A Western sunset – February taken

Photo taken on twenty third – February – two thousand and twelve Anno Domin. in the westward direction.

When you look into the western direction from Auckland Observatory Known as Stardome. You could see a lot of timeless unique events like you may see a sunset many, or multiple times, and you say it’s just another sunset…?  Well when you look at one, it’s never the same again like the other ones like the day before, the presently now, or presently tomorrow.

The clouds are different, the warmth of looking at that moment of feeling the beautifully citrine orange hues giving you a sense a natured regeneration refreshness as you look down to the awe of the horizon westwardly as the sun settles down the direction of Piha beach.  Also when it’s slightly scattered  clouded, it can be a good thing as giving you more light to work from and comfort.

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