through your iPhone, case may vary due the feel of the phone casing, which may change the dynamics of the experience of photographing the moon through the Lens of the  telescope.

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